Sizing Up the Size-Speed Receivers: Wes Bunting, Part II

Greg Childs

Part two of this week’s chat with the National Football Post’s Wes Bunting looks at size speed receiver options who come into play in the 2nd round. 

Cowboys Nation:  The Cowboys like tall receivers.  That’s their template.  They want 6’2” guys with some speed.  They got a gift with Laurent Robinson last year.  Here was a tall guy who could get over the top.  When they go three wide, they want to put Miles Austin in the slot.

Looking at your list, who are some size-speed guys, starting around the 3rd round or so, who could perhaps fill that Robinson role early in their careers?

Wes Bunting:  You’re looking size-speed guys, starting in the 3rd?

CN:  Let’s open the window in the 2nd.  Let’s say 2nd to 4th.  We’ve talked about the smallish slot guys, the Joe Adams types, but not about the bigger guys.

WB:  Stephen Hill, who we talked about before, is a 1st round guy now.  You can kiss him good-bye.

I think Rueben Randle from LSU ran well at his pro day.  He ran in the high 4.3 range.  Granted, at the Combine he ran a low 4.5.  He can run.  There are some people who think he gets into the 1st round.  I think he could, but if he’s there in the 2nd, he’s a guy who fits what you’re talking about.

Mohamed Sanu from Rutgers ran 4.41 his pro day.  I don’t think he plays that fast, but I think he could be there in the 2nd round.

Now, instead of 1st-2nd round guys, we’re talking 2nd-3rd round guys.  Brian Quick from Appalachian State is a vertical route runner.  He ran high 4.4s.  He’s 6’2”.  He can go get the football. I think he’s a really intriguing player.

And a guy to keep an eye on, who’s giving me fits, but he’s a good football player, is Greg Childs, from Arkansas.  He came into the year as one of the top-rated senior receivers, ’cause we thought he would be healthy.  He was never healthy this whole year.  He didn’t play very much at Arkansas.  As the year went on he got a little more play.  At the East-West Shrine Game he looked like he was getting back.  Then, he ran high 4.3s and low 4.4s at his pro day at 6’2”.

He was one of the top receivers in the SEC as a sophomore and junior.  He got hurt as a senior.  I don’t know what the medical is on him.  But I know a lot of teams think that this is a nice size-speed guy that maybe we can get a little lower because of the injury concerns.

CN:  Where do you look at him?

WB:  Honestly, I have no idea.  From a talent standpoint, if he’s healthy, 2nd round is probably what he’s worth.  2nd to 3rd round.  With the medical.  I’ve heard some teams are ”eh” on him.  Some teams have him off the board.  From where that goes in the draft, I’d say the 3rd is too high.  I would say it would start on Saturday.  So 4th round.  This is where I think it makes sense.  The injury concern guys, the Michael Bushes, they tend to go in the 4th.

CN:  What was the injury that has people so concerned?

WB:  I think it was a knee and I think there was an ankle problem as well.

CN:  Was it a chronic problem.  Did he need to have the knee scoped?

WB:  He barely played this year.  Joe Adams and Jarius Wright and Hamilton were the three receivers at Arkansas.  I think his season high he had two catches in a game.  When he did play, he couldn’t get out of 1st gear, because he was trying to play through the recovery and come back early, and he just wasn’t very effective.

Then he was at the Shrine game, and he looked a lot better.  Then he’s fully healthy and he ran well, so when you match that up with his junior and senior tape, that’s pretty good.

CN:  Tell us about his sophomore and junior tape.

WB:  He was a guy who had some niftiness off the line versus press coverage.  I would say he went up and got the football extremely well.  From a talent standpoint he was right up there with an Alshon Jeffery, who’s going in the 2nd round right now.  I’d say he’s a little more natural as an overall route runner.  I’d say he’s not just a vertical guy.  I’d  say he can work the three-step game and at least create some separation out of his breaks initially and got get the football.

From a talent standpoint I think an Alshon Jeffery isn’t that far off.  Plus you don’t have the weight concerns.  It’s more of a pro-style offense at Arkansas with Bobby Petrino there.  He was productive.  He was able to beat press against top corners.  Initially he didn’t separate a ton, but he had good body control adjusting to the football, and could make plays at the highest point.

Next:  2nd and 3rd round defensive options.


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