Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys Well….to quote Jay-Z, What more can I say! The Dallas Cowboys are the Beasts of the East again, after the Giants choked in Philadelphia. The Cowboys are riding high after a victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that saw the defense finally get four sacks and two interceptions. David Irving was all over the place again with two sacks and you have to wonder what else he would have to do in order to get more playing time. The coaches are saying that he has to be more consistent but that’s hard to understand when you’re rotating defensive lineman like french fries at McDonalds. I understand the thought process of fresh legs on the field in the third quarter but I believe that defensive lineman need to get into the flow of the game, similar to a running back. What’s your definition of a splash play, relative to snap count? With DeMarcus Lawrence out for the next two games due to a back injury and Jack Crawford limited in practice it is imperative that Benson Mayowa continue the production that he’s had the last three games, chipping in 2.5 sacks. With the return of Randy Gregory to the lineup, he might be able to give the Cowboys a solid twelve to fifteen snaps on Monday night which should be enough to generate enough of a pass rush to make Matt Stafford uncomfortable.

The Lions come into Dallas, winning four of its last five games and hungry to keep it’s playoff hopes alive. If I could speak honestly to Cowboys fans, one of the most exciting parts of the Lions offense is the resurgence of Eric Ebron. Ebron has had issues with injuries in the first three years of his career but hopefully that is behind him. You can see why the Lions drafted him because his athleticism is off the charts and he hasn’t disappointed with 47 receptions for 557 yards, which is an eleven yard average so the Cowboys will have their hands full. Some people may have thought that the Lions passing game would go down the toilet without Calvin “Megatron” Johnson but it hasn’t. The Lions did a great job by adding Marvin Jones and Anquan Boldin to the fold and it looks like the offense has benefited. I’m not worried about any of the receivers running away from the Cowboys secondary but I do have concerns about them handling the crossing routes that are employed in the Lions offense. I expect to see Rod Marinelli combat that flooding Matthew Stafford’s passing lanes with his dime defense. The Lions running game is pedestrian with Theo Riddick and Dwayne Washington rushing for 600 yards combined and the team only having 309 total rushing attempts which by the way is one less than Ezekiel Elliott has by himself, you could see why Marinelli wouldn’t have a problem with the front four lineman and Pro Bowl snubbed Sean Lee controlling the running game. With that being said I see Stafford throwing for 280 yards and two touchdowns, one going to Marvin Jones and the other to Anquan Boldin. He’ll also throw two picks with one going to Sean Lee and the other to Brandon Carr. I could see Theo Riddick having five receptions for 45 yards as an outlet for Stafford.

When the Cowboys have the ball they will play smash-mouth football with Elliott going for 145 yards on 26 carries and i’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised if he breaks a 60 yarder in this game. Prescott will throw three touchdowns against the Lions secondary with two going to Dez and one to Mr. Hot Sauce himself Cole Beasley. Jason Witten will have six catches for 80 yards as he shows Ebron the true definition of a tight-end.

So Mote It Be!

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  1. Back on the Dak wagon. Beautiful throws to Butler and Dez (2) for td’s. Chris Jones dough pops a returner. Totally beat down Detroit. Dallas has become a good damn football team, on both sides of the ball. Not terribly impressed with Gregory, maybe he can stay clean for a few weeks, get some game.

    • Five of six on passes more than 15 yards downfield. Not bad. I think Prescott showed a new gear tonight with his downfield accuracy. The only fly in the ointment is the expanding injury report. The defensive front seven is on whatever descriptor comes after “paper thin.”

      • I suspect that every team is thin in some areas at this time of the season. On a positive note, it has gotten Irving a chance to shine.

  2. Eh. Well didn’t feel like watching Gmen game and then just saw Tampa game on NFL network.

    Then Gmen lost to Philly.

    Well, 15 minutes to game time.

    With so many guys outs…easy to see who plays: the ones remaining.

    I guess DMC gets to play…alot. I hope Dunbar gets ready.

    If Romo is not playing… why keep him at backup? and not play Sanchez.

    Boys will be light at DT. Only two DTs with JCrawford hurt…then…

    See, a good first quarter and maybe a good second and then, the wheels just start grinding down… and the ..*(*(&( win.