NFL Draft 2012: Choking on the Smoke

If he’s rising into the top 10,
who’s falling out?

aka The Incredibly Stretching Top 10

If you’ve followed Twitter the last few days, you know these players are now given “good chances” to go in the top 10:

1.  Andrew Luck  QB
2.  Robert Griffin III  QB
3.  Ryan Tannehill  QB
4.  Trent Richardson RB
5.  Justin Blackmon  WR
6.  Michael Floyd  WR
7.  Matt Kalil  OT
8.  Riley Reiff  OT
9.  Morris Claiborne CB
10.  Stephon Gilmore CB
11.  Fletcher Cox  DE
12.  Michael Brockers DE
13.  Melvin Ingram DE/OLB

Gilmore being the latest to gain some top 10 buzz.

13 > 10

And we’re not touching Mark Barron, David DeCastro, Dre Kirkpatrick, Dontari Poe or Courtney Upshaw.

We’ve talked about nightmare scenarios, but there’s just as much chance that somebodies of interest, that’s plural, will be on the board for Dallas’ pick.

Grab your gas masks folks.  The draft is still a week away and the smoke is getting thicker than ever.  And Jerry Jones has yet to hold court!

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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  • Raja

    Here is our nightmare scenario, if our objects of desire are Cox, Barron, DeCastro and Brockers.

    Indy – Luck

    Wash – Griffin

    Minn – Kalil

    Cle – Richardson

    TB – Claiborne

    Rams – Blackmon

    Jags – Cox

    Carolina – Gilmore

    Dolphins – Tannenhill

    Bills – Reiff

    KC – Brockers

    Seattle – DeCastro

    Pats/Eagles (trade w/Cards) – Barron

    You are now left with Coples, Ingram, Poe.  I’d have been jumping with joy had you told me 2 months ago that I could have either Ingram or Coples.  Now, meh! – neither one interests me – Ingram due to his short arms and Coples due to his motor and the fact that his best year in 2010 was when we played inside as a DT.

    If we can entice a SD for Ingram or a 4-3 team to trade up and get Coples, that’ll be the best case scenario.

    • Jlh11a

      I’m still pretty happy with Ingram or Coples–way more than Barron or Brockers.

  • Mark Sitko

    They always come in pairs – right?  Every top ten guy needs someone that can possibly be chosen over him at his position.  Tannenhill, Floyd, Reiff, Gilmore and Brockers all have the potential to fall – Tanny won’t simply due to being a QB, but any of those other guys could fall, and even down close to 20 for one of them.  Happens every year.

    This is a great list – thanks.


  • Jericho Slim

    The Cowboys will not draft Barron.  It’s called disinformation – if they really liked Barron that much, everybody wouldn’t know it.  Don’t eat the cheese, people.

    • GoodbyeNewman

       Tyron Smith?

      • Jericho Slim

        Tyron Smith was obvious – it was a matter of logic; no one had to leak it, everybody knew.

        But remember, Smith was the choice months before the draft.  This came all of a sudden in the last few weeks.  And everyone is claiming inside info.  This is classic disinformation.

  • Krazy Cowboy

    When the Eagles & Jets want it Barron I was kinda nervous but when I read on The Steelers & Ravens blog Im real nervous because they are thinking ,the next Polomalu ,Ed Reed& you dont take no sucka trade with the Pats if the next Reed or Troy is there as bad as we need leadership in the secondary.

  • Kjd811

    I heard Pat Kirwin on Sirius saying that Carolina was a strong possibility for Gilmore.

    I think we will be looking at Brockers, Barron, DeCastro. Can’t see anyway all 3 are off the board.

  • Jimmer

    It Dallas stays at 14 one of the following will wear a star:


    If all of the above are gone, look for a trade down.

    • bay are dc fan

      If all three are there I believe they trade down as well

  • Krazy Cowboy

    Hot list ;Cox,Barron,Gilmore,McClellin! Warm list ; Ingram,Castro,Coples,KirkpatrickCold list; Jenkins,Upshaw

  • Brandon

    How much do the Cowboys like Gilmore Raf? I know they brought him in for a visit. It’s seems he could be the highest rated player in their board when they pick.

  • I guess the thing I like about the predraft silliness is no one really has a clue who Dallas is leaning towards.  That’s a very good thing.  Of course, Stephen Jones broke the silence today and hinted to the DMN that if a nightmare scenario came about, then the team would be prepared to move down.  And, as another Cowboy’s site reported, the Cowboy’s prospect visits due tend to hint that the scenario is being carefully evaluated.  But, it’s real important to note that Rafael is dead on in the idea that someone in the above list will be available at #14.  Further, Stephen Jones made it clear that the team would “pick away” if someone of value fell to them.  That leads me back to my inital point: We don’t know how the Cowboy’s draft board is stacked.  The visits don’t really “tip the hat.” There’s been no infamous Mosely “unnamed insider” source leak.  And, even if there is a “leak” between now and the draft, is it wise to buy into it?  Ask Mosely.  Nope, we’re on our own here.  It’s just us…and our own individual faith/fears until Goodell walks up to that podium and announces the pick.  When you think about it, isn’t that the way it should be?

    • L_Dawg0073

       The Draft will be a grueling 3 days.

  • connery

    My short list:

    1. Barron
    2. Coples
    3. DeCastro

    I’d be a little disappointed with any other players with where we’re picking and that includes Ingram. I know I’m in the minority but I just don’t see it.

    I remember watching the N.O. vs S.F. playoff game last year and it was so horrifyingly obvious, immediately, how much more physical that 49er D was compared to ours. Especially the secondary. Please, please, please Barron!

    • Creolecain

      Youre not the minority at all, I want Barron as a Cowboy.

  • Ware94

    I don’t think Gilmore goes top 10. Who would take him? Do you think Ingram could be on the board at 14? That would surprise me but I like him a lot. My hunch is still Barron & possibly BrockersU at 14. I heard on rumor tonight that said Phily may trade up with Arizona to select Barron. That makes since to me if they really want him. I feel that Dallas would love to go DE in the first. It will just depend on who’s left on the board. Barron is the safe fall back option for Dallas.

    • Jimmer

      Jacksonville or Carolina are in on Gilmore according to what I’ve seen.

      • Boom

        Carolina is awful at their second and third corners and those guys have to play Julio Jones, Devery Henderson, Jimmie Graham, etc.

        If the big boys from Penn State, Connecticut or Michigan State are falling into round 2, I can see them using #9 on Gilmore.  On measureables, he’s the best corner in the draft and in 2 years may be one of the best in football.

  • truecowboyfan

    Stephen Gilmore in the top 10 is news to me. But that is great news for the Cowboys if he is that highly thought of. I wonder what the ‘Boys think between Fletcher Cox and Michael Brockers? Do they think there is a big gap between the two, or are they comparable prospects? I think that will be the deciding factor in determining whether to stay put at #14 or to move up in the draft to get the more highly rated prospect.

    • CowboysWin

      Let Philly take Barron and let one of the others take Gilmore.  Ingram or Cox or DeCastro would be a tough decision but a lot better one than Upshaw or Barron.