Cowboys Draft 2012: Playing Jerry Jones Bingo

How many moving draft parts could
your nervous system stand?

You must prepare for any permutation in the NFL draft.  We’ve kicked around a short list of favorites.  I think, based on what I’ve read and heard, that Dallas has a short list of four targeted players, guys who could vastly improve weak spots on the team.  They are (and your mileage may vary) David DeCastro, Fletcher Cox, Michael Brockers and Mark Barron.

What to do if all four go ahead of Dallas?  Say the following Cowboys nightmare scenario plays out:

7.  Eagles, from Jaguars — Fletcher Cox
9.  Panthers — Michael Brockers
11.  Chiefs — David DeCastro
12.  Seahawks — Mark Barron.

What then?  You could grab a pass rusher, but what if Melvin Ingram has also gone?  What if Ryan Tannehill and Trent Richardson have been picked, but teams are calling you for a receiver?  Say Michael Floyd is generating interest.

What could you get for moving down?  Using the somewhat suspect, but still relevant draft value chart as our guide:, here are some hypotheticals.

1.  Sliding to 18 and letting San Diego replace Vincent Jackson would net you the Chargers 3rd rounder (78th overall).
2.  Sliding to 22 and letting the Browns add another weapon for Colt McCoy could be accomplished by adding the Browns 3rd (67th overall) and swapping spots in the 2nd, with Dallas moving up to 37 and Cleveland dropping to 45.


3.  Moving up from pick 45 to pick 31 at the bottom of the 1st, and adding New England’s 5th rounder would cost the Cowboys 3rd rounder (81st overall).
4.  Moving up from pick 45 to pick 33 at the top of the 2nd would cost Dallas its 4th and 5th rounders and perhaps more.

Let’s say Dallas goes true Rube Goldberg, and makes the deal with Cleveland, dropping to 22, but also wants to jump up into the late 1st.  If the team attains the Browns’ 2nd at 37, moving up to 31, the second of New England’s two 1st rounders, would cost Dallas’ 4th, the 113th pick.

And what about tradeable assets?  Could Anthony Spencer be flipped in a sign-and-trade?  Perhaps, but two things would have to occur before such a move was even contemplated.

First, the team would have to draft his replacement.
Next, Spencer would have to sign his tender, putting him under contract.

Any team that trades for Spencer would not give up an early pick for a one-year rental.  They would want to make a long-term commitment, which is also what Spencer wants.  In a year that’s lean in outside linebacker prospects, which ‘backer might Dallas draft before they think of such a move?

What could Spencer bring in return?

Which teams would consider dealing for him?

The draft is only eight days away.  Which of these options might come to reality?

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

Senior Analyst Cowboys at Sports Talk Line
Started covering Dallas Cowboys @ in '95 and '96. Two more stops along the way and here I am. Senior Analyst for
Rafael Vela

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  • Lee1936

    GM Jerry says team is taking a long, hard look at Upshaw as SOLB but also as DE.  At his current 280 lb, he’s a tweener.  Would he be more valuable at DE at maturity?  This is one of several Alabama guys I’d really love to have, but I’m not quite sold on him at pick 1/14 because some doubt his speed to play LB, and Wes says he’s no upgrade over Spencer’s pass rush.  If Cox AND DeCastro are gone, would he be an upgrade at DE over Coleman?

  • cknbonenowison

    If it did play out like this than at least one of these players would probably be there:

    Coples, Ingram, or Poe since he’s a rumored interest.

    I’d be happy with Coples or Ingram, I think they’re playmakers.  Poe, meh, but he would probably be there at 14 if the players above were selected. 

    In the event that the shit does hit the fan and this happens, trade back, gain a pick, and select your franchise center Konz.

  • Mark21HDZ

    Sorry RAF , you have to much time on your hands.
    Jerry won’t be that clever he will pick
    one of the following
    Cox,Decastro,Copples,Kirtpatrick if none are there they will
    Trade down so a source close to a source has told a little birdie.

  • Cowboys4Life

    Is there any trade down scenario in the first that will get us another second rounder while still keeping pick #45?

    • Mark21HDZ

      I think if we see R.Tannehill drop the way Arron Rogers did.
      We could scare someone like the Browns into giving us a nice package.
      because it is known that the eagles have worked him out and
      Like him.

  • Starmesh23

    I know there hasn’t been buzz around Coples but he would have to be the guy in this scenario. I’m sure Jerry & co have done their research with Butch Davis and some with DL coach Brian Baker. I don’t buy that they aren’t interested because I heard that Butch has endorsed him. His position versatility would allow you to play him all over the place at 3 and 5 tech, and opposite Ware in the Nickle making him the perfect pick for tge DL.

  • Ark

    if your doing all of that at least

    get Hightower in here

  • I’m a Cowboy

    Wow Rafael you just summarized most of my posting during the last 2 months. The only thing missing is drafting Hightower. I still believe he will be the next Clay Mathews. I hope we are the team with him in our line up.

  • truecowboyfan

    This would definitely qualify as a nightmare situation. A trade down would be the obvious best case scenario. I think the Cowboys would have suitors looking to select Kuechly, Floyd, Poe or even Glenn in this scenario. My position is that only Cox or DeCastro is worth the #14th pick (for the Cowboys), and only Fletcher Cox is worth moving up to go get.

  • hardwater

    Don’t want Brockers at #14. Would take Kirkpatrick at that spot if others gone. Like the idea of swapping with Browns for #22, #37, #67. Also like the scenarios that get Pats #31 to go with the Browns #22. With those 2 picks Cowboys take McClellin and one of CB/C/DT/G.

  • Absolutely infinite scenarios here…and a Spencer trade seems to be a very plausible idea.  But, it doesn’t seem like a heart-healthy exercise to generate the absolute worst case scenario and then try to dig ourselves out of it.  My medicine for this artery clogger is to say(hope, pray, beg) that Dallas gets a TVC friendly trade offer and turns lemons into lemonade.  And, I hope karma balances the score with our second and third picks.  Yep…that’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.  Now somebody pour me a drink…and make it a double. 

    • Kjd811

      I’m with you Samoyed-I’m nearing exhaustion wit thie draft-I’ll take a jack and Coke.

  • Frank

    Shea McClellin later in the first round.
    OL or DL if the value is there in the earlier second round—a somebody might fall from the group Still, Worthy (doubtful), Perry. And there are players like Ta’amu and Reyes. 

  • Ware94

    Interesting write up. It all depends on what the Dallas board looks like. If we could only see that in advance. Barron or Brockers ( in that order) is who I think the pick will be. If Barron goes before pick 14 then I would be a little surprised. I’m still not ruling out Upshaw like most are doing. Dallas has had two very lengthy talks with him & I could see Rob Ryan really liking him. I think he’s a long shot but still in the mix. What if Barron & Brockers are off the board and you have the BC LB rated the highest on your board? Do you take him?

    • Me?  Absolutely not.  First, how many ILBs do you need?   Second, the old pro Gil Brandt came up with an acorn this week.  In the past few years, all the LBs taken really high (top 12 I believe) have been poor, with the exception of Jerod Mayo.

      What did they all have in common?  They were 4-3 OLBs or 3-4 ILBs.  I think Wes Bunting has this one right.  I’m not taking a LB in the 1st unless he can rush the passer.  

      I’d rather push a Cordy Glenn or Peter Konz or grab one of the CBs than take Kuechly there.

      And I’m not sold on Upshaw there. Keep hearing he’s sliding, from new places every day. There’s some smoke there and I wonder if there’s some fire too?

      • Here’s what I fear about Upshaw:  He’s a big guy who used his size, and not strength, to dominate the playing field.  He’s not really fast or quick, but he has a solid knack for finding the ball.  Plays with violence, but I wonder how violent he can be with guys just as big…and stronger?  How does this translate to the NFL?  That’s the rub.  Everybody is big, and you need absolutely superior ball hawking skills to make up for speed-strength deficiencies.  His 22 reps on the bench press really raised a red flag with me.  And, I wonder if he’s really any improvement over Spencer.  So…I would be surprised if Upshaw is a legitimate target for the Cowboys in the first two rounds.  But, I’m no draft guru.  I’m just a dude named after my dog. 

        Also, on a sidenote, lots of people are glowing about the Cowboys “light” 2012 schedule.  I say mularky.  Schedule anslysis is a total waste of time…especially this early.

      • GoodbyeNewman

        In that 25-35 range you could have a lot of different players of interest get drafted: Upshaw, Brockers, Poe, Silatula, Glenn, Konz, Fleener, McClellin. I just get the feeling the Cowboys will see the value in going up and getting one of them if they stayed put and drafted at #14.

  • greatwhitenorth

    I think that Upshaw is the answer to both questions in this post.  And I don’t think the Cowboys would be disappointed with that.  Although, if this is indeed their “nightmare scenario” described above, I don’t think they’ll trade down very far–would you, after seeing all the guys you liked go right before your spot, risk missing whoever you like in the next tier?  I think they’d stay and take Upshaw, Gilmore, or Kirkpatrick right there.

    • Kjd811

      I could live with that.

  • Cowboy KRS

    You just do a new big 4 McClellin,Gilmore,Coples,Kirkpatrick

  • Will

    Courtney Upshaw is possibly the same player.  But I would love to see what McClellin could do instead.