Scouting Report Week 5 – Bye Week Part I


Scouting the Cowboys

“This series is all about the next opponent. Just like the players, we have to move on.”

This standard opening for the Weekly Scouting Report does not apply this week. Instead we peer at what the Cowboys may be addressing during their yearly pilgrimage to the mecca of healing otherwise known as the NFL bye week.

We will look at the support staff, Special Teams and the offensive side of the ball in Part I, detailing the defensive side and JG in Part II.

Efficient usage of the bye week is a key to a winning season. Other than the obvious healing window a bye week gives, there are other needs-based objectives that vary from year to year. The game is won or lost by the players on the field (direct reference to last nights game), however the bye week is all about coaching. New schemes, refinement of current ones, a new player or an overhaul are all items that can be addressed more effectively in a bye week period as full preparation for the next opponent (the Ravens in week 6) will not begin til this Sunday. As Raf pointed out in his post-mortem to the Bears game,

“the bye could not have come at a better time”.

Let’s look at some of the goals that should be on the Cowboys Coaches plate over the next week.

Training Staff – Get Ratliff (ankle), Costa (back), Coleman (knee), Albright (neck) and Spencer (shoulder) back on the field. The time off will also do our walking wounded wonders (Austin, Jones, Lissemore, Spencer, Ware, Vickers and Wilber). The chance to win increases when you give the coaches more options and a higher talent level. Getting a full contingent of chess pieces on the field is critical.

Mike Woicik (Strength/Conditioning) – Matt Johnson is the injured draftee this year. Following in the footsteps of Lee and Bruce means as much time with Woicik as injury permits. Make no mistake about it, Woicik is a big reason Lee and Bruce have come back as strong as they have. Unless Arkin can challenge Bernadeau he may also come under Woicik’s wheelhouse again this year as a maximum strength building program is much different than an in-season maintenance regimen.

Joe DeCamillis (ST) –  Dallas ranks not only last in special teams so far in 2012 (per ProFootballFocus), but it is not even close as the next to last team (Titans) is better than us by a factor of 3.8! The play on the field reflects the ranking and leaves Joe D with a veritable laundry list of items:

  • Protection scheme and execution on punts
  • Blocking scheme and execution on punt returns
  • Blocking scheme and execution on kick-offs
  • Blocking scheme and execution on kick returns
  • Find a new Kick Off return man or get Felix’s head in the game
Joe D is officially on the hot-seat. Jerry Jones is loyal to a fault however and DeCamillis will have til the end of the year to right the ship. He has a long, strong history in Big D. We need this problem solved and I hope Joe D can get it done. Recent history however suggest he may not.
John Garrett (TE) – With Witten seemingly back to his reliable self and enjoying an extra week to heal his spleen, the integration of Hannah into the passing game would bode well for the future. Does Dallas have the blocking TE it covets? The ghost of Bennett is large in the run game as he is showing with the G-Men. Phillips is a hybrid and Hanna is a better blocker than expected but is still a finesse guy making this group more 1 dimensional than it has been in years.