Draft Saturday: Whither Terrelle Pryor?

Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor’s workout for NFL scouts is currently underway.  He weighed and measured at 6’5”, 232 lbs. and ran an official 4.41.

He’s an athlete, clearly, but where would a team utilized those skills?  At quarterback?  Could he move wide and be a Vincent Jackson-style receiver?  What draft value would your team assign Pryor, based on his projected position?

The Cowboys are one of seventeen teams with scouts watching Pryor today.  The Redskins and Eagles also sent their people to the workout.

— It’s all in the numbers.

We talk a lot in draft chats about 5-techniques and 3-techniques and so on.  I’ve seen questions asking what this means?  It refers to a defensive lineman’s positioning opposite an offensive lineman and his gap responsibility.  This chart should make things clearer:

Wade Phillips played a lot of gap control, with Jay Ratliff lining up as a 1-technique.  Rob Ryan is doing much the same.  He’s asking his linemen to be versatile, lining up as 1-3-5 and sometimes 9 techniques, outside the tight end, as the Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys did and the current Eagles do. 
We’ve talked about the offense looking for more athletic linemen.  The defense, if it keeps Ryan’s system, will want that same type of flexibility.  Ideally, Ryan would love at least two and maybe three Jay Ratliffs, who could work inside or outside.  

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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Rafael Vela

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  • LT

    This is off the subject as well. Gurode on the trading block?


    Jerry Jones did say Costa was going to play sooner rather than later…

    • yehti

      if they feel costa can start at C then why not…. get something for these vets if possible instead of releasing players. plus it makes the line more versatile and alot more younger

  • Hatetheiggles

    Off the subject, but why not sign former Eagles/NYG OL Shawn Andrews? He could probably start at OG,certainly be a viable backup at OG, and he could also be the swing tackle. Now I know he has had his issues, but when his head is right, he can be an unbelievable player. We could probably get him for a song and it has the potential to pay big dividends. If not, we cut him. I’m a little squeamish with Young,Holland,Nagy,Arkin, and Costa playing for any extended period.

    • Because he is an injury prone nut job. Even league minimum is too much for this guy. He is definitely not an RKG.

  • fiverings37

    to hell with a risky hybrid pick, we need a safety, a NT and a corner in the next draft.

  • AustonianAggie

    Football is like Judo, where players take specific steps to reach their goals. It may be as practiced as a series of dance steps. Each place you line up on the field, you have different steps to take to get the best advantage.

    The numbers describe where each player lines up. Imagine half an offensive line, with a center, a guard next to him, and a tackle. Zero is face to face with the Center, like Andre Gurode; the 1 is between the center and guard

    0 techs line up directly over the center. Face to face, they try to over power the center, or to quickly defeat his block. Jay Ratliff lined up here when Dallas ran a 46 in about 2009. He could defeat the center, who is usually the weakest blocker,  and immediately rush in to the back field.

    The 1 lines up between the Center and the Guard. Though Wade Phillips had Jay Ratliff do this, the most succesful application of Ones is in the Tampa-2, where lining up between the Center and the Guard demands both blockers. The 3 as we’ll see profits.

    A 2 lines up directly on a Guard. This is uncommon. It’s often too easy for the Center to deliver an easy block on this player. This problem hovers over every even numbered player including the Zero. Lining up head to head gets you hammered from the sides.

    The 3 is the blood and bones of a Tampa-2 defensive line. The 3 lines up outside the Guard’s shoulder, between the tackle and the guard. Superior Defensive ends lined up around at the 5s and occupy the tackles, so often this match up is one on one. Players here work with 1s. 1s occupy the center and the opposite guard at the same time. The 3s get a one on one match up with their Guard. Warren Sapp made his career here. Almost set a record in sacks.

    The 4 is uncommon. It lines up face to face with Tackles. The position is easily blocked by Tight Ends working with Tackles

    5s tell you something about your defense. Most importantly the numerical way of identifying gaps in an offensive line comes from 3-4s and their approach. The same position, slightly outside the tackle, is very different in the 43 and 34 Defenses. In a 43 the players outside the Tackle need great speed and corner turner ability, so they can help attack the QB.

    But in a 34, the 5 Technique helps free the Outside Linebacker, who may be considered a 6,7 8 or 9.

    So the numbers help convey a certain gap to attack, but they also have specific histories of success.

  • Datdude

    its the left or ride shade …or head up in some scheme…so think shoulders of an OL and which side you set up on….

  • ym

    What’s the difference between playing 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc?

    • Rafael Vela

      What Datdude said.  If you’re a 0 technique, you’re head up, eyes to eyes with the C.   A 1 technique is outside shoulder of the C, left or right.  The 2 is inside on the guard, and a 3 is outside shoulder of the guard, and so on down the line.  

      Phillips had Ratliff playing a 1 technique almost exclusively.  Ryan has him — and his other DLs as well — playing 1 technique, 3 technique and 5 techniques.  When he over and undershifts, the DEs sometimes line up as a 9 technique.  They’ve done this a couple of times and it’s been ugly — for the TEs.  In the J.J. days, he would put his undersized DEs like Tolbert and Haley over the TEs.  But they were 265 lbs.  

      When Ryan shifts his lines heavily like this, 305-315 lb. guys like Spears, Olshansky and Coleman are facing the TEs.  It’s a huge mismatch.  Even Witten couldn’t handle it.  

      • But what happens up the middle?

        Mismatches are interesting, but when a defense finds itself a mismatch it often leaves an equal mismatch in the offense’s favor.  That’s the very question I’m interested in and why the Denver game was so disappointing.

        Sure, it’s nice when Ratliff beats a TE… but when he does who’se keeping the center and guard from blowing a 10-yard hole for the running back through the middle?

        In the Denver game the answer was no-one and we say the 9-yards-per-carry result.

      • ym

        If we have lineman facing TEs, where’s Ware lining up?  Couldn’t a team exploit this and call a running play?

  • Benjitsu

    In addition to former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor, five other players
    were ruled eligible for the 2011 NFL supplemental draft. The following
    players were also ruled eligible for the draft: Western Carolina DB
    Torez Jones, Georgia RB Caleb King, Lindenwood DE Keenan Mace, North
    Carolina DE Mike McAdoo and Northern Illinois DB Tracy Wilson.

  • Anyone have a full list of who is eligible for the sup draft?

  • I don’t think Pryor qualifies as a RKG. I would be interested in Caleb King from UGA though.