It’s the Great Nose Tackle Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Look!  There he is!  The Great
Nose Tackle! 

Thank you, Bryan Baker!

For years, I’ve argued that nose tackle Jay Ratliff belongs on the nose and will finish his career on the nose.  See here, here, herehere, here and here.  And every spring and every fall, I’ve heard the argument that a “true” nose tackle, who can magically crack pockets,  and move Ratliff to DE, will save the Cowboys defense.  It rises and lingers, like the myth of the Great Pumpkin.

Bill Parcells, Mike Zimmer, Wade Phillips and Rob Ryan have all left Ratliff on the nose, and still the calls for that great pumpkin of a man leads the true-nose tackle Linuses out into the draft, pumpkin patch every April.

Today, defensive line coach Bryan Baker was asked about Ratliff’s chances of moving to defensive end, and he took the Linuses’ collective blanket away, telling the DMN’s Jon Machota the following:

Can we move past this meme once and for all?  There’s no Great Pumpkin, and there’s no Great Nose Tackle who’s going to move Jay Ratliff outside.