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David Irving Accuser Recants - Now What? Published 4/24/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over

History repeats. So it goes for David Irving and domestic violence accusations leveled by girlfriend Angela Sanchez. While at Iowa State in November of 2013 while officials were making a "welfare check" at the residence Ms. Sanchez espoused her charges. He was suspended, then reinstated later after the charges were dropped in 2014. Flash... read more→

Cowboys David Irving Under Investigation by Frisco PD Published 4/23/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over David Irving vs Green Bay

You can file this one under the "please say it ain't so" label, but unfortunately, what little we know does seem to check out. With a history of domestic violence on his record and a seemingly hacked Twitter account spouting accusations left and right it's not looking good for David Irving at the moment. Jobin Panicker of WFAA in Dallas-Forth... read more→

Breaking Down The Cowboys' Schedule Published 4/23/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Ben Grimaldi

The NFL released its schedule last Thursday, which means it’s time to break down what it means for the Dallas Cowboys. According to the numbers, the Cowboys are right in the middle of the pack, tied for 15th for the strength of schedule based on 2017 results. So, what does that mean for the upcoming season? Before examining the schedule, just... read more→

Cowboys Template is Possibly Evolving - Into What? Published 4/21/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys template for team construction is possibly evolving. Most teams have them in one form or another. Winning teams have a fairly detailed template while other teams will have a smaller slate of predictable player types the team will pursue in the offseason and the NFL Draft. Teams either have their-template players on the team... read more→

Patriots Draft Prospects: Linebacker Published 4/20/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole Rashaan Evans - LB

While the New England secondary had some serious struggles last season, the unit with the least talent on the entire Patriots roster was the linebackers. After an injury knocked Dont'a Hightower out for the year, the Patriots were left with just Kyle Van Noy and Elandon Roberts as players returning from the 2016 team. They added David Harris, but... read more→

Have Cowboys Done Anything Right This Offseason? Published 4/19/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Ben Grimaldi Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team, yet rarely do they ever satisfy the nation. Heck, they have enough issues making their own fan base happy. Not only have they not reached the pinnacle of the sport in 23 years, they haven’t even come close since the century has changed. This offseason was no different; fans have hated almost every... read more→

Patriots Draft Prospects: Cornerback Published 4/18/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Brian Cole

The past year has illustrated that the Patriots have unfortunate inconsistency in their secondary that needs to be addressed. After the signing of Stephon Gilmore last offseason, many expected New England to have one of the best secondaries in the league. Instead, the Patriots had a historically bad coverage unit over the first quarter of the 2017... read more→

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