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End Of Season Schedule Challenges Cowboys Published 5/25/2015 in Cowboys Nation Author Ben Grimaldi Cowboys OTA

It's been over a month since the NFL schedule has been released and the Dallas Cowboys' slate of games is no picnic in 2015. While fans might look at the first half of the season and see it as the toughest part of the schedule, it could very well be the last five games that will challenge the Cowboys the most. The beginning of the schedule does... read more→

Gavin Escobar NFL - Martellus Bennett v2.0? Published 5/25/2015 in Cowboys Nation Author Steven Van Over Gavin Escobar

It's been two seasons since the Cowboys made the title "Gavin Escobar NFL" a reality. However with All-World TE Jason Witten still in the drivers seat and showing no signs of slowing down in the new run first Dallas offense, snaps for Escobar have been in short supply. Gavin is still refining his blocking skills which also took TE James Hanna a... read more→

Best Pick Never Made - 2013 NFL Draft Published 5/24/2015 in Cowboys Nation Author Steven Van Over Matt Elam

After years of bad drafting the last few years has seen the Cowboys Player Personnel Department take their game to a new level. Fans and pundits alike want teams to take "their" players but often what a team doesn't do is as important as what it did do. Flashback to 2013 and Dallas is again projected by many to be looking at the top tier of... read more→

Cowboys Coffee Shop Published 5/21/2015 in Cowboys Nation Author Steven Van Over Cowboys Coffee Shop

Hanging out at the Dallas Cowboys Coffee Shop and there were quite a few things to muse about over a perfectly brewed cup of joe . In no particular order, here are a few of the better ones. As Cowboys fans are aware the offseason is a process. Remember the hullabaloo about Dez Bryant, the contract, not wanting to be franchised and the rift... read more→

Cowboys Dynasty Day On NFL Network Published 5/21/2015 in Cowboys Nation Author Steven Van Over tomLandry

If you're a Dallas Cowboys fan today, Thursday May 21st is a very, very good day. With little fanfare the NFL Network declared it Cowboys Dynasty Day and is running specials for the next 24 hours pertaining to the men who made the dynasties happen. It's happening now! Grab the remote for your digital recorder and start hitting the line up... read more→

Cowboys RB Candidates: Staying In-house Best Option Published 5/21/2015 in Cowboys Nation Author Ben Grimaldi Joseph Randle

When the Dallas Cowboys came out of the NFL Draft without a rookie runner, fans began to wonder if the team was going to stand pat at the position. Jerry Jones added fuel to the fire by mentioning that "(Just) because this is our current group of running backs doesn’t mean it will stay that way." That's all that needed to be said before the... read more→

Cowboys Sign FB Clutts - Not Messing With Success Published 5/20/2015 in Cowboys Nation Author Steven Van Over Tyler Clutts

The Dallas Cowboys are reporting they took a step back on Monday and in doing so probably took a step forward. Tyler Clutts was resigned and given his old number (44). Former Lion Jed Collins was cut to make room for the former Cowboy and now the competition at fullback will be between the veteran Clutts and the much younger Ray Agnew who signed... read more→

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Robert Kraft Takes The High Road Published 5/19/2015 in Pro Football TalkLine Author Steven Van Over Robert Kraft

It was refreshing to see Robert Kraft take the high road in a speech at the NFL Spring League Meeting broadcast live on ESPN. Kraft did not back off of his positions. He briefly reinforced them before taking a sharp turn to firmly stroll along the high road that reflects the image the NFL has come to expect of a man of his stature. Well done sir,... read more→

Jimmy Johnson Lessons - Conversation w/ Rafael Vela Published 5/19/2015 in Pro Football TalkLine Author SportsTalkLine Jimmy Johnson

Looking back to the '90's gives a clear view of where today's Dallas Cowboys are heading. listen to ‘Jimmy Johnson Lessons - Conversation w/ Rafael Vela’ on audioBoom // SportsTalkLine Podcast Staying On Top In NFC East #SportsTalkLine Conversation - Jimmy Johnson reinvented the Dallas Cowboys in the '90's and he is having a huge effect... read more→

Robert Kraft - Out Of Touch On The Mountain Published 5/18/2015 in Pro Football TalkLine Author Steven Van Over Robert Kraft

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's a rare bird indeed that can handle long term success with aplomb. Long term excellence leads to people revering your words and accomplishments. The press makes certain you're aware of how special the world sees you. After  years of public adoration it's easy to start believing the press... read more→


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Latest New York Giants News - NFC East Published 5/21/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineNew York Giants Helmet

Can the New York Giants Offense Help End a 3-Year Playoff Drought? The New York Giants offense has the potential to be the best in the NFL this season. But will it be good enough to help end a three-year playoff drought? Attempting to definitively answer such a question before a single snap has been taken this season ... Read more on Bleacher... read more→

Latest Philadelphia Eagles News - NFC East Published 5/20/2015 in Pro Football TalkLinePhiladelphia Eagles Helmet

Re-Grading Philadelphia Eagles' Past 5 Drafts You can tell a lot about the Philadelphia Eagles, or most NFL teams for that matter, based on the quality of their drafts from the last five years. In the Birds' case, some of their weaker classes were followed by lean years in the win column, whereas ... Read more on Bleacher Report The Big... read more→

Latest Dallas Cowboys News - NFC East Published 5/18/2015 in Pro Football TalkLineDallas Cowboys Helmet

Cowboys among NFL teams paid by DOD to spotlight service members The Cowboys finish near the top on many NFL money lists. But they made only a small splash when the military was doling out marketing contracts. The Department of Defense spent $ 5.4 million to prominently feature members of the military at NFL ... Read more on Dallas Morning News... read more→


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