Wes Picks the Cowboys’ Groceries, Part II: Lots of O-line Options in the 2nd


Today, the National Football Post’s draft expert Wes Bunting continues his game of 5-10-15 into the 2nd round, projecting Cowboys draft options if they were to pick 5th in the round, 10th in the round and in the middle of the 2nd:

Cowboys Nation:  What if we played this 5-10-15 and we went down one round.  Let’s say we started around pick 36, 27 and then went 40-42 and then 45-47 or so?

Wes Bunting:  In the second round, the guy Cowboys fans may have to hold their breaths for is Gabe Carimi, the tackle from Wisconsin.  Some teams view him as a left tackle and I think he could play there, but others view him as a right tackle.  I think he gives you Pro Bowl caliber potential as a right tackle.

CN:  You’ve mentioned before that you like him better than you did Phil Loadholt when he was coming out of Oklahoma two years ago.

WB:  Oh yeah.  I like him.  Maybe he goes in the first round, but if you can land him in the 2nd you have a real play maker.  At strong safety, you have Clemson’s DeAndre McDaniel.  Maybe you could pick him at this stage.

Mark Barron might be a possibility here as well.  He’s the strong safety for Alabama.

CN:  Let’s take a minute and talk about McDaniel versus Barron.  You like McDaniel better, I take it?

WB:  Yeah.  Barron is another one of those high cut guys.

CN:  I want to discuss the high-cut player, I had some readers say he reminded them of Mike Hamlin, whom the Cowboys drafted.  I couldn’t find it, but I pointed out that you wrote a rather critical review of Hamlin and there’s not much comparison between them.  All the flaws you cited dogged him as a pro.  He was one of those high-cut guys and I was asked if you could compare them, given that the fans have Hamlin as a point of reference.

WB:  There’s really no comparing them.  Hamlin is a 6’2”, 215 lb. guy and DeAndre McDaniel is 6’0”, 215.  With those  two inches you have a more compact guy in McDaniel, as opposed to a higher-cut guy, a leggier guy in Hamlin.  Plus, McDaniel is a much more natural bender.  Much better flexibility in his lower half.  He can sink into his stance, keeps his legs under him and is much tighter in and out of his breaks as opposed to Hamlin, who plays higher, his steps are more extended, so he struggles not only to open up but he struggled to keep his legs under him when he has to click and close.  There’s a lot more wasted motion in Hamlin.  He might be the faster prospect running in a straight line, but he’s not the faster player because he stuggled so much to change direction and get back up to speed quickly.

Hamlin didn’t even run that well.  He ran a 4.57, who takes a while to get up to that speed.  McDaniel otherwise, moves and changes direction much cleaner and faster, so he’s a much, much better ball hawk in center field.  It’s not really much of a comparison.

CN:  Let’s to back to the position.  Starting around 35 you have Carimi, who I’ve seen on other sites in that 30-35 range, especially if there’s a run on tackles, but if he is seen as a true right tackle, he could be just what this team needs.