Cowboys Draft 2012: Playing Jerry Jones Bingo


How many moving draft parts could
your nervous system stand?

You must prepare for any permutation in the NFL draft.  We’ve kicked around a short list of favorites.  I think, based on what I’ve read and heard, that Dallas has a short list of four targeted players, guys who could vastly improve weak spots on the team.  They are (and your mileage may vary) David DeCastro, Fletcher Cox, Michael Brockers and Mark Barron.

What to do if all four go ahead of Dallas?  Say the following Cowboys nightmare scenario plays out:

7.  Eagles, from Jaguars — Fletcher Cox
9.  Panthers — Michael Brockers
11.  Chiefs — David DeCastro
12.  Seahawks — Mark Barron.

What then?  You could grab a pass rusher, but what if Melvin Ingram has also gone?  What if Ryan Tannehill and Trent Richardson have been picked, but teams are calling you for a receiver?  Say Michael Floyd is generating interest.

What could you get for moving down?  Using the somewhat suspect, but still relevant draft value chart as our guide:, here are some hypotheticals.

1.  Sliding to 18 and letting San Diego replace Vincent Jackson would net you the Chargers 3rd rounder (78th overall).
2.  Sliding to 22 and letting the Browns add another weapon for Colt McCoy could be accomplished by adding the Browns 3rd (67th overall) and swapping spots in the 2nd, with Dallas moving up to 37 and Cleveland dropping to 45.


3.  Moving up from pick 45 to pick 31 at the bottom of the 1st, and adding New England’s 5th rounder would cost the Cowboys 3rd rounder (81st overall).
4.  Moving up from pick 45 to pick 33 at the top of the 2nd would cost Dallas its 4th and 5th rounders and perhaps more.

Let’s say Dallas goes true Rube Goldberg, and makes the deal with Cleveland, dropping to 22, but also wants to jump up into the late 1st.  If the team attains the Browns’ 2nd at 37, moving up to 31, the second of New England’s two 1st rounders, would cost Dallas’ 4th, the 113th pick.

And what about tradeable assets?  Could Anthony Spencer be flipped in a sign-and-trade?  Perhaps, but two things would have to occur before such a move was even contemplated.

First, the team would have to draft his replacement.
Next, Spencer would have to sign his tender, putting him under contract.

Any team that trades for Spencer would not give up an early pick for a one-year rental.  They would want to make a long-term commitment, which is also what Spencer wants.  In a year that’s lean in outside linebacker prospects, which ‘backer might Dallas draft before they think of such a move?

What could Spencer bring in return?

Which teams would consider dealing for him?

The draft is only eight days away.  Which of these options might come to reality?