Wanna Get Away?

Few moments can send the conniption needle into the red like a Jerry Jones ad airing late in a Cowboys blowout.  But there he was, hawking caps during the 4th quarter of a Monday Night Football ad break while his Cowboys were being knee-capped by the Bears.

A few commercial breaks after he danced for pizza.

Can you think of a successful GM who cuts ads every year?

Has Ozzie Newsome ever cut a spot?

Has Jerry Reese?  Or Ted Thompson?  Or Kevin Colbert?

Probably not.  They’re too busy building their teams into perennial contenders.

Seeing Jerry, the one ad that makes sense is that retired Southwest Airlines campaign —  “Wanna get away?”
When he appears, I certainly do.

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

Senior Analyst Cowboys Nation.com at Sports Talk Line
Started covering Dallas Cowboys @ TheBoys.com in '95 and '96. Two more stops along the way and here I am. Senior Analyst for SportsTalkLine.com
Rafael Vela

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  • AustonianAggie

    if Dallas beats the Ravens you know we’ll all be back on that bandwagon again

    • Fan since 1966

      Load up the syringe with that sweet Blue Kool-Ade and tie off a vein again, eh? It’s been hell being a Cowboys addict the last decade and a half….

  • sidarc

    Jerry THINKS he knows football. Because he played football at a high level back in the day. Much like most of us. Fact is, he as well as us, are not qualified to be the GM of an NFL franchise. As much as we would like to think so, and even though we can see the obvious deficiencies of this team, it takes so much more than that. Successful GM’s most likely started at the bottom of the totem pole in the scouting department and have learned every facet of team building along the way. Paying many, many dues in the process. All Jerry did was buy the team.

  • Jon B.

    If Jerry Jones had a GM he would fire him after that pitiful performance Monday night.

    If Jason Garret had an Offensive Coordinator he would fire him or sit him down and taker over playcalling after that pitiful performance Monday night.

  • Jon B.

    Jerry has a couple of stars……….Witten, Ware, Lee perhaps….Nomo…he hypes these stars………and keeps us hoping and thinking that this is the year. I was so disgusted by the Boys performance Monday night. Everybody we play seems to love the new Stadium except our own Cowboys. Its is so large that Chicago Fans have plenty of seats and the tickets were so expensive that the fans are the bourgeois elitist that couldn’t cheer for the Cowboys if there lives depended on it. Seattle wins 8 games a year almost guaranteed due to their fans. Not in Big D.

    Demarcus Ware may be the 2nd fastest to 100 sacks but I would bet 75 of them came in trash time when the game didn’t matter. Ware needs to make some impact plays at the right time. Lawrence Taylor was the king of that. Demarcus Ware is a beast and may still be as good as any pass rusher in the game but we still fail year after year to give him a threat on the other side. Look at the pass rushers in Denver or NYG they get theres from a multitude of players.

    We have an Offensive Coordinator as our Head Coach…………i like our D Coordinator but he will be looking for a new job if NOMO keeps giving 14 points to the opposition.
    He has failed to address the O Line problems……….and many of Parcells draft picks are turning into greybeards……….Ratliff injured………Spears and Rat only got a few years left in em. We seem to draft RBs great we should trading our RBs for some O linemen with teams like the Steelers that know the value of a good offensive line.
    Dez Bryant is a Jaguar. He looks shiny and has a pretty emblem on the grill but just don’t expect to drive him hard. He who has the largest hands on the team but evidently had them turn into bricks His conditioning is better but his football IQ is a 2. He is Antonio Bryant Light. If Parcells was coaching he would have already dealt him. He constantly runs the wrong routes and cost his QB INTs. We should have cut him and kept Laurent Robinson. He’s also not a very good PR in my opinion. Time to put Mo Claiborne back there.
    Dallas came out hard and played like it mattered against the GMEN………….we been a limp noodle ever since. My guess is they finish the year 8-8 just bad enough to miss the playoffs and any hopes of a blue chip QB in round 1. I think it is time to push the Wile E coyote plunger and blow this thing up.
    NOMO is not a leader of men. He can make all the throws, he has mobility 2nd only to maybe Vick and RG3 or Cam. But he seems to hit the other team for pick 6 more often than he throws TDs. Remember a while back when our backup took over and we actually starting winning games again. I am pretty sure Rob Ryan and his men are ready to bi(*(&^) slap NOMO at this point. I think we are paying Orton starting salary money lets put him in there. I will take a boring bus driver over the highs and lows of Romo. He shows us just enough for us to say wow how did he do that, and then he comes back with 5 INTs. Sure I give Dez credit for one but Romo has always played too loose with the football. ALWAYS.
    Maybe Jerry can talk Goddell into letting Payton come coach the Cowboys. He still has a house in Dallas and you know he wants to win one with another team. The Saints record right now is a perfect example of how valuable a Head Coach is. I think Garret has become just another Jerry puppet. If we fired Jason I don’t think too many teams are going to offer him anything other than a QB coaching job. His play calling is predictable and boring. Let Callahan take over play calling Jason he is better at it than you are. If you had an OC on the team right now you would have fired him and taken over playcalling from him cuz our offense is just that Offensive and ineffective. So do yourself a favor and let Callahan take over some play calling and game planning.

    • fiverings37

      8 picks for Romo already, some not his fault, but still. Rinse ,lather, repeat.

  • ym

    Maybe he’ll be in the Aflac rapping animals commercial next.

  • daledoe

    When is Jerry appearing in a Victoria’s Secret spot? Don’t be surprised.

    • hardwater

      Glory hole!

  • Mark

    I truly despise Jerry Jones and what he has done to this team. It’s embarassing.

  • fivetwos

    It’s all fairly simple to me.
    Teams like Baltimore and Pittsburgh invest premium draft picks on line of scrimmage players.
    Jerry, trying to take Parcells core to one Super Bowl, spends them on Felix Jones, Roy Williams and Dez Bryant.
    They get smacked on the LOS on a consistent basis.
    You don’t build a team using high picks on cover linebackers, running backs and wide receivers.
    Hard to knock the Claiborne pick, but the benefits of such won’t be realized if your offense can run it’s playbook because they are getting blown away up front.

    • fiverings37

      Give fivetwos a star!!! IT WAS, IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A LINE OF SCRIMMAGE GAME! You can have all the skill people you want, but w/o decent O and D lines, FORGET IT.

  • jackson brown

    Thank you for this post. The real problem with this team is the owner, who is the gm. This is the worst run organization in organized sports.

    • pkinsa

      All this Jerry Jones talk is blah,blah,blah. Nothing will change from that perspective until he is gone,and he is the owner. This is his DREAM job. He will not fire himself. He may give up a little authority, but that is all.LET’S STOP WASTING TIME ON THIS TOPIC.

  • Steven Van Over

    Clint William Murchison Jr. – Best owner the Cowboys (or any NFL team) has ever had IMO.

    • oskieoskie

      True. Worst was Bum Bright. He ran the team into the ditch, then sold it to Jerry Jones.

  • andyhoe

    You can only hope that Jerry steps down before he becomes the new Al Davis (if he hasn’t already). Surely, Stephen Jones will have the good sense to hire a professional GM.
    Jerry still hasn’t learned that it doesn’t matter how many offensive “weapons” or cover corners you have if you’re getting dominated on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The 49er’s don’t have elite WR’s / QB / defensive backs and they are dominating teams like the Packers.

    • Steven Van Over

      If see Jerry start wearing 70’s style sweat suits I’m checking into Belview where it’s safe!

  • Jarhead

    there is a “principle” that i
    believe in, in the principle “immutable truth” sense (although i
    certainly cant prove its true)…..and that is this: what happens will continue
    to happen, until it doesn’t.
    i interpret that as: nothing that happens to you
    on a regular basis is going to change unless you do something about it. in the
    realm of jerral wayne jones, i dont think he will ever turn over control of the
    cowboys to a GM until certain things happen (until we do something about it):

    -Fans stop going to any event in his stadium, not just cowboys games.
    -Fans who
    cant resist going, refuse to purchase any concessions or anything else for sale
    in the stadium.
    -Fans stop watching games on TV.
    -Fans stop purchasing Dallas
    Cowboy merchandise.
    -Fans do not attend away games.
    -Reporters take the gloves
    off with JJ. When was the last time you heard a reporter call out JJ? I mean
    REALLY call him out…on the phone or to his face? they’ll call out his
    coaches, they’ll call out his players, they’ll take cheap shots at him in
    print, but when was the last time a reporter with any “wasta” called
    him out in a real interview? “Mr Jones, would you explain to the dallas
    fans how you justify your position in the organization given your team’s record
    over the last 15 years?” And when he starts dancing around the question,
    cut him off and say, “Mr Jones, you are dodging the question. Again, how
    do you justify your decision making as a GM/President given your team’s
    extremely mediocre performance over the last decade and a half?” He loves
    the limelight, so until reporters make the limelight too uncomfortable for him,
    nothing is going to change, and no reporter is going to do that. Until he feels
    real financial pain, he is not going to change one iota.
    And you can blame the
    coaches, the players, the janitor, Bill Parcells, whoever (Tex). But the one
    constant of the last 15 years has been Jerry Jones.

    • Fan since 1966

      “Fans stop going to any event in his stadium, not just cowboys games.” Funny you should mention this, jarhead. It dawned on me this evening while working in the yard what an evil genius Jethro really is: that shiny new stadium isn’t all just about the comfort and game experience of faithful Cowboys fans — it’s JJ’s insurance policy for the times when he screws the team up so bad that those fans once again stop coming to watch the Cowboys play. That’s happened to him before, and was close enough to a financial near-death experience that the snake-oil salesman got religion. Now he can keep the $$$ coming in from tractor pulls and goat ropings and high school playoffs and the occasional college game and not be solely dependent upon the continued attendance of Cowboys fans. Because of this, I’m not sure that even a total fan boycott would hurt him in the wallet enough to cause him to swallow his pride and step down as GM — but i’m disgusted enough with his current on-field product that I’m sure as hell ready to give it a try at this point….

    • hardwater

      Jerruh will never give up control. He just can’t. He’s addicted. We’re screwed.