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  1. Well, I feel compelled to comment on the confusion that is the Dallas Cowboys.

    Before I do, just a couple of points. One, it was nice hearing Jon Gruden say Dallas was probably the most talented 4-12 team EVER. Hyperbole?, maybe, but no denying this is a talented team. Secondly, heard that Dallas refused to trade down 2 spots for Baltimore’s pick. That’s 200 points in value. As I am assuming the Ravens coveted Ramsey and it was highly unlikely Jacksonville would take a RB, it seems like a trade Dallas would make if they are targeting Elliot. Had they done so, they could have packaged those 200 points with their 3rd pick and easily gotten one of Alabama’s DTs in the mid-second round instead of Collins. I personally think it was worth the risk.

    But I digress.

    Here is what I don’t understand about Dallas. Jerry’s getting older, he desperately wants one more SB ring, he knows the window for himself and Tony Romo is rapidly closing, so what does he do in FA?, hardly anything meaningful. He plans for the future, not today. I personally think it’s the right call. So what does he do with the 4th pick in the draft? Take a RB that clearly shows he wants to WIN NOW. Seems like a real contradiction from his FA strategy, and of course it gets even more bizarre. We now know he was willing to package his 2nd & 3rd picks to move up to grab a developmental QB (hey, those 200 points he left on the table with Baltimore could have come in handy). Bottom line is Jerry was willing to give up all 3 picks in this years’ draft on offense, that seems crazy to me given their D’s obvious shortcomings. Then in round 2, he does it again. Takes a player that most likely won’t play next year.

    So Jerry, what is it?, or do you even know? Are you playing for today or tomorrow? Crazy and it really appears there is not a cohesive strategy on their part. Also, check out the RBs in next years’ draft, 1 maybe 2 are better than Elliot, 5 could easily have 1st round grades. What was so freaking urgent about drafting Elliot THIS year if you turn around and are willing to waste your 2nd and 3rd round picks on a development QB and then eventually waste an early 2nd round pick on a player who definitely WILL NOT be contributing next year. What exactly are you trying to accomplish Jerry?

    I leave you with this one last nugget that succinctly describes why Dallas has been mediocre for so long.

    Assuming Jaylon Smith does not play next year. Entering next season, OVER THE PAST 12 YEARS, Dallas’ 2nd round picks have IN TOTAL started 143 games. That averages out to less than 12 starts PER CAREER. And its even worse than that. Of the 143 starts, 63 of them came from Bruce Carter and Martellus Bennett. I believe besides Sean Lee, the last 2nd round draft pick to receive a 2nd contract from Dallas was Andre Gurode, who was drafted in 2002. Jason Witten has 197 career starts all by himself.

    And you wonder why Dallas hasn’t been more successful.

    • It’s not so stupid when expectations for what was basically a 5th round pick are so low. The Jaylon Smith pick in the 2nd round currently does look stupid.

  2. I’m gonna take a wait and see attitude on this d line. If Collins doesn’t become that stud 3tech , I believe we are looking at more of the same.

    EE was a stud pick. I want to clarify that I don’t think his selection automatically translates into a superbowl run. Well because JG is still the coach and until I SEE defensive improvement , I won’t buy into it.

    • This defense will be stressed once again, no playmakers that we can see in any of the 11 starters………..elite QB needs help to beat the other elite QBs,,,,,,,Carolina, Seattle and Arizona clearly in driver’s seat……….Rodgers who is better than our guy, has a better organization and defense……….we are no better than 6th IF all goes according to plan………………. then again the injury factor can bite any one.

      Best thing going for us, we will not be favorites to win much of anything which is always a Big plus in Big D…..ala 2014

      • Gregory and Lawrence are going to see the light, Jaylon Smith will heal at a pace that will be described as “miraculous”, Mo will become Deion, and Jones will be Ed Reed when played in one spot. Sean Lee is a force all season, although he will have a pimple, and RoMac’s head is suddenly screwed on straight. TCraw and Collins become unstoppable in the middle. Fixed the D for you.

        • I feel better already, especially about MO becoming Prime Time II…………..you have the Disney Magic Touch………………..