Lots of Wheeling and Dealing? Partners Wanted


A possible value pick?

Some draft-related crumbs I gathered on the weekend.   The regular caveats apply.  We’re ten days from the draft so the spinning is out of control.

— Lots of teams are looking to deal down.  The Browns of course, made noise on the weekend with news that they’ve talked to several teams about dealing out of the 4th slot.

The Carolina Panthers are also getting mention as a team that wants to deal out of the 9th slot and acquire extra picks if it can.

— Conversely, the Kansas City Chiefs may be a team exploring a move up.   Dontari Poe and Ryan Tannehill are the names connected with them.

— Melvin Ingram is currently viewed  by some as the safest of the edge rushers and may be the first DE/OLB taken for that reason.

— Dre Kirkpatrick is viewed as a faller right now, and could go in the mid-to-late 20s.  The Ravens were mentioned as team to watch with him.  Janoris Jenkins could also fall, though he’s still viewed as a 1st round prospect, because of his skills.

— As a consequence, Stephon Gilmore may now be the first cornerback taken after Morris Claiborne.

— Cordy Glenn is viewed by more teams as a guard only prospect and could fall a bit as a consequence.  He was mentioned as one player who could possibly slide into the early 2nd round.

—  The Cowboys brought Boise State running back Doug Martin in for a visit, but they may not get a chance to pick him in the 2nd round.  He is rising.  The source I spoke to thinks he’ll go somewhere in the late 1st.

— Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill has some mojo and may be a 1st round pick now.

— LSU’s Rueben Randle is also apparently rising and may land in the late 1st, early-to-mid 2nd range, depending on how soon the run on receivers starts.

— Hill’s rise could come at Kendall Wright’s expense.  His buzz has cooled a bit, though he’s still viewed as a late 1st round pick.

— A source passed on that one of his contacts talked up Bruce Irvin as a solid 2nd rounder.  It appears that his restaurant incident has not hurt him, given the need for pass rushers.

— Oklahoma State free safety Markelle Martin has some knee concerns which have caused some teams to red flag him.  It’s not clear if this will cause him to drop on draft weekend.