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Coples: the mystery man.

… appropriately brought to you by my friends at The Fair Bean Coffee Shop:

According to one source, the current order of DEs after Melvin Ingram is:

  • Chandler Jones
  • Whitney Mercilus
  • Quinton Coples

— Jones allegedly could go as high as Jacksonville at 7 or as low as 22 to Cincinnati.

— Stephon Gilmore is also still getting buzz at the Jags #7 spot.  Jacksonville is one of the real mystery teams, along with Buffalo and Kansas City, picking directly in front of the Cowboys.

— One source heard that if the Bears have to choose between Mercilus and Coples at 19, that they would choose Mercilus.

— Coples is a mystery player.  We know he’s got top-10 talent, but his sub-par senior season has a lot of teams questioning his motor.  If he were to slide, I was told the Giants would consider him.  With Osi Umenyiora on the outs there, and with Coples offering inside and outside flexibility in a 4-3 front, the Giants would have interest in him at the bottom of the 1st.

— Cordy Glenn is falling and figures into the late-1st/ early 2nd mix.

— If that came to pass, Glenn would be in a group with Courtney Upshaw and Nick Perry, offering good value at the 1st/2nd round turn, says a source who hears all three are falling.

— For the last two days several players in the early-to-mid 2nd round range have been pushed into the late 1st.  Today I heard that Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd are the only 1st round locks and that the next level of receivers, Stephen Hill, Kendall Wright and Rueben Randle, could all fall into the 2nd round.

— The hot spot for Brandon Weeden is apparently the Patriots second 1st-round pick at 31.  Teams looking to snag him are eyeing this pick, and the Patriots are shopping it.

— Andre Branch is a late hot name among the edge-rusher group, and is another one of many who could crack the late 1st round.

— Conversely, a source told me the Vinny Curry rumors are smoke, and that he’s one player who won’t get into the 1st round.

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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  • The TURK

    Brockers wants to be a Cowboy!

    “I grew up a major Cowboys’ fan and still am and always will be,” Brockers told the Star-Telegram on Wednesday. “They have needs. Hopefully Barron’s gone before they pick, and I’m the last player to fill their needs, and they pick me. 

    “I would love to play for the Cowboys. That would be a dream come true.”

  • Ware94

    It will be Brockers. Barron will be gone. Dallas will have a new starting DE with a lot of upside. Dude is young, strong & long.

    • The TURK

      I guess if get Alameda Ta’Ammu in the 2nd it will be okay by the Turk

  • Peter T

    don’t want ANYONE without a motor.  Let the taking plays off guys slide on by

  • lucyfur3d

    I would be plenty happy with Coples

  • Milkshaker

    I wonder if Coples might slip into early round 2, like Calais Campbell in 2008. Campbell had a similar kind of draft tumble coming out of Miami – once considered a top 5 talent, much better as a Sophomore than a Junior. Ultimately went round 2 pick 50.

    While the Giants may consider him, I’d think RB, OL, and LB would be a stronger consideration. And TE if Fleener is still there.

    R1: David DeCastro, G/C
    R2: Quenton Coples, DE
    R3: Jayron Hosley, CB

    It leaves the LOLB very unsettled, and we’d be praying at Church for Safety, but that would be my favorite Day 1 and 2.

    • Jarhead

      the dude abides….

    • Taylor

      I don’t know if you know anything, but I like your 3 rounds.  Doubt that Coples is there, however.  Great idea!

  • Moghbelli

    Anyone taken a look at Mcshay’s new 7 round Mock?
    Really like his selections except instead of Janoris Jenkins in round two I would have traded up for Peter Konz that went one spot ahead of us.
    This draft can potentially unfold really well for the Cowboys.

    • Samoyed

      I’m patiently waiting for the Goose to generate his final mock.  He’s usually right.

      • AustonianAggie

         you’re going to be waiting forever, he’s no longer making it

        • Tim

          A tradgedy.  Mayock’s not the same.

        • Samoyed

          I’m hoping for a relapse.  lol.

    • Mikellie2

      Konz will be gone at 31 to NE.

  • Skip

    kirkpatrick,Gilmore,C. Jones,Upshaw anyone but ZZZZZZZZ Castro,Brockers

  • Skip

    Man ! all these weeks waiting on this draft w/ excitement wanting us to pic Barron or Cox not ah Boring Brockers & Castro but on the good side we will get ah top ten pick next year

  • Samoyed

    In the good news department: The Eagles only got a 7th round pick for Samuels.  Love it.

    • Lee1936

      Just one step above a ham & Swiss on rye.  I’d have gladly given our 6/186 for a quality 4th CB.

      • Lee1936

        Quoting Volt277:
        And it’s not just a 7, it’s a late 7, lol. 10 picks away from the 7th round compensatory picks. 

    • truecowboyfan

      Is that really good news? Eagles got rid of a 31 year old CB who is the 3rd best on their roster and was set to make a fortune in the next two years. They were probably thinking of cutting him anyways because of his salary, so they actually got something in return for him.

      Quite frankly, I’m disappointed that he’s gone. Yes, he made big plays, but he also gave up big plays and could not tackle. And at 31, I think he will progressively give up more plays than he makes.

      • greatwhitenorth

        Wow, pessimistic much?  Samuels was actually a pretty good player, and the Eagles certainly won’t be better off without him this year.  Further, trading Samuels is yet another typical Eagles move of dumping guys a bit earlier than they need to, a strategy that has yet to net them any real success and one that makes them disliked by a lot of players.

        it’s hardly a boneheaded move on their part, but I’m glad he’s out of the division and I’m much more glad that they didn’t manage to find anyone foolish to give them a real draft pick for the guy.

  • Tim

    Is Chandler Jones really going to go 7th?  He seems too gangly and un-coordinated to be that special of a player, but by all means take him at #7.  I like him but thought of him more at #45.

    • Smooth_wwjd20

      I remember last year when aldon smith became top 10 a day or two before the draft.

    • Mikellie2

      18th to the Chargers most likely.

  • Pmkaram

    duc-TC-My guess: If Cox or Barron are not there,they will trde down if possible. Personally, the only one I would stay at #14 for is Cox. Otherwise,I trade down if possible.

  • Michael83emery

    I still think Decastro

  • AustonianAggie

    That’s funny I live off Oltorf, I call my neighborhood Rock &rOltorf. I’m on the east side though. It’s pretty Rock & Roll. I’ve broken up a mugging, there’s a casino next door to my Quickie Mart and prostitutes hanging out in front of it. Then I can hop on my bike and ride two miles away and it’s south Austin comfy paradise and drink some coffee at Fair Bean Coffee

    • Tim

      Yo, you’re in my hood, except I take a right on Burleson (at the Whataburger) and head towards Ben White. 

      East Side for Life!!! even though I’m white and from Irving.

      That stretch of Oltorf is a little diverse, shall we say.

      • AustonianAggie

         that’s crazy I live off Burleson, I’m behind that Shell station and walk to Whataburger. Ever seen this fight? It is hilarious

        • Tim

          hell yea, that’s Whataburger Josh from St Patty’s day a few years ago.  Hilarious.

          I live a little farther down on Terrilance on the left before you get to Vic’s BBQ.  Ha, we’re neighbors.  By the way, Vic’s pork ribs are really freaking good. 

          • AustonianAggie

            Yeah they are I’ve picked up food there

  • Workingtonian

    Whilst the interesting group of former 1st round locks who are considered to be dropping into the 2nd are enticing, I would not trade up to get any of them. We need all of our picks turned into players. Same as I would not trade up in the 1st. If I were JJ the only way those guys come into play is if they drop to 45 or if we trade down and get a pick near the top of the 2nd.

  • Duc_TC

    My guess …. the Dallas Cowboys select … Michael Brockers.

    • Jimmer

      No way. After Spears, Glenn Dorsey, and Tyson Jackson I wouldn’t touch an LSU lineman with any pick in the top two rounds.

      • For many years, people slammed Michigan QBs, because none had been great. Even after Jim Harbaugh. 

        Then Tom Brady came out and nobody knocks Michigan QBs anymore.

        For years, people slammed Tennessee QBs, cause they all busted out.  When it was Leaf vs. Peyton in ’98, that line was thrown at Manning countless times. People compared him to Heath Shuler, just because they went to Tennessee. Then Peyton turned into an all-timer, and nobody slams Tennessee QBs anymore.

        When Jeff Tedford was at Oregon he put Akili Smith and Joey Harrington into the top 5, and they busted.  Then he moved to Cal and Kyle Boller went top 20 and busted.  When Aaron Rodgers dropped so far in ’05 he was slammed because Jeff Tedford’s guys were all “system QBs.”

        Nobody says this anymore.

        Every player has to be rated on his own. 

        •  Well said. Sad how much group-think can dominate when otherwise critical (or even just common sense) thinking skills are desperately needed!