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  1. I think Zeke could’ve carried the sentient bags of meat starting at QB last year (in place of Romo) to at least 5 wins. That’s really saying something. Of course, you can’t separate Zeke from the O-line but that didn’t stop Emmitt from winning it in 1993 after it was proven how irreplaceable he was (well, judged against Jerry’s hand-picked replacements anyways.) Meanwhile, it’s hard to really know how many games the team would’ve won with Dak handing off to Morris as the lead back. I’d give it to Zeke.
    I don’t doubt Brady will win it even though he could win it every year and in his absence the Pats once again showed they are a great team led and assembled by Bellichick very capable of winning, even in the absence of their all-time great quarterback. If it isn’t Zeke though, I’d actually give it to Rodgers just based on how dead the Packers were two thirds through the season and the impressive numbers he is putting up even in an off year. Ryan hasn’t had any kind of astonishingly good passing season nor have the Falcons done anything special at just 10-5. Best player on the best team who has appeared in all of his team’s games unlike Brady; that only leaves Zeke.

  2. MVP is very political. Zeke has brought Dallas back to the past when running backs did win MVP awards. We’re already seeing a philosophical shift with some teams in the league getting back to running the football. New England manages to win with or without Brady. Matt Ryan has had a nice year but it won’t be enough.
    Zeke’s energy has been contagious in Dallas. Dak wouldn’t be Dak without Zeke. These vets are acting like old guys with young girlfriends.
    That energy has tremendous value.
    He has made the whole team better.
    Does anyone believe that we’d be where we are with Morris at RB?