Tony Romo, Cowboys D & Ravens – STL Conversation w/ Rafael Vela

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Join Host Steven Van Over and Rafael Vela as they take a moment to detail some thoughts on the Tony Romo Press conference.

But this is Raf and Van, they segue almost immediately into Rod Marinelli designed pressure schemes and the types of offenses that are giving the Cowboys D the most problems. Mid-season is always a nice time to look at the remaining schedule and with the Baltimore Ravens and their number one NFL defense on the docket this week you know the matchups and options will be broken down.

Robust, straight to the point and with no holds barred host Steven Van Over puts forth the hard questions and gets straight answers from Senior Analyst Rafael Vela.

STL Conversation w/ Rafael Vela

SportsTalkLine Podcast – Tony Romo, Cowboys D & Ravens

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2 Replies to “Tony Romo, Cowboys D & Ravens – STL Conversation w/ Rafael Vela”

  1. Skip Bayless has made a career of controversial commentary on the Cowboys. He’s on record as saying Jerry will mess up the Dak as quarterback scenario a narrative he’s not gonna quit until Dak is holding a Lombardi and Tony a clipboard in February. The Dallas cowboys have been a media paradise before north Dallas forty. Any qb controversy anywhere is a sportswriters dream. Only there isn’t a controversy. Tony’s eloquent speech and his unselfishness is to be respected.

    Dak has but one solution. Win The Whole damn thing. So far so good.

    Also doesn’t the coach make the qb decision not Jerry or Stephen? Of course this is Dallas but for once Jerry saying this is a good problem to have is correct.

    Dallas 31 Ravens 17 Dak and Zeke will impose their Will. Ed Reed is retired like Polamalu. Their front 7 isn’t better than our oline. When strength meets strength it’s usually an opportunity for the stronger to show their true character. Dallas will pass to open run and do we care if Zeke has to catch a screen pass instead of a handoff? See Pitt game as reference.

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