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  1. Have I missed something? You show Kellen Moore on the practice squad and Cassel as the #2 QB. The last two weeks Moore has been the #2 and Cassel has been inactive.

    • Good catch. Sometimes in WordPress changes get “autosaved” versus updated. It’s unknown at this point if that will remain the case. Keeping our eye on it!

  2. Steven, I regret to think that QB Dustin Vaughan has played himself out of the NFL. Showers too. Considering Weeden has a concussion, how likely is it that Dallas signs another QB backup after the cuts?

    • Good question. I think Dallas will have sign anyone they believe is a talent better than they currently have on the roster.If they see a QB they like, they will bag him.

  3. Steve,

    What do you mean by RB3?

    We need Jenkins at WR, everyone wants to give Street the benefit of being drafted, but Jenkins has better natural talent; if Dez or Williams were to go down we have no quality depth at this position (may be the thinest position group on the team now)……..hope JG lets go of the Jerry mantra of favoring draftees over talent

    • RB3 is meant to denote “third down or rather passing down” back. Specifically they like to use Dunbar quite often in those situations. He is solid in blitz pickup and runs a mean screen. They don’t play him every time, but often enough.

      I’m loving Jenkins performance as well. He may be WR2 upon next update. Very excited about today’s game in that regard.

      • Getting down to business time now………..hope we get the game here in Sacto live, need to see the first string folks do something to get ready for the Giants……..Orlando will be missed all year long…………and Dunbar needs more touches running the ball………….not to beat a dead horse but he had the most explosive running play of the season in game 16 last year, but Witten was called on a tricky-tack holding call to nullify the 80 yard run

  4. Patmon takes over at Slot CB. Byron Jones is shown as backup for CBs Claiborne, Patmon, and Safety Wilcox.
    Dunbar has no business at KR. He wouldn’t last a month.
    Safety Tim Scott made some plays. Do I keep him as the 4th Safety, or old Danny McCray?
    We be deep at DL. Coleman may force Ken Bishop and Efe Obada to the practice squad.

    • Good eye. Liking me some Tim Scott. I’ve got McCray on the bubble as well though special teams may make diff. Like you, I prefer Patmon at Slot. Primarily due to Jones versatility (and my desire to see him at safety) however he is a first round talent. May be hard to keep him off the field.

      FYI – Updated the Chart to reflect the new world.

      Man I would LOVE to be able to sneak a few DL to the practice squad.

  5. Just read that Scandrick most likely has torn his acl during practice. That’s going to break some eggs.

  6. Where is 7th round RT from VT Laurence Gibson? I thought he would surely be a raw back up. Is he just not gonna make the team??

  7. LaEl 2nd RT? That’s the first I’ve heard about him in the T conversation. I like it but would love to hear if he’s done much work there lately.

    • He got reps early. Since then it’s been all guard. We have adjusted the chart to reflect this.