Opening Day: Smith a Cowboy, Bowen A Redskin

Update, 5:53 — Session one is in the books.  Lots to report, in about 40-45 minutes. 

Update II: OT Tyron Smith has signed his contract.

Update:  DE Stephen Bowen has signed a mega-deal with the Washington Redskins, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  Five years, $27.5 million total, $12.5 million guaranteed.  Good business for him.  Not so good for Dallas.

Day three of the free agent free-for-all sees Dallas still looking for its first outside buy, after re-signing Doug Free and Kyle Kosier.

One target, Eric Weddle, signed for a bundle yesterday, a figure surely out of Dallas’ budgetary confines.   This morning, I’m seeing reports that DE Cullen Jenkins is closing in on a deal with the Redskins.   Nothing is confirmed, but Washington traded Albert Haynesworth to the Patriots today, so they have a cavity on their defensive line.

Dallas appears to be shopping in the manner of free agent windows past, letting the first wave of crazy deals go down before stepping in and looking for mid-level and lower-ticket bargains.   No Nnamdi Asomughas.  No Johnathan Josephs.  We may see the Cowboys pursue a decent guard, but meat-and-potatoes picks appear to be on Dallas’ shopping list.

— Trades!  We’re seeing trades under this new CBA.  The Saints have dealt Reggie Bush to the Dolphins, pending Bush agreeing to terms.

— Veteran cuts become official at 3:01 pm this afternoon.  This is your last chance to offer parting words to Marc Colombo, Marion Barber, Leonard Davis and Roy Williams.

Today and going forward:   I’m attending all the full pads practices in the San Antonio run.  Will have the full, big write-ups within an hour of the practice’s end.   I also plan to hold Facebook chats every evening from 7-8 pm CT.  Look for Cowboys Nation there and join the fun.

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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  • mcjoe

    Cowboys are looking like an alos ran already, no CB improvement, Bowen departure leaves a huge hole, oline is even leaner depth wise that it was last year, ILBs are old and slow and they are still over the cap……Gosselin is right, this will turn out to be a rebuiding year depsite the upgrades in the coaching staff…..the common denominator………………….the GM!

    • greatwhitenorth

      yeah, and the sun probably won’t come up tomorrow, either.  You should write country songs.

      • kameleon_o

        Yeah, but right now all we’ve done is lose players. I wasn’t hoping for big ticket FA’s but I was hoping for a little more movement. We saw last year that standing pat doesn’t necessarily work. We’ve got to improve not just through the draft but through FA too and I just don’t have any idea who we’re even targeting. So far, we’re behind IMO. Especially on D.

  • Pmkaram

    time to move ratliff to DE and get a NT in  free agency.

  • cowboyny

    My initial reaction to the Skins signing Bowen away from the Cowboys:

    -He was an undrafted free agent that was given an opportunity by the Cowboys. With his strong work habits, improved play, he has earned starting 3-4 DE money. Stayed patient while the team contolled his low level salary, but made a smart career move to be compensated and rewarded for his on field production. Thank you for being a professional on and off the field and being apart of the Cowboy Family.

    -Football wise in my own viewpoint, not being a scout or talent evaluator whatsoever, Bowen is more of a one-dimensional lineman whose strength lies with his pass rush abilities. In my opinion,  he is average at best when given an opportunity to contain the run. When he is now receiving more money than Jay Ratliff, who is a better, more balanced player, either Washington overpaid to sign him or the Cowboys got Ratliff at a big discount. I think the Cowboys are getting a big discount on Ratliiff but that contract signed is almost finished. Pass Rushers are always in high demand and also get paid big dollars.

    -From the Cowboy Standpoint, losing Bowen is a big hit to their DL, as they needed more of a pass rush out o their down linman, even with Bowen apart of the group. Team has some work to do and maybe have no other choice, but it sign Cullen Jenkins. They could resign Spears and find another nickel rusher, but they don’t grow on trees.

    -You got to hate the Redskins, first they sign Cofield from NY and now Bowen from our team.

  • Tex

    Overpaying for a rotational 3-4 defensive end while Grossman & Beck battle it out for the most important position in all of sports?  Nice!

    • greatwhitenorth

      Yeah, it looks like the Skins can’t decide if they want to tank the season and get Andrew Luck or to really try to challenge the Giants for 3rd in the division. Here’s to more 6-10 mediocrity in Washington!

  • greatwhitenorth

    Parting words for the vets:  Colombo – thanks for giving it all you had, you’ll genuinely be missed.  MBIII – it was fun while it lasted; hope you enjoy Miami.  Bigg – you, sir, still scare me.  Roy – Perhaps Dez will help you carry your pads to your car; I hear Papa John’s is hiring.

    • AustonianAggie

      I’m sure Roy will go cry in to all his money. lol using dollar bills as tissues

  • Sam

    Just heard Bowen signed with the Redskins.  Damn!

  • Sergio Padron

    Just read we lost Bowen to the skins.

    • Egtuna

      27.5mil for 5y…12.5 guaranteed. Seems pricey for Bowen. 

      • Sergio Padron

        And way out of what Jerry wanted or could afford to pay him, I believe.

      • Riktooth

        That’s my thought, too.  And every time a team overpays for a player, it helps the Cowboys.  But I like Bowen a lot, and the thought of seeing him in Redskin colors…

        Also makes Spears a lot more important, as I suspect Jenkins is out of reach.

      • Lance

        Chris Canty was better than Bowen. Lets hope the Eagles pay out the ass for Hatcher.

  • Pedro

    Hey Raf, are you going to link the chat from this site? Trying to find the facebook profile is a pain, apparently everyone and their mother wanted to start their own page with the same name as your website… 

    • Yeah a link would really be appreciated. I have looked at 10 different pages and none are right.

      • Sergio Padron

        search for ¨cowboysnation¨.  At least that one´s got the logo right 🙂

        • I have my doubts about that one. The last time it was used was in 2010 and the posts aren’t up to par with Raf’s posts.

          • Pedro

            Same thing happened to me John! I basically was like…hmm Raf’s logo is here…but not Raf quality. 

          • Rafael Vela

            I haven’t been updating it.  Set it up, but let it linger.  That’s probably the page.  Look for Dandy Don in the old white helmet.  

          • Found Dandy Don. Thanks with that little bit of info it was easy to find.

          • Ridgelake

            Raf, for those of us who purposely avoid facebook, do you have any ideas on how to participate in the chats or at least see the transcript?  Perhaps it would be possible to post the transacript on this site?

            Just a thought.

            Thank you

    • Rafael Vela

      Look for the page with Don Meredith’s icon.  I am working on installing a Facebook box here, but won’t have it up this afternoon. 

  • Sergio Padron

    Rafa, I got a cap question, and you understand this thing way better than I ever will: The Colts cut and then re-signed Vinateri.  What is the logic of this?  Why is it better than, say, reworking the contract?  Is anybody else doing this?

  • cowboyny

    Raf, thank you in advance for all you’re camp coverage. It is going to be very interesting how Garrett runs his first camp as the Head Coach & adjust to the new practice rules. You know I am very interested in our young propects along the OL, hope to hear encouraging reports coming you’re way.

    Back to FA outook:

    -I expect Bowen to become the next signing by the team, hopefully somtime this afternoon.

    -I agree, with Weddle/Charles Johnson setting the market, the team will use the wait and see approach regarding any other unrestricted FA’s. Abraham Elam should be the only signing forthcoming in the next few days.

    -After Bowen hopefully gets resigned, I would like to bring Spears back or replace him with Coleman. Similar type of two down players.

    -A low cost, experiened interior lineman whi can play all inteior positons, a bargain Safety, where I heard today Huff will not be in the team’s plans and maybe one of those mid-range CB’s we discussed recently: Houston from Detriot?

    Enjoy camp and thanks again!

    • Pedro

      Bowen is now a Redskin…