Cowboys Draft 2012: What I’m Hearing, Part One

A scoop of draft ice cream or sour rumors?   You be the judge.

Here’s I’ve picked up working the phone the last couple of days:

— Fletcher Cox is the defensive lineman with the biggest buzz at the moment.  There’s feeling he could go in the top 10.

— Quinton Coples may fall into the 20s.  The claim is that character concerns have teams uneasy.  One source wondered if a team or teams in the teens were trying to spook their neighbors into passing on Coples, but this rumor came up more than once.

— I hear conflicting things about Memphis DL Dontari Poe.  On the one hand, I’m hearing his stock may have peaked and he, like Coples, could fall.

Conversely, I hear that he could make sense for a team like Kansas City at pick 11, if he does not go sooner. Wherever he goes, it seems safe to say that Poe won’t fall out of the top 20.

—  Nobody I spoke to had much buzz to report on LSU DE Michael Brockers.  One person told me he’s aware that a lot of teams like Brockers and he believes they’re trying to keep that interest quiet, in the hope they can land him.

Tonight:  draft teasers on pass rushers and secondary players.

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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  • Lee1936

    With Poe and Coples falling, it seems likely that Cox and Brockers will be gone before 1/14.  At that point, our choices would be DeCastro (I hope), Glenn, Konz, Coples, or Poe.  I’d gladly rather take one of the OGs than either of the DLs.

  • truecowboyfan

    Very disappointing to hear that about Fletcher Cox. But not surprising. If he slips past Carolina, I will be hoping that the Cowboys trade up to get him. I would gladly part with a 3rd and 4th round pick to move up 3-4 spots. I don’t care about quantity. The Cowboys need playmakers.

  • Krazy Cowboy

    Gimore & u can RIP the Salsa dance for good!

  • In my mind, there’s only two offensive players who seem likely to drop to Dallas and match what Dallas is looking for: Decastro and Glenn.  That’s it.  Then, you have a plethora of defensive players.  But, based largely on my imagination, I perceive Coples, Brockers, Cox, Poe as the heavy favorites group with the Alabama bunch (Kirkpatrick, Barron, Upshaw) following behind.  If I were forced to pare it down even further, then I would guess that the Cowboys are secretly hoping that they get to choose from Brockers, Cox, and Decastro.  Now, if we continue to hear junk about Konz and Barron, then that leads me to believe the Cowboys are looking to trade down.  But, I just don’t see a trade down in the first round for a Garret-run team.  If there’s a trade on the horizon, then I think it’s a trade up to get into or higher in the third.  The draft should come to them with the first two picks.  After that, they may need to get creative.

    • Msneyd

      If you want Barron, don’t think you can trade down. He did enough at his pro day to show he’ll be fully recovered. Eagles could easily take him at 15.

    • CMcClure

      The fact that they did nothing in free agency to address the hole at center probably makes Konz a more likely target than Glenn.  Glenn’s ability to play tackle certainly increases his value, but there’s no way they can go into next season with Costa/Kowalski/Nagy at center.  At least I hope not.  I think 14 is too high for Konz, but the Cowboys have to somehow find a week one starter at center in this draft.

  • Montecito Tex

    Tex is hearing roars coming from the County Club bar… Montecito member Fred Couples is on the prowl in Augusta. Boom Boom, wow! Another Calvados on the tab.

    • Xgonzo22

      Who cares?

      • Tim

        I care.
        It’s Freddy Couples at The Masters!
        He may not hold on but I love me some Boom Boom.

  • I think you’d be better served just blanking out every single thing said from here to the draft and just sticking to what you thought about a month ago.  Now, if I could just remember what I thought a month ago…  

  • Dlee914

    How come nobodys talking about Curry in the 2nd round? Love him!

  • Taylor

    From all I’ve read, DeCastro is an elite talent, shown in workouts and on tape.  All of the top D-line guys have some questions.  Barron is the best of a weak safety group.  If DeCastro is still there, you have to take elite over suspect.  

    • Tim

      Especially if you think he can be an elite Center, too, which he’s been showing teams in workouts that he can do.

  • cowboyny

    Couple of things I have read or heard the last few days:

    -Coples stock is indeed falling and falling badly, could be a early 20’s selection. He character and motor are being highly questioned.

    -Whitney Mercilus also appears falling towards a late rd selection, great at his proday in drills, but some question those same abilities on tape.

    -Peter Konz stock is back on the rise, after having a strong workout. He is a virtual lock for the Ravens, but some other teams, much higher, including the Cowboys have shown major interest with him.

    -Shea McCellin is Green Bay’s #1 target in the first rd. 

    -Stephen Gilmore stock is soaring and I mean soaring, possible top 10 pick. 

    -Some great trade down news, if Miami doesn’t take Tannehill, which some believe is the case, the next team who reportley loves him is the Eagles, who pick after us at 15, you would think the Browns would love to grab him in a trade up scenario with the Cowboys.

    -Very hard to truely gauge where both Brockers, Cox are slotted, seen both names in the top 10 and also seen both players in the 20’s. I heard this a few times regarding Cox, he is a 4-3 player only. Didn’t the Cowboys say the same thing about Cameron Jordan last season, didn’t he fall badly last yr? Something to keep our eyes on.

    -Our scouting director stated that the team is zeroed in on 4 prospects at pick #14, 2 defensive, 2 offensive. Now who is he referring to?


    • joey2zs

      Cox, Gilmore, Glenn and DeCastro?

      • cowboyny

        My guess would be Cox/Barron, Konz/Glenn

        • swap Konz for DeCastro and I think you’ve got it.

          But I’ll say the same thing I would for Jerry. Why is anybody from the Cowboys saying anything bankable right now?

          • Chris

            I starting to think the best scenario of all would be for Tannehill to drop to Dallas enabling them to trade #14 to Cleveland for #22 and #37 and come out of the first 2 rounds filling 3 of the following 5 positions: Guard, Center, 5 technique DE, CB and OLB.  

          • Lee1936

            In which case, Cox, Brockers, Kirkpatrick, and DeCastro are gone.  But we could target as follows: 
            1/22  LB McClellin or OG Glenn or TE Fleener or  DE Coples or  DT Poe or CB Gilmore
            2/37   SS Barron, DT Still, OLB Perry, or TE Orson Charles   
            2/45  OC Konz, FS Smith 
            3/81 DT/NT Ta’amu, OLB Irvin, OC Jones, or CB Boykin4/114  TE/FB Rodriguez 
            4/135  CB Minnifield, OC Brewster
            5/152  CB Pellerin, OT Zusevics
            6/186  WR Streeter 
            7/222  TE Egnew, OC Blake or ?

          • cowboyny

            Very hard this yr to determine which prospect is their so called guy. The hot name today is Mark Barron, but we see him rated as a late first rd pick at this time.

            If we use the pre draft invites as a guide, where the team has taken most of their 1st rd picks in the past, these are the contenders: Cox, Barron, Upshaw, Glenn, Gilmore, Konz. I expect one off this list is the pick, depending on something unexpected happeing.

          • fivetwos

            I think Barron is a reach at 14. They have stopgaps in place and next year is supposedly a good class at safety.

    • Chris

      I’d love to see Tannehill fall to the Cowboys so they could trade back and pick up additional picks from some team desperate for a QB

    • Lee1936

      Cox or Brockers, DeCastro or Konz would be the logical four.

    • Teacher

      If our scouting director said that, seems like he’d be in big trouble for revealing too much.  Is this typical on other teams?

  • joey2zs

    So it seems there is one consensus uniquely talented Defensive Lineman?
    DeCastro, Cowboys’ war room.  David DeCastro.

  • Workingtonian

    I’m starting to come round to going D in the draft. in fact I’d now consider going D pass rusher with the first 2 picks. Either Coples, Cox, Ingram or Upshaw in the 1st and Reyes, Wolfe, Jones, Branch, McClellin or Lewis in the 2nd. If I went DL in the 1st, I’d go OLB in the 2nd, or vice versa. I’d then look for a couple of value corners somewhere in rounds 3 and 4. Somewhere from round 4 down I’d be looking at C/G, S, WR, TE and RB.

  • Maudisells

    trade back if ingram and decastro are gone.  Go for Hightower barron or merciles.  Get extra 2nd then pick up zeilter, smith or reyes.. Maybe best corner..

  • Linda

    Here is hoping Cox falls to Dallas.  Then Mcclellan (sp?) in the second.  What a draft that could turn into.

    • Don’t think McClellan gets close to 45.  More on him shortly.  

      • Linda

        Raf, what would it take to move up to grab McClellan in the second, if he lasts that long, and if it doesn’t cost you a #1 or 2, don’t you have to do it since there is more risk in the 3-late rounds?

    • Workingtonian

      Would indeed. 
      I’m afraid I think both will be gone for each of those picks. I’d take Coples and either Jones, Branch or Lewis. 
      Or Ingram or Upshaw and either Reyes or Wolfe in the 2nd.

  • Michael Emery

    So do you think Coples is an option if he falls to us? How does he stack up against the run?

    • Linda

       I don’t think Coples fits into a 3-4 d.  more of a 4-3 end in my opinion.

      • Workingtonian

        I think if we are looking for pass rush from DE then Coples and Cox look like the only two I’d consider in the 1st at 14. I think Coples will need time and work against the run but should be good eventually. Could be great. I can see why you doubt him in a 3-4 but with a few extra pounds and some seasoning…

        • Bluefin

           The worry with Quinton Coples is what kind of attitude he has, is he all about individual glory or will he buy into the team concept?

          Coples can play in any scheme he wants, does he want to be a 3-4 DE or a 4-3 DE?

          Dallas would likely play Coples as an end in both 3 and 4 man lines along with some 3-4 OLB.

          Will he buy into that?

          How Coples interviews is going to carry a ton of weight with teams.

  • AustonianAggie

    I like Fletcher Cox a lot and I was really hoping he’d make it to Dallas. There are 3 very good 5tech prospects I hope one of them gets to Dallas. 

  • Msneyd

    Raf, who do you think has the better FS skills Barron or Smith? 

    It is a little hard to get a read on Barron’s true range and coverage abilities because of his struggles with injuries and what he was required to do at Alabama. When he is completely healthy does he have Eric Berry type skills? Or, is Smith a better cover safety? Rob wants them to be versatile, but given the way the game is currently played, and given what the Cowboys most lack, cover skills are paramount. If Smith has sufficient FS skills, Cox in the 1st and Smith in the 2nd would do this defense a world of good. 

    • Workingtonian

      Picking a safety high scares the heck out of me. Barron was not used in pass coverage enough to allow me to consider him at 14.

  • Msneyd

    The sense I am getting is that Cox would be the Cowboys pick if he is on the board. He seems to have a Garrett RKG attitude, and has the youth, natural physical attributes, and growth potential that are reminiscent of Tyron Smith last year. 

    Barron is probably next on the list, largely because of the leadership and RKG qualities he posses.

    Brockers is probably next, followed by Poe, but it is hard to tell just where    Brockers fits in. Could they value him above Barron because of his physical upside, or is he behind Poe. 

    If Brockers or Poe are picked with either Barron or Cox still on the board, I think that is a pretty good indicator that Jerry and Rob are exerting more influence than Jason. You just know that Rob would be in love with Poe’s 44bp, and raw skills, having said that, he is also aware of a real lack of talent in the secondary.

    I don’t think any other players are in serious consideration, if they pick at 14.

    • joey2zs

      RKG is real kool guy?

      • Dlee914

        Right kind of guy

        • I’m not sure what this picture has to do with anything…but I’m not complaining.  I’m just pleasantly confused… 

          • Dlee914

            haha it was my first ever post! I thought it was going to be my avatar. I screwed it up SMH….

    • TP

      I am just not a fan of using a first on a player that has not demonstrated what you want him to do on tape. I have not seen anything to suggest that Brockers is anything but Spears 2.0, and Poe may be the second coming of the guy who jumped out of the pool on You tube. He went to the black hole that is Oakland and I have not heard much of him since. Get an impact player not a maybe player!