The Combine is Underway

Official weights and measurements had physical tests have begun.

Some early numbers of interest.

The offensive linemen lifted today.  Some numbers of note:

Matt Kalil, USC — 30 reps @ 225 lbs.
Zebrie Sanders, Florida State — 28 reps
Riley Reiff, Iowa — 23 reps
Mike Adams, Ohio State — 19 reps

David DeCastro, Stanford — 34 reps
Kelechi Osemele, Iowa State — 32 reps
Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin — 32 reps
Tony Bergstron, Utah — 32 reps
Jeff Allen, Illinois — 31 reps
Cordy Glenn, Georgia  31 reps
Amini Silatolu, Midwestern State — 28 reps
Brandon Washington, Miami — 28 reps

David Molk, Michigan — 41 reps
Ben Jones, Georgia — 29 reps
Mike Brewster,Ohio State — 29 reps
Phillip Blake, Baylor — 22 reps
Peter Konz, Wisconsin — 18 reps

I’m surprised by the low reps put up by Mike Adams and Peter Konz.  Adams has a chance to rise, given the need for OTs among teams in the 9-13 range.  Konz won’t lose his top center rating over this, but does this hurt him?

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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  • kameleon_o

    How long are Konz’s arms?? That sometimes makes it harder to do as many reps if they have long arms

  • Lee1936

    Having been impressed by DeCastro’s speed in pulling to block on the edge, I was surprised and disappointed by his 40 yard time, 5.4 sec.  The heavier Cordy Glenn ran a 5.1, faster than I expected.

    If anyone knows where the 10 and 20 yard speeds can be found online, I’d appreciate the link.

  • Miguel

    Whats the take on David Molk, and his 41 reps? sure that looks good, but since nobody talks about him, I guesshe have a lot of question marks…

  • Pmkaram

    Forget Mario Williams. He misses games every year with injuries and will cost an arm and both legs. Nicks is WAY too expensive.

    • dacolan

       Super Mario missed 3 games in five seasons prior to tearing his pec in 2011.

  • Taylor

    Williams won’t be in Dallas, nor will Avril or Campbell.  Abraham will want too much money for a player who might hit the wall.  Let Spencer test the FA market, then decide if he’s worth keeping.  Solidifying the OL will improve the defense, and both DeCastro and Glenn look good today.

    • If you allow Spencer to test the FA market, then he’s as good as gone.  The only way to keep him from the market is a tag.  There’s too many teams with too much cap money to even compete with what he’ll get offered at such a high demand position.  So, the only way to end up with Spencer is the tag…barring some wonder contract agreement in the next couple of weeks.  Of course, if you tag him, you’re still not married to him for 2012.  But, the tag is the only way to give yourself that option.  

      • Taylor

        I was mistaken in thinking you were committed if the tag was applied.

        • kameleon_o

          You’re not committed if the tag is applied. You’re committed if the player signs his franchise tag. Then you gotta pay him

  • AustonianAggie

    It seems like a surprisingly low number. DeCastro is doing well though 

  • You really have to wonder why the agents for Konz and Adams would allow participation in the bench press.  18 and 19 reps?  Yikes.  The top performer from the OL BP did 34 reps last year.  45 reps is the all time high water mark.  But, for OL, I would something around 27-30 reps is considered the average for participants.  Yet, this underscores just how bad…or weak….both Konz and Adams were in this specific exercise.  Now, on the flip side, you have to wonder just how superior the technique is for both of these players due to the lack of strength.  Both were considered precombine favorites at their respective positions.  This assumption was born through on-the-field exploits.  That technique must be stellar.  And, it should be noted that more often than not, I tend to discount combine results in favor of the old tried-and-true eye test.  But, when something like this comes to light(and barring injury), you can’t help but wonder why it was allowed to happen.  Falling this far out of the average kills draft value.  And, even though some draftniks have slotted Konz as a possible option for the Cowboys at #14, I would have some serious concerns about how he would fit on the team.  We already have young interior linemen who are long on techniqe yet short on strength.  After one simple combine exercise, Konz is off my list.  Maybe Konz should consider a more effective, less negligent agent.

    • AustonianAggie

       It was definitely a mistake, unless the performance itself was abnormal. He’ll get his pro day and weight lifting is more trust worthy than times.

  • joey2zs

    That hippie DeCastro needs a haircut.

  • TP

    I think Jerry wants what the giants have so I expect a pass rusher and a CB. I am with the OL camp however. We have seen a good offense mask an average D. I am worried they will will try to fill a hole by either reaching for a lesser player or getting trade cute rather than taking the best available. Here is hoping they choose wisely.

  • hardwater

    Well, if Cowboys want to go big on defense in FA and build a strong young offensive line in draft there’s DeCastro in round #1 and Ben Jones in round #2. Still would like one of those stout O-Line vets to bring the youngsters along though.

    • Chavez

      u really think we need to use our first two picks on the OL? they’re bad but the D’s terrible.

      • hardwater

        My preference is Myers (C) and a CB in FA, DeCastro at #14, rounds 2-7 (mostly) defense. But DeCastro/Ben Jones wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit as long as ‘Boys get defensive help in FA.

        • Concerned Fan

          I agree with you, because i think it’s going to take more than a year to clean up some of the mess we have on defense, and at least our offense will be set.  I just don’t think it’s possible for our defense to improve until we can get pressure with someone other than Ware.  The Giants have proved to us time and time again that you can get away with having a mediocre secondary as long as you have an elite front 7.

    • AustonianAggie

       I’m down with that because it would give Dallas a tremendous line for years to come. Not just this year but hopefully for 8

  • Edstokes2002

    Molk really beat the crap out of everybody didn’t he..

  • Macman

    Decastro is the guy I sure hope they pick.  You guys are way football smarter than me by far.  But I love this kid.  He is sure fire starter from day one.  In place for 10-12 years.  He’s the guy I hope they take above all others, but I’m afraid they won’t.  

    • anon

      resign Spencer, take Decastro. (i.e. basically do nothing on D again)

      so basically no changes to the D and get a little older. 

      I’m interested in this test case. 

      • DannyWhite

        It’s not like we only have one pick now, is it? DeCastro in the 1st still leaves you with picks 2-7 to carpetbomb defensive players.

        • Concerned Fan

           that’s an interesting idea “DannyWhite”, if that is your real name, but i just think our defense is too much in shambles to be neglected on the first pick.  It’s a shame there’s no great pass rushers that we can draft this year.  These whole last few years I’ve been blaming our poor pass defense on our secondary, but your secondary can’t cover if your not getting pressure. that’s why i’d be wary of a guy like kirkpatrick.  what we really need is another ware, and good luck finding it. Demarcus ware is like our charles haley (same number), and what i should say is we need to find our tony tolbert.  Spears, Hatcher, and Spencer have failed conclusively even with the help of Ware getting a lot of attention

          • AustonianAggie

            DeCastro is a player who can help the defense because he will fix our running game’s consistency issues, and he will lead to scoring drives in the red zone. Ball control and playing with a lead.

          • Concerned Fan

            That’s true, but I think it’s going to take a lot more than just one db, one defensive lineman, or especially just one offensive lineman to fix our defense.

          • anon

            decastro can take Chuck Norris in a fight!

          • anon

            unbelievable. 3 likes for the ‘ball control’ fantasy. 

            we really saw ‘ball control’ teams rolling through the playoffs.

            AA: Did you perhaps spend the year watching the Dallas Cowboys 1992 season DVDs instead of the actual NFL season? 

          • DannyWhite

            There is no one way to win in the league.

            The Pats were a ball-control team (albeit using the short passing game to control the ball as opposed to a power run game) with a near terrible D. As you might recall, They made the Super Bowl, and almost won it.

            The Giants had a terrible secondary and no runnig game and they won the Super Bowl.

          • DannyWhite

            I agree the D is a real problem, but the savior is not going to be there at 14. There are no Demarcus Wares in this draft. There are no Deion Sanderses in this draft. You need to hit and hit big with this pick. DeCastro – if there – is one of the surest things in the draft. Kirkpatrick or Ingram or whichever defensive player you want to slot in there, is not.

        • anon

          “It’s not like we only have one pick now, is it? DeCastro in the 1st still leaves you with picks 2-7 to carpetbomb defensive players.”
          Hope is not a plan. 

          Once you get into the 2nd round you’re no longer assured of getting an immediate NFL starter.  

          but like I said, I’m interested in this test case. 

          • Lee1936

            You may feel assured of getting an “immediate starter” in the 1st round, but but that’s only a temporary feeling.  Long is the list of 1st round busts.  Remember Bobby Carpenter?  Felix Jones?  Have you noticed lots of fans are calling now for Anthony Spencer’s departure?  

            My feelings on day one of the draft usually go from tense excitement to disbelief, then despair, and then anger!

          • DannyWhite

            I am in favor of drafting DeCastro primarily because he’s the surest thing in the draft. He has no holes in his game, and if you pick him he starts at G for the next 12 years and is a Pro Bowler from Year 3 or so. We have a definite need at G, so it’s a slam dunk.

            I would not be averse to drafting a defensive player if I thought there was a defensive player worthy of the pick. Right now, I don’t. To me, Ingram is Spencer 2.0. Kirkpatrick is a not a shutdown corner (when his best attribute is run support, that scares me). Those seem to be the two other main possibilities, and to me they have potential bust written all over them.

      • MadMick

        Since all the quality veteran corners are going to be tagged, only Williams, Avril or even Abraham could shock this defense into force to be reckoned with territory. No pass rusher they pick translates to being an immediate force.

        And with a Kirkpatrick, considering all the top flight receivers just within the divisions he’ll lose a lot of battles to start out. Of course, you live with that since you’re more interested in having a quality corner down the road.

        But no defensive 1st rounder is going to change that unit overnight; the way a healthy Mario would. Nor would they present the equivalent value to fortifying the offense the way DeCastro would.

        Picking a defender 1st just for the sake of picking one is only a small part of fixing the defense. They still have to get a lot more stuff set right with that bunch. I wouldn’t hold my breath considering Spencer being franchised is a mere formality; the dumbest lateral move the team could make.

  • yehti

    seems awefully low reps for a C, doesnt it? id think middle to high 20s minimum..

    love DeCastro tho

  • dacolan

    Re: Konz – saw this tweet posted on a message board, but haven’t been able to confirm, FWIW:

    “Joe Noitall ‏@BeatenDeadHorse …

    P. Konz taken to Indy Mem’l Hosp to cath lab for emrgncy procedur after straining on bench #combine #predictable”

    • Hmmmm.  Going to get Wes on this weekend.  I’ll ask him about it. 

      • Would think that news would be all over Twitter if true, however. 

        • Natedawg

          Hey Raf, with Cordy Glenn showing some incredible movement skills for a man his size, do you think he could come into play at fourteen? Even if DeCastro is on the board he could have more value than DeCastro with his tackle ability and could hedge our bets against if anything goes wrong with moving Free back to right tackle.

          • It’s possible.  Glenn had moved up after the Senior Bowl.  I’ve seen him fairly consistently in the top 20.  Don’t know how much Dallas likes him, but he’s probably in consideration.

          • and I don’t see Free having trouble at RT.  He was very good at RT in ’09.  He’s done it before.  

          • anon

            mm hmm

            then this is just as logical
            “and I don’t see Free having trouble at LT.  He was very good at LT in ’10.  He’s done it before.”