Cowboys Draft 2012: What I’m Hearing, Part One


A scoop of draft ice cream or sour rumors?   You be the judge.

Here’s I’ve picked up working the phone the last couple of days:

— Fletcher Cox is the defensive lineman with the biggest buzz at the moment.  There’s feeling he could go in the top 10.

— Quinton Coples may fall into the 20s.  The claim is that character concerns have teams uneasy.  One source wondered if a team or teams in the teens were trying to spook their neighbors into passing on Coples, but this rumor came up more than once.

— I hear conflicting things about Memphis DL Dontari Poe.  On the one hand, I’m hearing his stock may have peaked and he, like Coples, could fall.

Conversely, I hear that he could make sense for a team like Kansas City at pick 11, if he does not go sooner. Wherever he goes, it seems safe to say that Poe won’t fall out of the top 20.

—  Nobody I spoke to had much buzz to report on LSU DE Michael Brockers.  One person told me he’s aware that a lot of teams like Brockers and he believes they’re trying to keep that interest quiet, in the hope they can land him.

Tonight:  draft teasers on pass rushers and secondary players.