K.C. Joyner Speaks, Part 2: Could the Cowboys Somehow Get Luck(y)?

Andrew Luck

Stanford’s John Elway headed up the ’83 draft, considered one of the best ever.  It was deep in quarterbacks.  Six were selected in the 1st round, and three of them (Elway, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino) made the Hall of Fame.

Elway was considered the prize, and he made it clear that he would not play for the Colts, who held the top pick.  Elway played minor league baseball for leverage.  Baltimore resisted all initial offers for him, until Denver went over GM Ernie Accorsi’s head and worked a deal with Colts owner Bob Irsay.  According to then Cowboys scouting director Gil Brandt, Denver didn’t match Dallas’ offer of QB Danny White and two number one picks.  White had led Dallas to three consecutive NFC Championship Game losses, but the brass felt Elway was the game’s next great quarterback and was willing to deal their starter.

Today, Dallas faces a similar situation with Tony Romo.   He has an impressive statistical record, but there’s doubt among much of the Cowboys nation of his title-winning ability.  This year’s draft looks rich in quarterbacks compared to recent drafts and is topped by Stanford’s Andrew Luck, the quarterback prospect considered by many scouts to be the safest bet since Peyton Manning.

Could the Cowboys find a way to the top of this draft?  It would be a fantastic jump, and require many elements, starting with a willing partner in the top slot.  In part two of this week’s chat with ESPN Insider K.C. Joyner, he discusses early metrics leaders, the Cowboys 2nd quarter of the schedule, and lays out one scenario which could give the Cowboys, and many other teams, a chance to find Luck.

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Cowboys Nation:  Tell us the metric leaders at key positions, quarterback, receiver.  Is there, or are there any surprising names?

K.C. Joyner:  Jason Campbell is actually playing really well for Oakland.  I know he had that crazy play last week where the threw the interception where no receiver was anywhere nearby.  But he’s over 8.0 in his overall yards per attempt and his vertical YPA is in the low double digits, so he’s playing extremely well.  I think the Raiders are going to make the playoffs and he’s one reason why.

At running back, Ryan Matthews is playing well.  So is Darren McFadden for that matter.  On Matthews, his good blocking yards per attempt is almost double Mike Tolbert’s.  And I know Tolbert’s a bowling ball, but Matthews on good plays has an 8.7 GBYPA which is a ridiculous number.  They’re going to keep giving him the ball more often because when you have a back that productive, he’s just going to see more of the football.

At receiver, I did a piece for ESPN Insider this week on the Steelers and looked at Mike Wallace’s numbers and they’re ridiculous.  He’s over 14.0 in overall YPA and he’s around 26.0 on stretch vertical passes.  He’s catching over 80% of the passes thrown his way.  No receiver right now is playing as well as he is.

CN:  Something you’ve brought up in our chats over the years, is that you shouldn’t view games in isolation but as part of four-game groups.  Dallas is 2-2.  Let’s discuss what they could do over the next quarter.

K.C.:  Who do they have coming up?  After the bye, they have New England, St. Louis, Philly and Seattle.  New England obviously is tough.  St. Louis?  They’ve lost their top three cornerbacks.  They’re down to 4th and 5th string cornerbacks starting for them.  Their nickel back is going to be a 6th string corner.  Their dime back is going to be a 7th string corner.

And then Seattle.  Brandon Browner is a starting corner for Seattle. He’s a former CFL corner.  He is exhibit A in why you don’t draft tall cornerbacks.  He’s 6’4”, and he can’t cover, because he can’t move. He’s awful.   He’s the worst corner I’ve seen in the league so far this year.  I know he’s in double digits in YPA.  And it’s not close; he’s closer to 15.0 than to 10.0.

CN:  And then the Eagles.  And whichever fan base loses that game is going to explode.

K.C.:  (laughs) But know that two of the next four should be won, and they’re both at Dallas.  There’s an old NFL adage, as you say, that you measure in quarters.  If Cowboys fans measure it that way, look, the Cowboys should beat St. Louis and Seattle.  If they can beat either New England or Philly, just one of those games.  If you go 3-1 in that stretch, then you’re 5-3 at the mid-way point.  If that third win is against the Eagles, you’re 2-0 in the division.

The thing is, if they lose to New England, a lot of fans are going to go, ”we’re 2-3” and absolutely go crazy.  No.  Measure by a four-week span.  Measure where you are in four weeks, not one.

Mind you, they have a tough stretch down the road, but if they’re healthy against St. Louis and they don’t win by two or three touchdowns, they’ll be embarrassed.

CN:  Either way, they’ll either be mad from losing to New England or sky high from beating New England.  Now, have the Rams won a game yet?

K.C.:  No.

CN:  I saw them against the Eagles and a little against the Giants, and they were thin then.  Very little talent at receiver, and Stephen Jackson got hurt.  Now, they have nobody in the secondary, and they’re playing a pressure defensive scheme, and I’m thinking, they could get to hold the John Elway auction II with Andrew Luck.

K.C.:  Funny you mention that, because we discussed it in today’s ESPN chat.  That would be insane, because they could.  They look like a team that, I don’t want to say they would quit on their coach, especially because I have so much respect for Steve Spagnuolo as a coach, but they looked a couple of times this year like a lost squad.  In Baltimore, the players looked like they were thinking, ”what do we do?  We’re not even close.  This is embarrassing.  We’re letting a rookie [Torrey Smith] beat us for three touchdowns.  How do we fix this?”

You’re right.  They’ve got Sam Bradford.  He’s their guy.  There’s no reason to change at quarterback.  And they could get a king’s ransom for Luck.  Oh my God!

CN:  I remember the John Elway sweepstakes.  It was nuts.  Lots of teams at the back of that draft, like the Raiders and the Cowboys, put big deals on the table for Elway.  And here’s a similar potential situation.  And because there’s a rookie cap now, and that top spot isn’t $50 million guaranteed, if the Rams do finish with the first pick every other team is going to be after Luck.

K.C.:  Bob Devaney runs the Rams. He’s a seasoned vet.  He’ll work a deal.

CN:  That might be the best thing that could happen to the Rams, is getting Andrew Luck.

K.C.:  They should start by saying, the Ricky Williams deal?  Times two.  Let’s start there.  I mean, it’s Andrew Luck.  He is that good.  I’ve broken down tape on him.  It’s just like breaking down tape of a top pro quarterback.  It’s the same thing.

Assuming he doesn’t get hurt?  I can see why the scouts give him a 99 rating.  They just don’t give those out.  And the Rams are playing the type of football that says they could fall apart.

CN:  If the Rams somehow do land the pick, the teams around them might be at a disadvantage as trade partners, because better teams who have a talent base would be better able to say, here are two number 1s and a quality player.  But then, never underestimate what a desperate front office might do.

Tomorrow:  K.C. puts Romo’s game under the metrics microscope and discusses the offense around him.  

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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Started covering Dallas Cowboys @ TheBoys.com in '95 and '96. Two more stops along the way and here I am. Senior Analyst for SportsTalkLine.com
Rafael Vela

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  • Mr._Mulligan

    Why wouldn’t the Rams deal Bradford and keep Luck instead?

  • Wow Raf, I love the boldness of your writing.  That is a fascinating possibility especially considering how young this team is.

    Is Andrew Luck worth Tony Romo and 2 first round picks?  If he’s the next Payton Manning, then the answer is yes.

  • desus32

    I don’t want to be a wet blanket on this thread as I’d love for the Boys to get their hands on one of the elite QB prospects in the last 15 years. But I’d also like if they continued to build the team up and acquire the type of hard nosed players and depth that can compliment any signal caller in a way that both limits what he has to do on any given day to win while also giving him more margin for error when mistakes are made. Be it Romo or whoever else is under center.

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree that a great signal caller improves any team’s chance of winning it all. But if you look at Brees, Manning, Brady, or Big Ben all had near complete teams that could win games in a variety of ways and designed a path to the Lomardi trophy that wasn’t exclusively reliant on that one player. I’m not saying Romo is the guy to do it for Dallas; I’m saying that even with Luck you better surround him with a strong, playmaking defense, other playmakers on offense, and sprinkle in some good fortune on any given gameday to get it done.

    • Jarhead

      Its hard to argue with the “complete team” concept. Or at least the “nearly complete team” concept. Every team will have a hole or two somewhere these days.

      I think the “right attitude/approach” concept applies too. That is what is encouraging about what JG is bringing as a HC. While I am still not sold on his play-calling/sunday work as an O-coordinator, I am getting sold on his approach during the week and on his approach to selecting certain types of players.

      But even that is not enough, you need a near complete team to be consistently competitive. With that, you need a very good QB, and it appears dallas will be able to get a young one next year by any number of means.

      One must remember one important thing though:

      There are alot more QB busts in round 1 than hits, going back many years in the draft.

      So, one wonders how many of those busts would have become hits had they played for more complete teams.

  • cowboyny

    Trading up for Luck is crazy talk. Like the rest of the nation, I am dissapointed with Romo’s up and down play throughout his career, but would never give up the house to acquire an unproven commodity, such as a Andrew Luck. Unless the team completes falls apart and returns into the top 10 draft slot, it isn’t even worth the conversion. We have seen the great trades Jerry has made over the recent years in acquiring both Galloway/Roy Williams, where mortgaging their future could set this franchise back to the post Aikman days. Even if Luck turned into the next Elway, it isn’t a guarantee that the team would go on and win a Super Bowl. Ask the Chiefs, Cardinals, Bears if they would like to reverse their huge trades for unproven, young QB’s?

    • Rafael Vela

      None of those guys — Cassell, Kolb or Cutler — were ever considered as good as Luck.  Not even close.  Cassell wasn’t even a starter in college.  

      When guys have been billed as the great thing, it’s often come to pass.  Plunkett won a S.B.  Bradshaw won a S.B.  Aikman won a bunch of them.  Manning has been as good as advertised.  

      The one time I can say in recent years where a QB was billed as a great prospect and busted was David Carr, and I blame the Texans for that one.  They threw him into the starting lineup as a true rookie on an expansion team and got him killed.  

      You may not feel it’s the right thing to do, but Dallas did this once before.  They were willing to dump Danny White to go after Elway, and White’s teams were better than these current ones.  

      Hindsight proves they were right.  

  • fiverings37


  • Oklahoma

    In the above photo of Luck his posture reminds me of the classic c.1972 Staubach throwing pose.  No doubt Luck has a superior arm to Staubach’s, but the look is familiar. 
    The Fish and Dolts both know the remarkable value of a blue-chip QB, and I agree with those who have said neither team will give up Luck – unless someone offers them an absurd, Minnesota-level trade.  I don’t think Romo holds much trade appeal, and the sacrifice of trading Wear to a team like the Jets is very steep – basically an admission that this will be a 3-year rebuilding process. 
    Given the weakness of the NFC East, the Cowboys have a decent shot of winning it.  However, on current trends I don’t think they catch the Packers, or even the up and coming 49ers and Lions (in the next year or two).  Therefore, I would trade Ware in a deal for Luck, though a more likely (and perhaps more reasonable) scenario will involve comparatively minor maneuvers to draft the next best QB this year or next. 

    • Montecito Tex

      Three years is about right… and an interesting news note, Arizona awarded 2015 Super Bowl. The general site of Super Bowl XXX and Tex’s last Super Bowl celebration at the Martini Ranch. Hope predicated on a new quarterback in the 2012 draft.

      • Oklahoma

        Oh, you’re out again.  I should have known they’ve yet to make the prison that could contain the man from Montecito.  My guess is it went down like this.  With the exposed Spags backing out, the Times’ editor was furious, and he immediately fired Cindy.  But Cindy was made of stronger metal, and wasn’t to be deterred.  With her last paycheck, she purchased a bottle of Calvados, a file and a bus ticket to the vicinity of Pecos Prison. 

        • Montecito Tex

          PS: the Montecito Journal, a right-slanted weekly, is the paper of record in the 93108. Needless to say, Tex has Journal Jim on the payroll

  • AustonianAggie

    Personally I’m not buying that Luck is as good as Manning, I don’t think I’ll ever see a QB with all the tools like Manning has again for many years. Size, ability to throw on the run, total control of his offense, the physical stature to take many hits over his career… he’s really how I’d draw up an ideal QB

    • Cash

      Manning threw an OK ball coming out of College, but he threw a lot of wobblers. Manning is good because of how hard he studies. Luck’s arm is far superior to Manning’s. All of his physical tools are superior. Does he have Manning’s work ethic? Doubt it I don’t know that any QB in history has.

    • Rafael Vela

      Elway was the ultimate tools guy.  That’s why he got the 9 on a 9 point scale. He was the Nolan Ryan of QBs.  Cannon for an arm, could run, and get this — he played his career with an ACL-deficient knee.  

      He was never my favorite, but Mr. Ed could play.   

  • AustonianAggie

    I can see St Louis entering that bizarre land of wealth, but I can also see Indianapolis beating them there. Indy could be set for a 3rd great QB

    • Rafael Vela

      the difference is Indy hasn’t quit.  They almost won their last two games.  The Rams look overmatched every time they take the field.  You can never predict, but the Colts have more talent and right now, more spirit than the Rams.  

      And there’s always Miami…

  • Montecito Tex

    To make this pipe dream a reality, the Cowboys would have to trade Romo by October 18, 2011. This would bring max value, possible a high 2nd, and there’s a perfect fit with the MolePhins who are scouring the globe for a quarterback in an effort to save the regime.

    Romo isn’t a guy you’d want around to groom a young quarterback, so he must be traded. There’s a one and two 2s if the Cowboys act now, which they won’t. The Rams would certainly covet a WR like Dez or an OLineman like Smith, but those are a couple parts you’d want for a young, incoming QB.

    Hate to say it, but a 30 year old Demarcus Ware might make some sense and certainly could bring Jared Allen value… Allen was traded for a first-round pick, and two third-round picks (see Jets). There’s two 1s, two 2s, and two 3s.

    With the Colts in tank mold and the Dolphins left scorched by Mrs. Doubtfire, the Rams are an unlikely candidate to win the lottery; however Tex will be rooting against them. The Rams would probably have to keep Luck, but even Bradford for less than the above King’s ransom, would bring real hope to a Cowboys franchise swimming in mediocrity thanks to a mole planted by Parcells, and covered up by Spagnola.

    Then there’s Matt Barkley and Landry Jones who could be even cheaper targets. Glad to see the Nation coming around to the idea of throwing top currency at the most important position in all of sports, but Jerry (of all people having had his only success at QB with the first overall pick) won’t do it. RoMole is going to be intentionally throwing games through 2015 and Tex is going to walk into the Montecito sunset without one last Super Bowl.

    • ym

      I bet Romo could even win a few games for them.

    • TL fan

      The Cowboys had a once in a generation opportunity last year.

      1-7 with Romo out for the season.  JJ should have told JG he was the HC regardless and allow him to tank the season.

      Last season they should have cut TNew, TBarber, RWill Colombo and Bigg.

      Last season they should have traded TRomo DWare and JWitten.

      Last season they should have allowed their Aggie qb to flounder to guarantee the top pick in the draft.

      Had they had that top pick, Luck would have declared.

      We would then have a future.  This team has a 2 or 3 year window at most, and with Romo at the helm, that means at best 2 play-off victories.

  • No way we get the guy, no way. Not to be negative

  • Jarhead

    We’re all talking about Luck but who are the other prospects?

    If this truly a deep QB class, thats a good thing. I get how special the guy is, but if we can get another 1st round talent QB without trading the farm, i think it would be better.

    Consider more recent history with first round QBs:

    -Big ben went BEHIND other QBs, and was the first to get to a SB from his class. He played well, not great, but well and was surrounded by talent.

    -Rodgers fell, and right now pundits are calling him the best in the league. He sat for awhile and was more than ready when he stepped in.

    -Brees went at the top of the SECOND round

    With that in mind, why not stand pat, or work to move up only a few spots (withouth selling the farm)?

    We can trade a future draft pick to move up a few spots (say from 21 to 16 or so)and grab a guy who we think is going to be a great QB for years. Keep romo, and let the 1st rounder sit for a year. Then float romo for trade bait the following year. Even if we dont get much for romo, we’ll get something, and we may just have our QB for the next 10 years. And with that something we got for romo, we’ll continue to build through the draft.

    If we draft a QB in round 1, he doesn’t have to be the greatest, just very good. And we still have other draft picks to work with if we dont trade the farm, so we continue to surround him with talent.

    I dont like the “Great QB and not much else approach.” 

    Elway didnt win a SB until he had a great running game and a solid defense. Big deal if he kept getting there, he never won one until then.

    It took manning a long time to get to the SB, and he should not have been awarded MVP of that game, he did nothing special, his Oline was dominant.

    Its all about the QB……………….but, not.

    He needs talent around him too. the more the better.

    Lets take a look at the other prospects, the ones who may like be there between 10 and 20. 

    • jazzbo251

      You say that he “doesn’t have to be the greatest, just very good.” Isn’t that how Romo is described? He’s clearly not Brady or Manning, but he is very good. So you’re saying trade picks to get a QB who may turn out to be along the lines of the guy the team already has?

      • Jarhead

        thats right, he may not be the greatest. romo is very good, but he is in trouble with the fan base b/c he turns it over too much.

        he is also in his thirties. a guy we draft next year wont be.

        what maybe we need to start asking the coaches to do, is to stop asking romo to be brady, b/c he is not.

        “very good” can win a SB or two. If he has a great team built around him and a great coach. to me, that is the more likely sceanrio than drafting luck.

  • ym

    What if Miami lands the top spot?  They won’t give up their pick.

    • Rafael Vela

      Yeah.  That’s why this scenario has the Rams.  They’re the one team who would.  Otherwise, it’s all a pipe dream.  Colts won’t give it up either.  

      • FakeBillyTubbs

        Why wouldn’t Rams draft Luck and trade Bradford?

        • Rafael Vela

          Cause they gave him a $50 million signing bonus and he’s good.  Why blow up your cap structure when dealing Luck could get you multiple pieces ASAP?

          • if Bradford leads them on an 0-16 or 1-15 campaign who would give up a draft pick and pick up his $50 million salary when they could just use that draft pick on a cheaper (better) QB of their own in this year’s draft?

  • Egtuna

    So crazy that Dallas tried to land Elway. Had that happened, they would have never had The Triplets, and the 3 SBs in the 90s.  Aikman would have been a Packer, and Favre would have been where? So many what ifs.

    • Rafael Vela

      Right, but getting Elway likely would have extended Landry’s career.   True.  Who knows what the team would have looked like with him at the controls.  

  • Ridgelake

    Another major issue that comes into play with the Rams winning the Luck sweepstakes is this:  Auction Theory and Buyers Remorse.

    Auction theory postulates that, given a number of people estimating the value
    of a given object, there will be a range of values estimated. Those with the
    highest in the range will bid the most aggresively and are willing to pay the
    most for it. This implies that auctioned items will go for more than the average
    person values it.

    The corrollary to this is that the winner of an auction will frequently
    “overpay”. Their personal analysis showed the highest value, thus the highest
    bid.  But everyone else estimated a lower value. The consensus is more likely to
    be right, or at least closer to right. When one pays too much for something, the
    result is Buyer’s Remorse.

    So how does this apply to Luck? There are 32 NFL teams. 32 separate
    analyses of him.    Whoever ends up “buying” him in an auction from the Rams will almost certainly be “overpaying”.

    Tex not withstanding, are we sure we want to “win” that auction with the Rams?

    • Rafael Vela

      That’s a good question.  My guess is, estimate his value now, and see what you’re comfortable bidding.  As we know, however, Jerry is not the most cold-blooded bidder.  

      On overpaying, yes, the odds are the winner will have remorse.  However, if Luck is the next Manning or Elway, and gives you 12-15 years of superlative QB play, can you really overpay?  

      What value would the Colts put on Manning right now?  They’re 0-5 without him but would probably be 3-2 at worst with him, sitting on top of that division — again.  They went how many years with 12 or more wins with him at the helm?  Think they wouldn’t cash in an entire draft or a draft and a half if that would make his neck healthy again?  

      • FakeBillyTubbs

        Manning’s neck injury came at the exact right time.  They have a real chance to get Luck and transition from franchise QB to franchise QB with no interruption at all. 

      • Montecito Tex

        If the Colts get Luck, does Manning become available? What’s the price there… what’s the price for Bradford, with two years of experience, should the Rams land Luck? Interesting indeed, but it’s evident that the Cowboys need to move forward. Some progress rebuilding the line, weapons at WR, a young linebacking core & Garrett – fix the secondary, get rid of the dead money and this team is tailor made to drop in a signal caller. See you in Phoenix, the tab is on Tex.

    • Egtuna

      There’s a phrase used for the pricing of option-based financial instruments called “managing the smile”.  How do you Manage the Luck Smile?

      Right now the price of Luck is skewing up, and the volatility is going up too. Using the SABR formula for calculating prices of optional financial instruments, we can assume the price for Luck will continue to go up as the year goes on, and then applying Ridgelake’s Auction Theory, the buyer’s remorse could go up as well.

      But as Raphael states below, what kind of value can you place on a Manning? His price too is going up based on the Colts’ record of 0-5 w/o Manning.

      The Colts’ record and Division finish under Manning in reverse chronological order:
      10-6 1st, 14-2 1st, 12-4 2nd, 13-3 1st, 12-4 1st, 14-2 1st, 12-4 1st, 12-4 1st, 10-6 2nd, 6-10 4th, 10-6 2nd, 13-3 1st, 3-13 5th

      That is RIDICULOUS. 

      If Luck is truly in Manning’s class, and by all accounts he is, then you throw out every equation and theory above, and you do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get him. You Manage That Smile by kicking the smile in the teeth and go all in for Luck. I doubt the Cowboys will do this based on the Media Volatility Model that Jerry Jones is acutely aware of. 

  • Rafael Vela

    Your task is clear and uncomplicated, Tex.  Pull against the Rams with both hands. 

    • Ridgelake

      Just thinking out loud.  What would the Rams want?

      2 first, 2 2nds and Dez?   Or maybe Tyron instead of Dez? Would we be willing to pay that?  Would that be enough?

      This isnt Madden.  We can’t trade them Newman, Romo, Brookings, and James for the pick.

      Unlike the Colts, the Rams don’t need a QB, so trading Romo as part of the deal doesnt work.   The young talent to go along with the draft picks is likely to be really, really steep.

      • Rafael Vela

        I’m thinking you start with two #1s and Dez.  The Rams need a WR badly, and he’s the most replaceable young talent, IMO in the Cowboys arsenal.  You can always find WRs in this era of spread offenses.  

        The hard part is linking Romo with this deal.  The Pats were able to trade Bledsoe for a 1st rounder, after Brady matured, when Bledsoe was 30 and had far less mobility than Romo.  Romo is older, but he’s got less playing wear and tear than Bledsoe did, having become a starter at 25, where Bledsoe was 21.  

        If you can find a team who will flip you a 1 for Romo, you can offer the Rams the equivalent of three #1s this year, with the Romo 1, your own and a young plug-and-play like Dez.  

        That *immediate* impact might do it, but who knows?  It’s all speculation.  I mean, look at the other end of the spectrum.  What would a Jeff Ireland give, if his team finished in the 2nd spot, and his job was on the line?  Would he settle for a Matt Barkley?  Or a Robert Griffin III?  

        For a team like Dallas, that’s likely to finish somewhere in the back half of the draft, from about 16 onward, having more QB options makes it much easier to deal up, since a team like a Miami would be far less willing to deal the farm for Luck when a highly regarded QB talent could be had by standing pat.  That’s what happened in ’83.  Lots of teams needed QBs but with so many QBs in the pool, it was the teams down at the bottom of the list, the Oaklands and Dallas, who made the best bids.  Denver got him, moving up from 4, but their deal was chicken feed by comparison.  

        • Lee1936

          Lots of interesting speculations here.

          You say: 
          “If you can find a team who will flip you a 1 for Romo….”

          Right now, I don’t see getting a 1 for Tony.  I doubt that his market value TODAY is that high.  Today, my guess is that you’d be lucky to get a 2.  

          However, that could change soon.  KC remarked earlier that our OL with three newbies performed as well in their first month, as last year’s antique OL did through that wretched season.  So barring further injuries, we could expect an improved running game perhaps by mid-season.  

          If we can consistently run out the clock, we can protect a lead. That would take a lot of heat off Tony in the 4th qtr.  Because he’d look better then than today, some team might offer a 1 next April.

          • If the Patriots can get a #2 for Matt Cassel and the Eagles can get a former #1 pick and a #2 for Kevin Kolb.  You can get a a #1 for Romo.  I’d wager a #1 and a whole lot more.

        • Making it a 3-way trade with Romo as your bargaining chit is how you land Luck, Raf.

          Imagine a deal like this:  The Jets end up 7-9 this year and come to grips with the fact they’ll never win a superbowl with a bus-driver at QB.  They trade Darrelle Revis for Tony Romo because a great QB is worth an excellent CB.

          Dallas then approaches St.Louis with all the difference makers they need.  The Rams get a shut-down corner to elevate their defense.  They get Miles Austin to elevate Bradford.  And they get a #1 pick to get “their guy” in this draft.

          In return, Dallas gets Andrew Luck.

          Now Dallas goes from being a team too old to win a championship to a team full of 25-year-olds and younger in Luck, Dez, Scandrick, Jenkins, Tyron, and Lee.  Now your old Dallas Cowboys have a new 5-6 year window.

          • Rafael Vela

            No way I would deal Austin over Dez.  Your mileage may vary, but one guy is proven.  The other is not.  Dez could be a monster, but Austin is the bird in the hand, IMO. 

      • joey2zs

        Trading Romo for 2 or 3 picks to another team, like Cincinnati or Miami or Seattle would provide ammunition for a trade to the Rams.  Romo himself doesn’t need to go to St Louis.
        I don’t see how you can give away Tyron Smith or a rock steady young offensive weapon.  Maybe Ware.  If you bring in Luck, you’re building wins through offense, so surround him with talent.
        I don’t think giving up a lot for Luck is prudent.  This Cowboys team is too close talent wise.  Selling out to bring in one player will set the franchise back half a decade.
        Has this ever worked before?  Took Denver… what?  13 years?  And Elway wasn’t necessarily the difference, it was a running attack.  I don’t worship at the Altar of the Quarterback.

        • Rafael Vela

          Elway had the Broncos in the Super Bowl in his 4th season.  It took them 13 to win one, but they got to the big show fast.  

          • Rafael Vela

            For that matter, Brady won one in his 2nd season, Marino got to one in his 2nd season and Montana won one in his 3rd.  Good QBs make a hell of a difference.  

          • FakeBillyTubbs

            Rodgers won one in his 3rd.

        • Oklahoma

          Last year, I agreed with your assessment that the talent on the Cowboys roster was over-valued.  I wonder if you have changed your general opinion on this subject?  I undervalued Lee, but my doubts about Free have only grown.