Cowboys Draft 2013: Compare and Contrast


Margus Hunt is one of several
DL prospects who splits the draftniks.

Last week I asked two draft analysts to rate the player the Cowboys invited to Valley Ranch for pre-draft visits. Their opinions varied quite a bit on several players, which fits with what I’ve heard since the late fall, that this draft class is very thick in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds but there will be a lot of difference of opinion on players within that range.  Today, I’m comparing Eric Galko’s and TD’s remarks on the defensive tackles.

Cowboys Nation:  I want to play a game . I have a list of the 30 players Dallas invited to its headquarters for pre-draft visits.  I want to know where you think these players will be drafted?

Some of these players are obvious.  Guys like Chance Warmack and Sheldon Richardson will be 1st rounders, so I want to focus on the less certain names.  Let’s begin with DT Kawann Short.

Eric Galko:  It’s tough because I think we going to see a lot of defensive tackles who are regarded as safe picks go somewhere in the top 23 because they’re so hard to find.  I think he goes somewhere in the early to mid 2nd round area because of his sheer. size.  I think Alameda Ta’amu went to the 3rd to the Steelers. I think Kawaan Short is a bit better than him and more consistent, but not by much. I’d say the 2nd round.

TD:  I think teams have Short rated in the 25 to 50 range. He’s one of those goofy players who could be a mid 2nd round pick where you go, “how did that guy fall that far? Or, he could be a 2nd rounder.”

CN: Where does Margus Hunt go in your opinion?

EG:  I’ve seen some mocks put him in the late 1st round.  I don’t believe that at all.  Based off what I’ve heard, some scouting entities had him as an undrafted free agent at mid-season. I’m sure that will change quite a bit but I’d very surprised to see him as a top 40 to 50 player.  Maybe he could go to a playoff team in the bottom of the 2nd round, but for me he’s a 3rd round value.

CN:  Where does Margus Hunt project in a four-man line?  Why would 4-3 teams be interested in him?

TD:  You need a power end, and I certainly think he can do that.  He reminds me a bit of Matt Shaughnessy from the Raiders.  He plays on the left side.  Has the frame to defend the run, can be a power rusher on passing plays.  He has some quickness to his game, has some length, has some power.  I think he could develop into a power end in a 4-3.

CN:  Jordan Hill from Penn State?

EG:  I’m going to write him up later for our draft guide. I think he’s a 5th or 6th round pick.  I think he’s a guy who could have come out as a junior.  He looked a lot better with talent around him.  He stayed in school and it ended up being a bad decision for him.  He can play a couple of different positions on the line.  I think he can play a 5 or a 6 technique if you want to play a three man line. I think he can line up on the nose at times.