Wes Picks the Cowboys’ Groceries, Part II: Lots of O-line Options in the 2nd

Today, the National Football Post’s draft expert Wes Bunting continues his game of 5-10-15 into the 2nd round, projecting Cowboys draft options if they were to pick 5th in the round, 10th in the round and in the middle of the 2nd:

Cowboys Nation:  What if we played this 5-10-15 and we went down one round.  Let’s say we started around pick 36, 27 and then went 40-42 and then 45-47 or so?

Wes Bunting:  In the second round, the guy Cowboys fans may have to hold their breaths for is Gabe Carimi, the tackle from Wisconsin.  Some teams view him as a left tackle and I think he could play there, but others view him as a right tackle.  I think he gives you Pro Bowl caliber potential as a right tackle.

CN:  You’ve mentioned before that you like him better than you did Phil Loadholt when he was coming out of Oklahoma two years ago.

WB:  Oh yeah.  I like him.  Maybe he goes in the first round, but if you can land him in the 2nd you have a real play maker.  At strong safety, you have Clemson’s DeAndre McDaniel.  Maybe you could pick him at this stage.

Mark Barron might be a possibility here as well.  He’s the strong safety for Alabama.

CN:  Let’s take a minute and talk about McDaniel versus Barron.  You like McDaniel better, I take it?

WB:  Yeah.  Barron is another one of those high cut guys.

CN:  I want to discuss the high-cut player, I had some readers say he reminded them of Mike Hamlin, whom the Cowboys drafted.  I couldn’t find it, but I pointed out that you wrote a rather critical review of Hamlin and there’s not much comparison between them.  All the flaws you cited dogged him as a pro.  He was one of those high-cut guys and I was asked if you could compare them, given that the fans have Hamlin as a point of reference.

WB:  There’s really no comparing them.  Hamlin is a 6’2”, 215 lb. guy and DeAndre McDaniel is 6’0”, 215.  With those  two inches you have a more compact guy in McDaniel, as opposed to a higher-cut guy, a leggier guy in Hamlin.  Plus, McDaniel is a much more natural bender.  Much better flexibility in his lower half.  He can sink into his stance, keeps his legs under him and is much tighter in and out of his breaks as opposed to Hamlin, who plays higher, his steps are more extended, so he struggles not only to open up but he struggled to keep his legs under him when he has to click and close.  There’s a lot more wasted motion in Hamlin.  He might be the faster prospect running in a straight line, but he’s not the faster player because he stuggled so much to change direction and get back up to speed quickly.

Hamlin didn’t even run that well.  He ran a 4.57, who takes a while to get up to that speed.  McDaniel otherwise, moves and changes direction much cleaner and faster, so he’s a much, much better ball hawk in center field.  It’s not really much of a comparison.

CN:  Let’s to back to the position.  Starting around 35 you have Carimi, who I’ve seen on other sites in that 30-35 range, especially if there’s a run on tackles, but if he is seen as a true right tackle, he could be just what this team needs.

WB:  There are many teams out there who do feel he’s a right tackle only, and if right tackles don’t work out in the NFL, there’s really no where for them to go.  That’s why teams have reservations about them.  I think he’s going to be a heck of a right tackle but it’s possible he falls to the second.  I think it depends on how many juniors come out.

Carimi can run block.  That’s his bread and butter.  He plays on the strong side.  You put a tight end next to him and he’ll be okay.  He can anchor.  He’s not a blue chip buy but he’s good enough to start in the NFL and give you quality reps.

CN:  He’s a great run blocker, and that makes him attractive as a guy you could possibly plug in immediately or almost immediately for Marc Colombo at right tackle.  Given the almost total lack of depth on this o-line, the Cowboys need at least one lineman who can give them quick production.  They could try to sign three agents but that’s a long shot.

WB:  There’s also Marcus Cannon from TCU, who we bring up almost every week.  He could fill two holes. He could play right tackle maybe, or be a guard.  In this area of the draft he makes a lot of sense.

CN:  Is he another in that 35-40 range?

WB:  Yeah, 35 to 40 would be an ideal spot to nab him.  Jason Pinkston from Pitt can also be a right tackle, guard guy.  I think he’s more of a guard but he can drive people off the football.  He plays left tackle right now.  He’s a good athlete, must not quite good enough to stay at left tackle at the next level.

DeMarcus Love of Arkansas makes some sense in this area, but I like the other three guys more for the Cowboys.

CN:  Say they pick closer to the middle of the 2nd round, in the 45 to 48 range, who do you see?

WB:  I think Pinkston is still a possibility there.  Cannon could also be around, but I think he goes earlier.

CN:  Is there any chance Marcus Cannon creeps into the 1st round if some teams project him as a tackle?

WB:  Yeah, maybe.  You have to know Cannon is a physical freak.  He’s 6’5”, 358 lbs, so people will expect him to run in the 5.5 range at the Combine, but he could run a 5.2 or even a 5.15 in the 40.  That’s amazing for a guy that size.  If he gets that Combine ball rolling, he could go one.

CN:  You’ve been saying for a while that the real value for the o-lineman group comes here.  If you don’t get a shot at the Sherrods or the Castonzos the first time around the pickings should still be very good in the early 2nd.

WB:  Absolutely.  If you want to go defense end, Christan Ballard from Iowa also makes a lot of sense.

CN:  Any corners in this range?

WB:  Yes.  Jimmy Smith from Colorado could go late 1st, early 2nd.  A lot of people are assuming that he goes in the 2nd round cause they also assume a lot of talented juniors will come out early.  I think Smith is just as talented as most of those juniors.

Aaron Williams from Texas is another who could come out early and go in that same late 1st, early 2nd area. Another guy I really like is Chase Minnifield from Virginia.  He’s a really good cover man.  He could tackle a little better, but he’s a good player.

CN:  So safeties start probably early 2nd with McDaniel.  Do you see anybody else there?

WB:  For the safeties, I think McDaniel is the best.  If Barron comes out he’s a 2nd rounder.  He hasn’t had the greatest year but if he comes out he moves up to the top level of the safety class.  I still like McDaniel more.

CN:  Let me throw another name out, since you’ve talked him up.  Where do you put Temple’s Jaiquawn Jarrett?

WB:  I put him in the 3rd-4th round area, but I love him.  I think he could go to the Senior Bowl and be this year’s Nate Allen.  I think a lot of this guy. He’s one of the more fluid and technically sound safeties.  He’s not a 4.4 guy, but he plays fast.  He can find the football and redirect.  He’s playing much better in zone and has really improved his tackling.

CN:  So if we played 5-10-15 in the 3rd round he’d be a name there?

WB:  Definitely.  Once we got to round three we start getting thin on potential year-one starters, but he’s a guy who may fall a bit because he lacks great straight-line speed because he comes from Temple.

CN:  Since we’re talking about the Temples, have you come across some small-school sleepers at the Cowboys positions for interest who the Dallas fans can commit to memory?

WB:  I have.  They can look at Julian Posey, the cornerback from Ohio U.  He’s a talented kid.  Ryan Jones a cornerback from Northwest Missouri State is going to light it up.  He’s 5’11”, 195 lbs.  He’s going to run like the wind in workouts.  He can play press.  I like him.

CN:  Where do you project him?

WB:  He’s a draftable guy.  I’d say 5th or 6th but he’s got the ability to move up quickly because he’s been invited to an All-Star game and if he shows well there against top-level competition, he can move up into that 4th round range.  Right now, though, I’d say 5th to 6th.

I think I’ve talked to you about David Mims, the Virginia Union offensive tackle.  He’s 6’8”, 350 lbs.  He’s a big physical kid.

CN:  That reminds me.  You tweeted earlier this week about a player at one of the smaller Florida schools who you said was an unsung right tackle prospect.

WB:  Jah Reid is his name.  I had wanted to watch him because he’s a three-year starter at Central Florida, 6’7”, 325 lbs.  He doesn’t have great range off the edge but he’s played a lot so he understands how to get off the snap on time and he understands angles.  He knows how far he has to go before he has to open up his hips and push people past the quarterback.  He can anchor, has a good kick-slide, a powerful punch and he’s a really good run blocker.

A lot of people don’t have him rated, included “draft experts” on the web, but of draftable prospects, he’s one of the best right tackle prospects I’ve seen this year.  Once he goes to an All-Star game… the scouts know who he is but once he goes the media will being to zero in on him.  He’s a really nice player.

CN:  He’s been a true right tackle for Central Florida?

WB:  Yes

CN:  You think he can stay there at the NFL level?

WB:  Yeah.  He’s just a big nasty right tackle.  And he’s got good coordination, which is nice.  He lacks great range but he has good enough range.

CN:  If he impresses in the All-Star games where does his ceiling lie, 4th, 5th round?

WB:  That’s possible.

As always, you can find Wes’ draft stories at the National Football Post.  Bookmark his site and check it regularly, since his complete draft board should go up in the next two to three weeks.  

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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  • omar

    what about rahim morris? where is he projected?

    • Omar,Check some of the past stories. We’ve discussed Moore and Wes does not think he’s coming out this spring.

      Click on the NFL Draft link at the top of the page and you’ll get all of the draft stories in chronological order.

  • Dezislegend

    also a BIG NO to Castanzo
    I hate BC OL, remember James Marten, Camiri is alot better than him draft Pouncey Cannon Pinkston over this guy please
    Pinkston is actually a real gem in the 2nd too

    • BC has cranked out a long line of quality NFL OL.

      Dallas just happened to pick the biggest lemon they’ve turned out in recent years.

      • Dezislegend

        Raf what OL from Boston College are there? I know of one on Detroit who is ok I guess and Columbo went to BC too
        James Marten was awful and yes it makes me not want to draft a BC OL again
        same thing with McDaniel and Hamlin but they are totally different players and I like McDaniel
        to me Castanzo just has this name that sounds like a bust idk Camiri sounds alot better to me lol

        • Who has B.C. turned out on O-line?Chris SneeDamien WoodyDan KoppenMarc ColomboJeremy TruebloodPete KendallTom NalenRon StoneDoug WidellJoe WolfThose are all solid OL. And I’m not including Gosder Cherilus or some of the lesser guys like Josh Beekman and Doug Bryzinski

          You shouldn’t look down your nose at BC because Jeff Ireland picked the stiff of their litter the last 15 or so years.

          • DW94

            “You shouldn’t look down your nose at BC because Jeff Ireland picked the stiff of their litter the last 15 or so years. ”

            Right, and going just outside of 15 years you get Tom Nalen who was arguably the best center of his generation.

          • DW94

            Whoops, I see you aleady included him.

            IIRC, the Widell brothers, Doug and Dave, both went to BC.

          • Right. I left off Dave, who was also a Cowboys, because he was the lesser of the two.

            Sad, isn’t it. B.C. turns out good OL and of the three Dallas drafts, the one real good one leaves in free agency before he becomes a starter.

          • BlueStarDude

            How many good OL has BC turned out since joining the ACC? Snee and Trueblood, but they were recruited while BC was still in the Big East. Any sense?

          • Dezislegend

            Snee Woody Koppen Trueblood are recent players ok I forgot they went there
            Trueblood we can sign this offseason reminds me of Columbo

          • Carimi looks like a young Colombo. Same build and is probably a better run blocker.

          • Dezislegend

            Carimi reminds me of Columbo too thats why I kind want him and Wisconsin OL turn out good
            what I like about him is he reminds me of Columbo and a healthy young Columbo is pretty solid

  • Dezislegend

    see we are going to have a good draft with a high pick in the 1st and 2nd rd
    really either direction we go we are going to get 2 really good players and 2 starters
    McDaniel has grown on me I will admit that but Barron wouldnt be bad either
    idk if Camiri actually falls to the second round if he does thats a good idea then grab a S in the 3rd rd
    nice to have options I just pray they dont f this up in the 2nd rd, the 1st rd im never concerned about its always that 2nd rd pick the Cowboys f up on
    Sean Lee is a good pick im not talking about him but im talking about the Marty B’s etc
    McDaniel reminds me of another S I wanted, Morgan Burnett who people said was a SS not a FS or whatever, seriously if we got a stud in the 1st whoever it is and McDaniel in the 2nd I will be really happy with that

  • MadMick

    Fascinating read. It definitely looks like safety is going to be the odd position out, so to speak, in the first two rounds; unless Garrett pulled off a miracle and they ended up squarely at 15 where Deunta Williams is the best player available and Sherrod and Canstonzo get drafted before that.

    If that happens I guess they hope for Jarrett in the mid-rounds.

  • TL fan

    Great Stuff Raf. Really enjoy these interviews.

    Looking at their remaining schedule, I simply can’t see any more than 4 wins, most likely 3 wins, which gets us closer to the 5th – 7th range.

    That means taking an OL in the 2nd round instead of reaching in the 1st.

    Prince and Carimi would be a solid draft.

    Add additional OL and Safety help via FA and maybe we are back in business.

    Decisions, Decisions. If you go the CB / OL line route, that probably means you need to resign Marcus Spears.

    • Prince & CarimiFairley & CarimiSherrod & McDanielFairley & PinkstonAnd so on and so on…There are a lot of good combos for us to think about. And these are pretty much real options. As I pointed out, this team will have to go 6-2 to climb up to pick 15. It still has to play New Orleans on a short week, Indy at Indy and the Eagles twice. I’m encouraged by Jason Garrett, but I’d be surprised if he split those four games and ran the table on Detroit, Washington and Arizona.It’s possible, and even if he does, Dallas still gets chances at two good players. Say that’s the scenario, and Dallas picks 15.If it got Sherrod and McDaniel I’d be happy.

      • Here are some others:
        The oline fixer + safety
        (Sherrod, Cannon, Jarrett)

        or add another stud to the line
        Fairley/Dareus, Carimi, Jarrett (and go get a guard in FA)

      • Dezislegend

        im gonna be happy either way with 2 quality players
        whenever your picking that high I think your going to get some good players
        this isnt as deep as last years draft but man there are alot of good players first 2 rounds