Coming Up: Wes Bunting Creates a Cowboys-Only Draft Board

This week, I’ve asked our draft guy, the National Football Post’s Wes Bunting,  to create a three to four round Cowboys-specific draft board.

The conditions:
1.  I’ve expanded the range, and have the Cowboys picking between spots 15 and 25 in each round.
2.  Give names which fall in this range for the following positions:

— guards from the 1st round on who fit;
— quarterbacks from the 1st round on who fit;
— tight ends, starting in the 2nd round, who fit;
— wide receivers, especially those with plus return skills, starting in the 3rd round on;

— flexible D-linemen who can play 5-technique in a 3-4 base or a 3-technique in a 4-man front, from the 1st round on;
— Outside linebackers with rush skills, especially ones who can play on the strong side and handle tight ends, from the 1st on down;
— Cornerbacks who can play press or zone, from the 1st round on;
— Safeties, starting in the 2nd round.

Check back this evening for rounds 1 and 2.   Some surprising names (to me anyway) appears in those early rounds.

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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  • Gary Gar

    Dude, lets work on the INTERIOR this next draft. Thats what we’ll need to move to the next level while our window is still open. Lets get some mean, aggresive LB, NT and OL. Were set with our skill positions for the most part. Offensively we have more playmakers…
    With Spencer, Brooking, James all going to retirement or FA, we’ll have to address LB. OLB in that first round and SILB 3-5 rounds (were stacked at the WILB with Carter and Lee). At DE we have Coleman who wont be back. We should finally make the swtich for Ratliff to DE. Would be great having Ratliff and Hatcher at ends. Spears and Lissimore as backups is adequate. We FINALLY NEED a TRUE NT…so maybe round 2. We MUST get a dynamic 4th WR to replace Olgetree who can return punts and kicks but this is not a big need if we can get Dwayne HArris back on the team on the Practice squad. We have to get a LT (Parnell aint, we’ll need a Beefy Guard (Holland’s & Dockery contracts are up). We’ll surely draft a corner cause T.New is in the last year and hurts the cap too much. Safeties I think we should keep the two guys we got with modest deals. If we can work that out before the draft that would be wise. I dont mind Church and McCray as backups not one bit.

    • Rafael Vela

      They just spend 2nds on ILBs in the last two drafts.  I’m going to give Carter a chance to show his stuff before I push another ILB high.  

      Here we go again with the “true NT” stuff.  Ratliff has been excellent this year, and again, people are trying to kick him to the curb.  


  • Audiris

    Why a 3 technique from a 4-3 front?

    • Rafael Vela

      Because Rob Ryan runs a variable front.  All his linemen play 1, 3 and 5 technique depending on what he’s running.  Flexibility is key.

  • Os_b

    No centers?

    • Rafael Vela

      Not high.  This year has a deep G class with options in rounds 1-4.  The C class is considered weak.  I’m not pushing a C high just to get one.  You go where the talent is.  

  • Pmkaram

    Can you tell us which players will be restricted and/or unrestricted after this season?

  • Ridgelake

    Should be interesting.

    BTW, I was browsing a mock issued by Fox and they had us taking the Stanford OG DeCosto.

    Oh, and I would not necessarily preclude a 1st round safety. I seem to recall Dallas had Earl Thomas ranked real high on that leaked draft board a couple of years ago. And he was reportedly one of the guys we’d have moved up for, along with Dez, Iupati, and Pouncey.