Deion Sanders’ HOF Induction Makes Six Cowboys in Six Years

And the Hall of Fame Cowboys keep on coming.  Deion Sanders named on of seven 2011 inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame today, along with Shannon Sharpe, Marshall Faulk, Richard Dent, NFL Films founder Ed Sabol, and NFL Veteran’s Committee nominees, LBs Chris Hanburger and Les Richter.

Sanders played five years with the Atlanta Falcons, the team which drafted him, and five more with the Dallas Cowboys from 1995 through 1999.  Sanders was a key mid-season addition to the ’95 squad which lost starting CB Kevin Smith to a season-ending injury in the ’95 season opener.  Sanders fortified the secondary for the Cowboys last Super Bowl team.  He dabbled at playing two ways, though his induction comes entirely for his skill as a cornerback and as a punt returner.

Sanders election makes him the sixth Cowboy to enter the Hall in the last six years.  The list:

Rayfield Wright, Class of 2006
Troy Aikman, Class of 2006
Michael Irvin, Class of 2007
Bob Hayes, Class of 2009
Emmitt Smith, Class of 2010
Deion Sanders, Class of 2011

Congratulations, Deion.

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

Senior Analyst Cowboys at Sports Talk Line
Started covering Dallas Cowboys @ in '95 and '96. Two more stops along the way and here I am. Senior Analyst for
Rafael Vela

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  • OskieOskie

    Charles Haley earned five Super Bowl rings with two teams. How many players have done that? He wasn’t just along for the ride either, he was a difference maker.

    Haley should be in the HOF. Guess his, er, mental health issues gave the selection committee pause.

    • David Lusk

      Haley should make it 7 in 7 years next year. Unless there’s some major candidates coming available next year. (Not sure). He still deserves enshrinement, however mentally unstable he was.

  • este

    I like Deion and I was a Prime Time fan, but I don’t understand why people believe his enshrinement to the HOF is a no brainer. I believe Drew Pearson had a greater impact on the game than did Deion. Deion took full advantage of FA to latch on to the two premiere franchises of his era.

    If Deion played in the ATL his whole career does he get into the hall this soon?

    • boyfromoz

      Absolutely. He was special.

      In his prime he was a true “shutdown” corner. And while that term is bandied about a bit, he is one of the very few ever that actually was.

  • Lance

    Haley being ignored is pure bullshit. Freakin Deion is the only Cowboy that I hate, besides Alan Ball…..I cant deny he deserves to be in the hall though. Let him go in as a Falcon.

  • TL fan

    I heard Deion say about a year ago that if he had to go in representing a single NFL team it would be the Falcons.

    Maybe it should be restated as ‘5 1/2 Cowboys to enter the Hall in the past six years’

  • MontecitoTex

    That bomb that Deion caught (as a WR) to open Super Bowl XXX with Tex siting “courtside” – followed by Novacek’s last catch (a TD) are etched in Cowboys lore… Finally beating the Steelers and the following party at the Martini Ranch – Wow! Has it really been 15 years? Calvados please…

    • Jarhead

      it has been. what say you JJ?

    • Lance

      What i remember most about that game is Deions no tackling ass and an out of shape o-line that nearly cost the Cowboys the game.

  • MontecitoTex

    If only Jerry had signed Prime Time a year earlier it would have been four straight

    • I think it’s simpler than that, Tex.

      If Erik Williams doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel, crash and trash his knee in ’94, it’s four straight.

      • MontecitoTex

        Concur, except Deion was a double wammy having his best year as a Niner. Oh to have been a free ride at the White House

      • Egtuna

        Or if the refs call PI on Deion in the NFC Championship….

        • Or if Jerry doesn’t let his ego get between himself and Jimmy…

  • Gojoe1978

    Can you really claim him as a Cowboy though? He was a merc in my mind and if this was like baseball and he had to choose a team to be enshrined with he would likely pick the Falcons.

    • It’s not baseball. He played as much of his football in a Dallas uniform as he did in any other.

      • Travlr

        But he only played about 1/3 of his carreer as a Cowboy.
        Lost a lot of like for him since he has been on NFL Network, he is an ass clown.
        I also only count him as half a Cowboy.

        • Travlr

          MUCH Rather have seen Drew get in

          • Oklahoma

            Drew, to whom, as much as nearly any other player, the team owes its rise to national prominence, can’t even gain admission to the Ring of Honor. And that is good historical stewardship of the Cowboys?

        • boyfromoz

          He considers himself more a Cowboy than any other team he played. He connected with the triplets and the spirit of the players we had more than the 49ers.

    • MontecitoTex

      Was a big part Tex’s last stand… definitely a Cowboy