Draft Saturday: Whither Terrelle Pryor?


Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor’s workout for NFL scouts is currently underway.  He weighed and measured at 6’5”, 232 lbs. and ran an official 4.41.

He’s an athlete, clearly, but where would a team utilized those skills?  At quarterback?  Could he move wide and be a Vincent Jackson-style receiver?  What draft value would your team assign Pryor, based on his projected position?

The Cowboys are one of seventeen teams with scouts watching Pryor today.  The Redskins and Eagles also sent their people to the workout.

— It’s all in the numbers.

We talk a lot in draft chats about 5-techniques and 3-techniques and so on.  I’ve seen questions asking what this means?  It refers to a defensive lineman’s positioning opposite an offensive lineman and his gap responsibility.  This chart should make things clearer:

Wade Phillips played a lot of gap control, with Jay Ratliff lining up as a 1-technique.  Rob Ryan is doing much the same.  He’s asking his linemen to be versatile, lining up as 1-3-5 and sometimes 9 techniques, outside the tight end, as the Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys did and the current Eagles do. 
We’ve talked about the offense looking for more athletic linemen.  The defense, if it keeps Ryan’s system, will want that same type of flexibility.  Ideally, Ryan would love at least two and maybe three Jay Ratliffs, who could work inside or outside.