Injured, But Not Out? Smith and Jenkins Updates

9:05 — Just got off the phone with a doctor who said of the hyperextensions and Jenkins’ and Smith’s MRIs,

“if the MRIs were negative, this means there is no bone damage, no ligament, tendon or cartilage damage. The major structures are intact. A hyperextension in this case does not mean they’re out 2-4 weeks. On the contrary, they could be playing this weekend.
It will depend on swelling, which can be affected by ice, tight wraps, ultrasound and anti-inflammatories. How much discomfort do they have? How are they able to tolerate it? I imagine they’re getting heavy treatment right now. They could both get up in the morning and feel good.”
7:35 — The latest from ESPN-Dallas’ Bryan Broaddus echoes Mosley’s source, claiming the MRI’s were negative and both Jenkins and Smith could in fact play Sunday, depending on how they respond to treatment. Full report from the source can be heard here.

6:58 — New blurb from Matt Mosley (again, check the box) whose source won’t rule out both Jenkins and Smith playing on Sunday. It all hinges on their second examinations tomorrow morning.

5:54 PM — Some updated information is now avaiable, via Bryan Broaddus’ Twitter feed (see box). The skinny — Jenkins and Smith hyperextended knees. MRIs were normal. Knees will be re-examined tomorrow. Does this mean they have a chance to play this week? Next week? In a month? Trying to get a doctor to parse this new information.

* * *
Reality shifts by the moment, but as of 4:15 Texas time, here is what we know:
— CB Mike Jenkins injured his knee and had an MRI some time in the last couple of hours. No news has come forth. No descriptions of his demeanor post-injury, or of the play or drill in which he was injured. That can be interpreted as good news or bad news.
— RT Tyron Smith suffered what is termed a ”hyperextened knee.” He too was to have a knee scan. Again, no details. Was contact involved? Did he make a literal mis-step and hurt himself? Is the team optimistic or pessimistic based on the outcome.
Most importantly, what are the official, medically-assessed results?
What we do know is the relative level of preparation their replacements bring. At corner, Alan Ball now starts, should Jenkins miss the game. He’s been better at cornerback during the preseason than he was at free safety last year, but that season of struggle won’t give much comfort. He’s not comparable to Jenkins, if Jenkins can regain his 2009 Pro Bowl level of play.
The situation seems more dire at tackle. Jermey Parnell has been a positive summer story. He’s added sixteen pounds of muscle since the Cowboys claimed him off New Orlean’s practice squad last fall. He was the first of the faster, more athletic offensive linemen the Cowboys have brought in. He can move, and he’s got long arms and a heavy punch.
He’s also raw. He worked exclusively at left tackle this summer and will be playing a new spot if he is indeed the starter. He got four quarters against Miami last Thursday and tired in the second half. He held up nicely the first 30 minutes, but was reaching and clutching in the fourth quarter. He drew one holding penalty and was lucky to avoid another.
I doubt any of the young linemen would look as lost and overmatched as Alex Barron did against Brian Orakpo in last year’s opener. Still, that’s a low bar. Barron’s flailing and clutching was a big reason the Cowboys scored just seven points in that game.
Jason Garrett terms the openings ”opportunities” for the backups. His optimism is admirable, and essential. What, after all, is the point of fatalism before the first kickoff? Still, one needs to be fully prepared to take advantage of an opportunity. I’m not certain that Parnell has has the time and the level of preparation to excel in this role.
Steven Van Over

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  • There is some degree of risk with playing any type of sport and if your personal injury occurs after you have simply tripped or fallen for no reason, you would not be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim. 

  • Jamie B

    There was a great ESPN article about this written by someone that popped up on my facebook this morning.  It talked about how Jason Garrett is a no excuses coach and how he preaches that injuries are an “opportunity” for other guys to step up and perform.  That’s what this team needs!!! 

    If you guys want any sports stuff, check out my site at!

  • Weareblma

    thanks for another good writings

  • Oklahoma

    In the lead-up to this weekend’s start of the Rugby World Cuo, I found the following article interesting, comparing football with rugby.  If inclined, you might check out the graphic comparing strength, size and distance covered in a game.

    In case the Boys tank this year with Spagnola at center and Nick Eatman at guard, it may be useful to expand the sports horizon.  Anyone for Darts or Snooker?

    • Rafael Vela

      It’s amazing how big darts is in Europe.  These guys square off and there are lots of sports celebs, most soccer players, in the gallery watching.  

  • ym

    So what’s going on here?  Knee’s hyperextended but everything’s still OK?

    • Rafael Vela

      Knees are hyperextended but neither should be out for very long.  That’s how I  take it.  Don’t know if they play vs. the Jets, but I’d look for both of them to play the 49ers. 

  • joey2zs

    They need to take some mega doses of omega 3 fish oil three times a day until game time, drink some celery juice with turmeric, ice and wrap, and be sure to take in plenty of fluids and their joint pain and inflammation will just go away.  That’s free advice, folks.

    If Smith can play well and move well I’ll walk away from the edge and look forward to a competitive game.
    I think the Cowboys’ defense will be a sieve this season until the starting CBs have played a long time with the Safeties, and Sean Lee asserts himself… so it’s sort of irrelevant if Jenkins plays.

    • Lhurshman88

      This is a very interesting response! I hope it works. Maybe the Boys have. homeopath on staff I hope. Much more concerned about Tron.

  • Landry

    Maybe should think about bringing in Flozell if this thing is serious.

  • cowboyny

    Talk about a punch in the gut. Losing Newman was difficult, but Jenkins too. Then you hear Tyron Smith is reportely out for 2-4 weeks, with just 1 backup tackle on the team who before camp, many thought be would have trouble even making the roster. Wow, what a way to get excited about the season. Listen the Giants aren’t making excuses now and when they went on their improbable Super Bowl run, same as last year’s Packers. It is a team sport, where the rest of the team needs to pick up their games and the next man up most come to play, seize their opportnities.

    If both players are out sunday night and more, the front office has no choice, but to promote Butler or even AOA. Team only has three healthy bodies and they can ill afford to get hurt on special teams. Either player, would in become the emergency option at CB, where AOA could return kicks/punts if needed, although Harris maybe able to handle that role. As for Tackle, the newly signed Dockery needs to start getting reps in practice at the positon and even consider signing a free agent. Parnell will be playing on the right side, which he has played all too much and will be getting thrown in the fire. Hell, both Flozel & Davis are availble and they know the team’s blocking schemes. Do not want to go there, but Parnell could be worse than Alex Barron.

    I am not worried about the offense, even with Parnell starting, unless it becomes a long-term issue. They were 7th in the league in offense last season, with probaly he same quality of line. Too much talent to be shutdown completely. Garrett will need to adjust his playcalling/proection accordingly.

    The defense is a whole different story, where you will probbly see the same defensive production as it was towards the end of last season. Scandrick maybe ready to finally show something on the outside, but Ball is a whole other story. Hell, they beat TB a fe years ago with a skelton crew, can they do it again? The good news is NY, SFO aren’t world beaters on offense, but it will be a major challenge to win both games, if they are starting their backups all over the place. Bad, Bad day, but the season isn’t lost just yet.

  • I really don’t think it’s gonna be as bad as you all make it out to be.  Garret is and has taught them to keep fighting no matter what.  Your never out of it.  Thats what this team has lacked for a long time, Fight, and I think they have it. They might lose but it’s not gonna be as bad as you think, and who knows, it’s not impossible for them to win.  The jets are not the kings of the league, you guys carry on as if they sack the quarterback 50 times a game.  Sanchez is no Tom Brady, in fact if there is one game that scares me this year, it’s the Pats game

  • joey2zs

    I don’t know from where ESPN’s talking heads got the information, but Tyron Smith is “slated to miss 2 to 4 weeks.”   So… great. 

  • JimmyJohnsonSB

    RHG is a student of the game.  It is time for him to channel Joe Gibbs.  The hated Gibbs always excelled in these situations.  

    There isn’t much we can do at Tackle.  Either play Parnell and tell Romo to take the grounding penalties if necessary, or maybe… Move Kosier out to RT.  He’s played tackle before (though he nearly got his QB killed in SF – and I mean literally killed).  Kosier has matured and knows how to play the game.  He won’t be overwhelmed by Ryan’s schemes.  And Kosier at RT means we can choose between the veteran Dockery or one of the youngsters at RG.

    I’m not that concerned about Ball.  He may be a better corner than the 2010 Jenkins…  Jacques Reeves was a better corner than the 2010 Jenk.  And he won’t be a liability in the run game like Jenkins in any year.  I’m a little more concerned about our 3rd CB – an important part of today’s game.  We are stacking someone barely NFL-worthy against some top-tier receivers.  Not good.

    Our odds of winning just went down.  But not by that much.  I’d say we went from a 40% chance to a 25% chance.  Hopefully, we will get a few of these injured guys back sooner rather than later.   

    • Rafael Vela

      You don’t move Kosier, IMO because:
      1.  He probably makes the OL calls.  He did this for Gurode and for Costa and Kowalski.  Didn’t see if he did it for Costa too, since PC has been out a while.2.  Rex takes the shortest path to your QB.  You have a weakness at G, he’s ending Bart Scott up and David Harris through the A-gaps all night long.  Those two guys are NY’s best LBs.  Why create mismatches against them?  
      You can help Parnell with TEs, and RB chips.  If you’re leaky up the gut, Romo takes a beating. 

      Rather have a shaky Parnell at RT than a shaky Arkin at RG.  Can Dockery go effectively on two days work?  

      3. Kosier hasn’t played RT since his ‘Niners days, and that wasn’t pretty. 

      • StillHateTheGiants

        Good logic Raf, I’ve actually posted that Kosier might be an option at RT and you put that one to rest.

  • Tex

    Excel? More like survive with backups or forfeit.  At NY Jets, stadium opener, on 10th anniversary of 9/11 with three greenhorns on the line, Tony Romo at quarterback, and no secondary. This is like Custer prancing into the Battle of Little Big Horn… stay out of the stadium and head right to San Francisco.

    Tex had a horrible feeling about this game when the schedule was released, now it’s taking on the feel of a national security disaster. Cancel the game.

    • frankenfoot

      Tex…Don’t know you…Don’t care…But, I have had just the opposite
      feeling.  This is the most calm I’ve been prior to a Cowboy’s opener
      since 1992.  I knew then that the Cowboys were “on the verge”…no
      blogs, no instant feedback…just a feeling.  I can’t say this feeling
      is quite as certain, but it is certainly building.  The cat and mouse
      that Jimmy brought to the game through constant miscues and misdirection
      about injuries and such was impeccable!  These pre-game moves by JG feel much the same.  I
      suppose we’ll know much more soon, but if I were you I would at least
      wait to throw in your towel until…ummm…let’s make it

  • joey2zs

    This game is going to be U G L Y if you’re pulling for the Cowboys.  
    The Cowboys didn’t appear as if they’re able to stop the run in preseason and now start a pair of back-ups on the corners and cast-offs at safeties.  So at least if the Cowboys can’t stop the run they won’t be able to stop the pass either.  Now that’s balance.

  • WestTxHornFan

    I read” Reality SHITS by the moment…”

    • Rafael Vela

      I’ve done/read similar things myself.  The brain is funny sometimes.