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Valley Ranch - A Preferred Destination Published 2/6/2016 in Cowboys Nation Author Steven Van Over Ezekiel Elliott

There are "preferred destinations" one has on "their" list. When being inteviewed for the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft most prospects will downplay their preferred destination ... "I just want to play in the NFL." "I will be happy to wear the uniform of any team that wants me." "I just want to help the team and, the good lord willing" .... and so... read more→

Could DeMarco Murray Land Back In Dallas? Published 2/5/2016 in Cowboys Nation Author Jarren Glover hi-res-7710310_crop_north

Thursday afternoon, it was reported by Ian Rapoport that DeMarco Murray and Philadelphia would be heading towards a stare down about Murray's future. Just a year ago, DeMarco Murray was coming off a career year with the Cowboys, rushing for 1,845 yards on 392 carries. Murray became a free agent and Philadelphia signed him to a 5 year $40 million... read more→

No Ads? No Problem? Published 2/4/2016 in Pro Football TalkLine Author SportsTalkLine Cartoon Eyes

Starting sometime tomorrow all Sportstalkline sites will be offering "Ad Free Membership" content, for a buck. The site will run just fine the way it always has, but your time is your own and let's be honest, some of those ads!?!?! You will also get access to an authors forum section and (of course) since your not loading ads your content... read more→

Orlando Scandrick Part Of Big Three In 2015 Published 2/4/2016 in Cowboys Nation Author Ben Grimaldi Orlando Scandrick

When the Dallas Cowboys fans look back on, or perhaps prefer to forget, the 2015 season, they will reminisce on how they played for most of the season without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. Understandably, those are two of the most important pieces to the Cowboys and they weren't the same team without them. However, there was a third player that... read more→

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