Cowboys Training Camp Day 2 – No Lack Of Leaders


Cowboys Training Camp Day 2 and a flavor has emerged from “Camp Focused”. Leaders abound as you see Witten working with each TE, WR or rookie when he can. Spencer speaks into players ears between reps. Ronald Leary stands behind each drill and has quiet conversation with other linemen. Church is the leader for the defensive back seven and Claiborne is walking with swagger I have not seen since early in his rookie campaign.

Camp is “upbeat’, players are in shape and focus is INTENSE! Yet as with any superior physical execution key players are loose and having fun. These guys enjoy excelling. They get off on taking their skills to the next level and “grind” is a key item they relish to pull out of the tool bag versus something to be dreaded.

You read the fish wraps (online or otherwise) and the Cowboys are not rated highly and berated with aplomb by those who (really) have no idea. Some still suppose the Cowboys are going back to a 3-4 defense while others lament the season is gone with Sean Lee absent. To abuse a favorite quote “we got em just where we want them.”

Cowboys Training Camp Day 2 -Random Observations

  •  Zack Martin is getting work at Center
  • Swing tackle Parnell is healthy and in shape this camp
  • Leary & Spencer doing light jogging and side band crawls – looking good
  • WR’s working on getting off the press
  • Henry Melton looks NASTY. Just no other way to put it.
  • Terrell McClain is the second aspect of the NASTY twins.
  • Matt Johnson has already practiced more days this year than previous years combined
  • Doug Free LEVELED a dummy and the player who was holding it (and not paying full attention). Laughing could be heard across the field.
  • B.W. Web needs to step up. Not that he is playing bad, those behind him are excelling (so far).
  • Jeremy Mincey took a step forward at the end of practice. He needs leaps.

Every year when working the Crawford drill (slalom vs tackling dummies) the NFL would wait and watch for DeMarcus Ware to take his turn so they could use it for training tapes. Enter Henry Melton. Was he injured? Did he have a bad wheel? Could have fooled me. The man got JUMP and CUT! The “oooooohs and ahhhhs” were coming from the players and coaches as well as the fans. Let’s lay it out. The front office hit a home run here. The pads and pre-season will determine if it’s a grand slam or an inside the park gift. Right behind him is Terrell McClain.

DeMarcus Lawrence is not far behind. Fully engaged in “rookie mode” he will have three “learning” drill reps followed by one where you rub your eyes wondering “who the heck was that??!!! No two ways about it, the man has skills. As you hear ad nauseam however, let’s see what happens when the pads come on.

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What say you Cowboys Nation?

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  • Football Mensa

    Without pads the only two position groups who oppose each other that you can actually somewhat discern good and bad is cb and wr. Even then it’s still about 1/2 to 3/4 speed.

    In regard to the leaders paradigm I have a difficult time buying into that. Witten and Spencer have been on the team for years. Real leadership begins at the top. JG and Jerry haven’t had a clue how to lead.

    I am going to bookmark this article. I will revisit it at the end of the season. If Dallas is 8-8 or less I will review first impressions vs actuality.

    • Steven Van Over

      Interesting take, equating leadership with won/loss. As an example, a certain battle at Thermopylae would posit that leadership is just that. Leadership. Win/Loss in the NFL is normally equated to the level of talent. Looking at how Jimmy Johnson won in Dallas and failed in Miami would seem to support this as well. Jimmy had plenty of leaders in Miami, as did the 300 at Thermopylae.

      • Football Mensa

        One of the most over used memes in professional sports. W’s and L’s last I checked determined a teams playoff fate.
        Who did Jimmy have as a leader in Miami ? Just curious . Don’t say Marino. His timed had passed and he should have retired 2 years prior.

  • fiverings37

    Where was Claiborne’s “swagger” the last 2 years? He has this season to prove that he is not a bust as many suspect (me included).

    • Steven Van Over

      Swagger tends to disappear when one is injured. I speak from experience. I tend to give Mo credit for toughing it out with a racked wrist the 1st year (ZERO ability to punch at line) and a shoulder harness the 2nd year. He gets huge credit from me for being a team player and going all out. I have played injured at a high level. It is brutal. I can only imagine what he went through. Never a complaint though. That used to be admired. Still is in my book.

      • Football Mensa

        “I speak from experience.”……Steven Van Swag !

      • fiverings37

        But the problem with all that is he has not played well even when healthy, certainly not up to where he was drafted and what they had to give up to move up to get him.
        He has this year to prove that he is not a bust in my mind.

        Parcells always said if you don’t get it after 3 years , then you won’t.

        • Football Mensa

          Mo will never in his lifetime be able to live up to what Dallas paid for him. Never. Jerry was stupid.