Landing the Canadian Sleeper: Dallas Takes Tyrone Crawford in the 3rd


Tyrone Crawford
The 3rd round has produced a lot of “huh” picks and the announcement of Boise State DE Tyrone Crawford as the Cowboys’ 3rd round pick has some scratching their heads.

We’re fortunate to have our back catalog of Wes Bunting chats to lean upon, and Wes predicted way back in February that Crawford could be a solid 3rd-round pick:

CN: Tell us more about Boise State’s DE Tyron Crawford. The more I read on him, the more I think he could be one of these sneaky guys who lasts until the 3rd and ends up being a bargain for a team.  

WB:   He’s a base defensive end.  He’s a 4-3 guy only. I think he plays on the strong side and he plays three downs. He’s a plus run defender. He’s 6’4”, 280. I think he weighed 284 at the East-West Shrine Game. And he’s a sneaky pass rusher. He’s a power player who has enough of a get off to where he can at least threaten the edge. He does a great job of putting his foot in the ground and converting that edge speed into power. He drops his pad level, gains leverage and he can overpower tackles. I think he’s a good football player. Not the sexiest, but someone who will go in the 3rd-4th round and can come in and develop into a starter.  

CN: Sounds like he’s really well coached. 

WB: He actually has a lot of developing to do. He’s a Canadian kid, I believe and there are some raw parts to his game. But he can bend. He can be physical, and he’s a tough kid. There’s enough upside to his game that has me even more intrigued.

Dallas sees him as a 5-technique, as someone who has the power to hold the point and to build upon those “sneaky” pass rush skills.  They passed on better known names like Brandon Thompson and Jared Crick to get him.

The pick gets solid grades from the draftniks, who see him challenging for a starting spot right away.  He reads like a guy who can challenge Marcus Spears and Kenyon Coleman.  He’s still new to football, and appears to have real upside.

Now, high high is his floor?  That will tell us a lot about his 2012.

Dallas has thus far been true to form.  Here’s the DE we heard they would take.  They passed on Michael Brockers in the 1st to get Morris Claiborne, but they’ve filled that DE need in the 3rd.  I look for an offensive line pick in the early 4th tomorrow.