Out With the Wade and In With the New

Update:  Hot off the twitter feed of the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs:

Marinelli would be a tremendous get for Kiffin’s staff.  He was Kiffin’s defensive line coach at Tampa Bay and helped develop Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice for that team.  He followed Lovie Smith to the Rams and the Bears, making an ill-fated detour to be the Lions head coach.  He’s one of the most respected line coaches in the game.
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The assistant coaching churn continues this evening, with news that special teams coach Joe DeCamillis has left to join Mark Trestman’s staff in Chicago.

DeCamillis  presided over some erratic special teams.  While his units did improve their play over the last half dozen games or so, and finally began to master effective punt return blocking for Dwayne Harris, the letdowns from the early weeks and from 2011 lingered.

Think of the blocked punt for a score that turned the Jets game in the 2011 season opener.  Or the punt blocked for a score in week two against Seattle this year.  Or Jacoby Jones’ kickoff return touchdown in Baltimore.  The negatives accrued against DeCamillis and reached a critical mass.

From a staff standpoint, DeCamillis joins running backs coach Skip Peete as the latest Wade Phillips hires to leave the organization.  Should tight ends coach John Garrett claim the University of Delaware job, only Jason Garrett will remain from Jerry Jones’ first post-Parcells staff, and Jason, as you know, was hired prior to Wade.

Garrett will likely get to pick the new special teams coach, and he’ll have a tough chore ahead of him. Parcells hired Bruce DeHaven to revamp the special teams and Phillips brought Joe D.  Both were highly respected for their pre-Cowboys work but neither was able to revive a unit which has floundered since the late Joe Avezzano left roughly a decade ago.

Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

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  • Pete

    Thank God! man thats great news

  • Cameron North

    God bless coach Joe…don’t even ask which one either.

  • Michael

    Nutty Cowboys headline of the day: Cowboys meet with Houston Nutt @ ESPN Dallas.

    RB coach is the open slot, but will Nutt be an OC? Can somebody explain when this trip down the rabbit hole will end?

    • Michael

      I just remembered Tebow is a FA… will it be the “Wildcow” or “Cowhog” in Dallas?

      • Jon B.

        Does that mean we are keeping his pet cat Felix?

        • Michael

          Depends on what Lacewell and Switzer have to say…

  • fiverings37


  • AustonianAggie

    I want to blame Joe but lately I keep coming back to depleted depth, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round draft picks given away for little.

  • Steven Van Over

    According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Marinelli is expected to go to Dallas to join the staff of new Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

  • Jon B.

    whats with all the Sparano talk? Does he come in as a TE coach? Line Coach? Running game coordinator? Wasn’t his best year hear when Payton was the play caller and he was the O line coach? Does that elevate Callahan to Pass game coordinator and play caller?

    I would still like to see Garret hand over some of the play calling responsibilities during the game.

    One thing about a 4-3 almost all the personnel on the team played that front 7 in college. Dallas also played it in nickle and dime it isn’t nearly the switch back that the switch to a 3-4 was. We never did find the clog the middle NT, I see Ratliff as more of a Leon Lett or Laroi Glover DT anyway. Something he did very well at Auburn.

    Lee and Carter could play in any scheme………….IF THEY CAN STAY HEALTHY!!!!!!

  • Jimmer

    Would love to see Dallas bring back Dat Nguyen in some capacity.

  • Draft mane

    Marinelli perfect = Chip Kelly punishment = Sheldon Richardson,Kawann Short = like Sapp said dogs ready to hunt!

  • MontecitoTex

    Jody’s unit blew the entire 2011 season by allowing a blocked punt on 9/11 in New York, up seven and only 5 minutes to play. Anything but that! Camillas Parker Bowles did it again in Seattle this year, trashing the Cowboys season with inept preparation and personnel on the return units. Most troubling, was that a man named Jody couldn’t be fired for HR reasons. This exit is is cause for extreme celebration. If not for Jody Camillas, the Cowboys would be back-to-back NFC East Champions. Now… Fire Minnie Spagnola!

    • fiverings37


  • daledoe

    I well remember Joe Avenzzano’s special teams struggling big time too.

    Lee, I hear everything you’re saying. Jerry tends to geld all of his coaches by usurping their authority.

    You can’t maintain authority when a player can bypass their coaches and go straight to the owner and I have no doubt that this happens.

  • Lee1936

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying, that coaches highly respected for their work elsewhere, come to Dallas and fail. This has been happening for quite a few years. Because GM Jerry’s leadership is dysfunctional, the people under him can not perform at their best.

    • Lee1936

      Please excuse my cynicism. It’s not a natural trait, but one learned since the late 1990s.

    • Let’s also remember that coaches vilified here go elsewhere and prosper (Payton, Wade as Houston DC). The problem is (generally) not the coaches. It’s the whole culture of the team. It’s impossible to get down-the-roster guys to do the blue-collar work required by special-teamers when they are all A-List celebrities with their own radio shows. It’s a problem in the state in general (UT has had the same entitlement mentality issues, particularly once their players reach the NFL). But Jerry’s marketing of the team pours gasoline on the fire.

    • AustonianAggie

      Joe D was fire from Jacksonville. Almost every coach gets fired eventually.

      • Lee1936

        True, even Jimmy Johnson got fired–not because he failed, but because Jerry got drunk, took offense, and blew his stack. My point is that competent coaches fail when they come to Dallas, because they can’t do their best under Jerry. His style of mismanagement obviates their success while in Dallas.
        Clear? Or have you never had a rotten boss?

        • Michael

          And now the coaching staff is loaded with assistants loyal to Jones, not Garrett. This offseason has only been about getting rid of guys who owe their job (or are related) to Garrett.

          Houston Nutt is the ultimate Jerry guy and Kiffin owes his return to the NFL to Jerry’s cadre of “advisors.”

          This offseason smells worse than any in recent memory. It will be 5 years in the wilderness and another core of young players wasted before Stephen takes control for the long haul.

          • Lee1936

            Hope you’re wrong this time, but you make a very plausible case. So your take on Jerry’s remaining days is 5 more years? That’s nearly as depressing as the beginning of the Sheik’s 2nd term.

          • Michael

            Going into this offseason the team had been on a slow, but steady, upward climb over the last 2 seasons. They finally showed some fight and tenacity over the last half of this season and, IMO, that is largely due to Garrett and Ryan.

            The only exception to the upward trend was the OL and this offseason should have been a matter of staying the course, improving the OL, and getting healthy. The team was heading in the right direction.

            And more often than not over the last 2 seasons I got the impression that Stephen and Garrett had a close working relationship and has some real power. And also that the scouting department and coaching staff were on the same page as far as bringing in players.

            But now, who knows? Do we have the Kiffin of Tampa Bay or USC? And what is going on with the offense? Bad Jerry’s fingerprints are all over these moves.

  • Michael

    I’m very interested to see what new OC Kromer does with the Bears offense…but hiring Marinelli would be a big coup for Dallas.

  • mandmeisterx

    I’ve been all over this! Great news, if true.

    Also, Tex is a Spags firing away from dying a happy man.

    • Ridgelake

      Oh, he’s still got Romo to complain about. Then after those two, he’ll find something else.