Targeting Early Round Cowboys Targets


I finish this week’s pre-Combine chat with Cowboys Nation’s draft analyst TD by trying to build a short list of prospects for Dallas first two picks at the guard, safety and defensive line spots.

Cowboys Nation: Let’s try and slot available players of need into Dallas’ draft spots.  Start with players on defensive line, guard and safety who should be available in the 15 to 25 range.  Dallas is picking 18th.  Who sits there right now.  I know things are fluid but right now who might Dallas expect to see when their pick comes up?

TD: At guard Chance Warmack, possibly, because of his not ideal workouts this week.  Cooper should be there as well.  At safety, Vaccaro most likely he’ll be there.  As of right now, I think he’ll be there.  I have a tough time putting a safety in the top 15.  If the Cowboys trade back a bit, Eric Reid from LSU should be there.

On defensive line it’s an interesting question.  If you’re looking at a pure pass rusher, Barkevious Mingo could be there, the pass rusher from Texas A&M Demontre Moore could be there.  I’ll have to talk to more people to figure out what this week’s medical news has done to Jarvis Jones’ stock.  I think he might slide a bit, but I think 15 is his limit.  I can’t see him sliding into the 20s.

I think right now Mingo is an option as the best pure pass rusher in that range.  But if Mingo blows it up he could go in the top 10.

The best value is if Chance falls to you.  I think I’d put Vaccaro next, because there’s a good chance he’ll actually be there.  He’s a safe pick.  I would have said you can get some value with Lane Johnson, but the way he worked out, I don’t think he slides there.

One thing Cowboys fans could have going for them is if a quarterback slides a bit and a team in the 20s is interested in moving up.  If say a Barkley is there and a team wants to deal up you could slide down a bit and still pick up a Cooper or an Eric Reid.

The Cowboys are in a tough spot at 18.  I think Sharrif Floyd is gone by 18.  I think Johnathan Hankins from Ohio State could be there but I don’t know if he’s an ideal fit for them.  I’d rate Warmack higher than Hankins and I would also rate Vaccaro higher than Hankins.

CN:  2nd round.  Same positions, safety, guard, guard/center and 4-3 defensive linemen.  Who do you see in the 40-55 range.  The Cowboys are picking 47th.

TD:  At guard, we’ve talked about Larry Warford.  I think he’ll be there in the 2nd because he’s a phone-booth player and maybe even in the 3rd.  I think Brian Winters from Kent State could come into play.  He had a good workout.  He can move a bit.  He’s heavy handed.  I have to say I don’t think we’ll see as many guards in that 2nd to 3rd round range as last year.  I think Warford goes in there but I think it thins out until about the 4th round.

Defensive linemen, I think Sam Montgomery is in that 2nd round range right now.  Oregon’s Dion Jordan has a lot of folks raving about him if he fits their scheme.  He’s a natural rusher but a lot of teams don’t want their edge rushers being 6’6″, or 6’7″, so I think he’s limited more to 4-3 teams than 3-4 teams.  He is a bit angular.  He has some things going for him and some against him.  I don’t think he goes in the late 1st, I think he’ll wind up in the 2nd.

Alex Okafor from Texas could go in that range. We’ve talked about Margis Hunt from SMU.  Michael Buchanan from Illinois could go in that range.  I think Buchanan could be that guy.  I think he’s viewed as a later-round guy but he could jump up this week.

CN:  Where do you put Florida State’s Tank Carradine?  He’s been mentioned as a 2nd round option if he works out well at his Pro Day.

TD:  He’s a typical 4-3 guy.  He’s 6’5″.  He’s got good get off.  He can play three downs, which adds to his value. I didn’t think he had that type of production before his injury. You look at a Bruce Carter and you knew he was a 1st round talent before he hurt his knee.  I would not put Carradine in that category.

CN:  Where do you see him

TD:  More as a 3rd-4th round guy right now.


Rafael Vela

Started covering Dallas Cowboys @ TheBoys.comin '95 and '96. Two more stops along the way and here I am. Senior Analyst for
Rafael Vela

Rafael Vela

Started covering Dallas Cowboys @ in '95 and '96. Two more stops along the way and here I am. Senior Analyst for