1. A healthy Romo who plays 14-16 games for Houston next season makes them an instant Super Bowl contender with their defense. Not everyone would be willing to give up on Osweiller as he is still young, could be rehabilitated, and has the Elway pedigree (remember, Denver wanted to resign him). This trade makes sense for everyone but Jerry’s ego.

    • No doubt, this is Romo’s best landing spot….top defense with Cupcake in charge, and Jerry does owe #9 plenty after he undermined him from 08-2014…..i like it but don’t see why Cleveland would be a willing participant, they just posted a 1-15 campaign.

      • I believe Jerry and Romo are going to have a hard time finding a willing suitor. Age and injuries are a big problem.

        • Chances for a trade are slim and slimmer, he will be released and then Tony is free to find a suitable team that has a legit chance at a ring………….Houston would be a great landing spot for him….Brock is no savior, more like a bust of epic proportions

  2. WR John Ross has been linked to the Cowboys by several mock drafts. Would the team pull another Zeke deal with him to help the offense and take defense at #2 and #3?

    • MY GOD MY GOD they better not!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides, John Ross is a Ewing and Ewings and Joneses don’t mix. 🙂

  3. I’m sure that Houston would like to have Tony and ditch Osweiler. However, I cannot see another team assessing Osweiler and making a deal for him, salary cap space or not. Cleveland has made some astoundingly bad decisions, but even they would shy away from Osweiller. Eventually, Houston is going to be forced to eat the contract and move on.

    • I believe the focus here is not to get Osweiller for his talent, rather to take on his cap, cut him and get a draft pick for your trouble. As Frank pointed out, teams are bound to spend X amount of funds regardless, this allows the Brows to “buy” a draft pick. Interesting ya? Agree with eating the contract though .. ouch.

      • I assume Houston has two third round picks? Would Cleveland be willing to take 16mil and throw it away in exchange for a draft pick? Even if they do, by my math, if I read the contract details correctly, Houston is still going to eat 8-10 mil. That third round guy for Cleveland better be some kind of gem.

        • Houston would be giving up their 3rd round pick in 2017. The conditional draft pick, which could end up being a 3rd round pick, would be in the 2018 draft. Yes, Houston would still eat $9 million, but they will have to eat that whether they trade him, keep him, or release him because that money was already paid as a signing bonus. They only difference is trading him would accelerate it into the 2017 cap. Houston would probably have enough cap space to take that hit, or if not, they could convert one of the their player’s salary into a signing bonus to counter the acceleration from Osweiler’s contract. They way I look at it, since Cleveland will be forced to spend a ton of money, I’d rather get a 3rd round pick than throw that money at a middling veteran free agent. $16 million doesn’t buy much in free agency compared to getting the third round player cheap for 4 seasons.

      • Yes, Steven explained it better than me by saying Cleveland would in effect be buying a draft pick with cap space (and real money) while adding Osweiler would only be a necessary accompaniment with the cap dollars. Cleveland would be being a player and a draft pick for nothing other than taking the player’s contract. In retrospect, I think Cleveland would be getting the most benefit and would probably still benefit even with getting a lower pick. Osweiler is likely an above average backup quarterback. If I was Dallas, I’d even consider keeping him and the third round pick for the $16 million cap hit. That cap hit would hurt, but a third round pick could replace a free agent signing and would cost a lot less over four years, maybe even $16 million less. For example, Cedric Thornton signed for $17 million over 4 years, while third round pick Maliek Collins is better and is only due $3.5 million over the same four years. Of course not all third round picks will be that good.