Bunting: Brockers a Short-List Candidate


A team has to have options.

David DeCastro’s potential value for the Cowboys offensive line has been obivous for some time.  But what if he’s gone?  Can the Cowboys find a pass rusher who rivals DeCastro in top-end potential?   Is Melvin Ingram a suitable alternative?  Could Dallas find a blue-chip corner if the junior corners Morris Claiborne and Dre Kirkpatrick go in the top 10 to 12 slots?

What if all four of these players have disappeared by pick 14?

Dallas needs as many options at need positions as it can get.  LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers late declaration apparently increases the Cowboys’ options.  Draftniks went bonkers on Brockers, whom many expected to return to school.  ESPN’s Todd McShay called him the ”most underrated” d-line prospect:

Another draftnik played contrarian, calling Brockers the most overrated underclassman, but posted a mock later yesterday putting Brockers in his top 20.

Brockers played the draft game correctly.  This year’s defensive lineman crop rates lower than last year’s deep class.  I asked our draft guy Wes Bunting  for Brockers’ grade.  (Brockers report has not been posted yet.)  Bunting told me Brockers will get an 8.0, which puts him in the top seven on the National Football Post’s board.

Brockers gets high marks for his power, instincts, and productivity.  Bunting tweeted yesterday that Brockers could thrive as a 4-3 DT, which he played for LSU, or as a 3-4 DE.  He projects as that power left end the Cowboys hoped Marcus Spears would become.

Could Brockers add an inside rush to complement Jay Ratliff?  How does his rush game compare to some of the bigger names from 2011?  We’ll get a detailed report from Wes next week.  That 8.0 suggests Brockers has, or could develop a complete game.

It appears pick 14 just got a little bit safer.