Five Hours from the Draft and the Happiest People in Dallas…


are Mike Woicik and Rob Ryan?

The NFL announced early this afternoon that players can work out at team facilities, starting Friday at 8 am ET. Offseason training programs can begin, playbooks can be distributed and coaches can meet with players to discuss their playbooks.

That window may close on Monday, when a three-panel judge from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to render its ruling on the NFL’s appeal of Judge Susan Nelson’s Monday ruling lifting the lockout and her decision yesterday to deny a request of a stay of the ruling.

In any case, players will get a brief amount of time to gather data and some direct knowledge from their coaches, which should help off-season workouts in the event the league shuts down again next week.

If the stay is denied, free agency could begin as early as Monday.

In the meantime, the rumor mill is heating up.  New England and Dallas are rumored to be discussing a deal.  The Falcons are apparently exploring a move into the top 10.  Poker hands which have been held within the vest are now being displayed.

It’s time.  After several weeks clotted with court hearings and inflammatory legal rhetoric, it’s nice to have the attention back on the game, at least for the next three days.

More Rumors:

— Rick Gosselin’s prediction of five QBs in the top 12 may have some legs.  I’m seeing that five teams in that range covet TCU’s Andy Dalton.

— Rumor gathering steam that Denver may be considering Von Miller at pick two.

In other words, who knows?