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  1. Trading for Lynch is a non-starter both for Dak and Lynch; draft choice is most likely scenario if a trade can be made, he wants to play again some where with a team with a legit Super Bowl contender…. no scrub teams need apply

  2. I think there will be a meager market for Romo. He’s too old, fragile, and expensive. He may just stay put in Dallas. I sort of hope he retires while his body is still somewhat intact.

  3. I think you are overestimating the market for Romo. Lynch for Romo? Pure fantasy.

    The big question is just who would be willing to take a chance on an aging, oft-injured, QB who lost his job to a 4th round rookie? It would be a desperate gamble for any GM to sink 14 million into Romo on the hope he can last a full season. To give up a young player on top of that…. is how GMs get fired.

    • Spot on about the market value. Putting that aside, where would Tony like to go? Not one of the teams mentioned has what is needed for Tony to survive a season, much less thrive. I think Tony is a June 1 release, someone will make an offer, he will ponder it, and then retire. As an unabashed Romosexual, I don’t want to see Tony end his career broken in Buffalo.

      • I think he is a June 1st release then signs an incentive heavy contract. I think it is too early to guess where he will end up. There is a lot of shuffling and reshuffling of the QB market yet to come.

      • Romo, from all we have read, would make a great coach in Dallas. But he still wants to play. I believe you have the scenario right with the exception that he accepts an offer to play, gets injured, then retires.

      • Romo will not retire this coming season……Vikings (Zimmer) and Texans (what to do with Brock) would seem as his best teams to succeed with; will not be going to Buffalo (likely new HC), Bears (although they do have a legit RB), or the Jets….. Jerry will facilitate a favorable landing spot…..

  4. With himself in a solid gold washtub filled with all the money he received these last couple of seasons for not starting all those games at quarterback. A Romo-for-Lynch trade scenario is preposterous. Although that wascally Jerry may have dodged a bullet after all by not getting his wish to trade back into the 1st round just to pick a purdier Brock Awfullier in a shinier draft hype package. It’s too early to tell on Lynch because the Broncos o-line is a disgrace. That begs the question as to why John or Tony would look forward to this transaction happening if they are both aware of this going in. Man, if Romo couldn’t hold up behind the best O-line if football…..GEEZ!

    • Best O-line in football. Defensive starter is more in line with reality. You still have to realize though that a bunch of guys are going to be out there and none of them as poorly as Romo in terms of declining health. Even with his chronic condition of sucking, Jay Cutty isn’t the brittle bag of bones that Romo had eroded into.