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Don't Sweat Zack Martin's OTA Absence Published 5/24/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Ben Grimaldi Zack Martin

The Dallas Cowboys have some of the best players in the game at their respective positions; Dan Bailey, Travis Frederick, Tyron Smith and Sean Lee among them. Another of the best players at any position is Zack Martin and he is currently sitting out the Cowboys’ OTAs presumably because he holding out for a long-term contract. However, no one... read more→

Cowboys Should Move On From Terrance Williams Published 5/21/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Ben Grimaldi Terrance Williams

Never a dull moment for the Dallas Cowboys; this week’s issue comes via Terrance Williams. The veteran wide receiver was arrested for public intoxication on Saturday morning after police found his crashed Lamborghini. Williams was not at the crash site but was picked up while riding his scooter back to the scene of the accident. Since the... read more→

MLB Jaylon Smith is Working Hard Published 5/20/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Jaylon Smith Rehab

Listening to Cowboys coaches over the last couple of years and the one quality you repeatedly hear attributed to the young man is his work ethic on display during his recovery. Make no mistake about it, Jaylon is still "in recovery." Since Jerry Jones exalted in spending "only" second-round draft currency on the talented, but severely injured... read more→

Terrance Williams Releases Statement Published 5/20/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Matt Cassel to Terrance Williams

Cowboys veteran WR Terrance Williams released the following statement in regards to the incident that occurred at 4:45 a.m. local time in Frisco, Texas. "I am grateful that no one was injured in the accident. The driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him. I got his insurance... read more→

Just Like w/Fredericks LVT Was 1st Round Target As Well Published 5/18/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over travis frederick

Could Cowboys history be repeating itself? In 2013 the Dallas Cowboys drafted OC Travis Fredericks with the 31st pick of the NFL Draft. They traded back to do it but the aspect I want to focus on here is how a collective groan was heard from Cowboys Nation and NFL Draft pundits alike as almost everyone thought the club reached taking a player... read more→

Relax On Tavon Austin's Role For Now Published 5/17/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Ben Grimaldi Tavon Austin

You know it’s the offseason when every little thing said gets blown into something major, especially with the Dallas Cowboys. At a time when the NFL news cycle is slow, talking about a player can have a big-time ripple effect; see Austin, Tavon. Last week Stephen Jones mentioned that Dallas’ newest jack of all trades, Tavon Austin, would... read more→

Why Cowboys Have a New DB Coach Published 5/16/2018 in Pro Football Talk Line Author Steven Van Over Sean Lee

The Dallas Cowboys have a new DB Coach and Passing Game Coordinator they scooped up from the Seattle Seahawks and all the right things are being said in regards to the new hire (Kris Richard). What's not being said is, 'why the change?' An example of 'why' is a flashback to the Giants scoring a go-ahead TD while the defensive coverage that was... read more→

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