Happy Cowboys Saturday Folks!

It’s a great Saturday because the playoffs have started and Americas Team has a bye week. The team has had the opportunity to rest and recuperate from the regular season bumps and bruises, knowing that guys like DeMarcus Lawrence and Tyron Smith have been battling the entire season with injuries that could require offseason surgery, it’s amazing that both will have the opportunity to contribute during the playoffs. There hasn’t been much news this week about the Cowboys, which is a good thing.

The only “news” of the week that I found interesting is that there were fans that actually thought that Randy Gregory might have a chance to play the rest of the season. Like most of you, I do not know the particulars of his case but by watching how the NFL aka Roger Goodell has handled  previous cases from the past, you knew it wasn’t going to end well. The great writers of Twitter have come out with conspiracy theories of Cowboys bias but we know that’s not true. The reality is that Gregory is responsible for his actions and has to live with the consequences of his decisions and I hope that this is the last time that I have to write or hear the narrative of him and his struggle with marijuana. I have a better idea though, maybe it’s time for the NFL aka Roger Goodell to consider allowing the use of medical marijuana for pain management. I know that it’s not legal in every state but the reality is that some prescription drugs shouldn’t be either.   I’m not a Doctor and will admit that I have done zero research on the subject but I would make my standard bet (if this is your first time tuning in, I occasionally offer a Fat Tuesdays if i’m proven wrong) that if used, marijuana doesn’t give a player a competitive advantage. Any way’s Good Luck young man! I’m rooting for you!

As I look to the future and assess the organization, the future looks good and the arrow is on the cusp of pointing up. As we have learned from 2014 to 2016, every season is different and every team changes as players move on, some in free agency and some that aren’t resigned. One of the hardest parts of writing about your favorite team is being objective because you want to see the glass half full rather than half empty. The good news is that at the beginning of the season the Cowboys were the twelfth ranked team in average age averaging at twenty-six years old which bodes well because at most positions, football is a young man’s game and once Tony Romo leaves and if Jason Witten ever verifies his real age, it will probably drop two points (that was a joke).

The Cowboys will have to deal with salary cap issues in the offseason which will hurt the teams chances of resigning key players like Terrance Williams, JJ Wilcox and/or Barry Church. Both starting cornerbacks will be free agents and the likelihood of Rolando McClain ever putting on a Cowboys uniform has decreased, which isn’t a bad thing. The team will have to deal with Gregory’s suspension on the defensive line as well as making a decision on Terrell McClain. I’m hoping that the team will be careful on who’s contract they decide to restructure in order to get under the salary cap. If I am Stephen Jones, I stay away from Tyrone Crawford and Dez Bryant’s contract which if the team decided to restructure would push money to the end of their respective contracts as they become ineffective or overpriced.

A lot of good coaches were fired after their season ended and the 49ers will be starting completely over. You have to wonder if Will McClay will decide that he wants his chance at running an NFL organization on his own. No one outside of the building can tell you why he stays because he’s had opportunities in the past. Is it the paycheck? Maybe. Is it a sense of loyalty to the Jones family? Most likely. This organization finally seems to be running on all cylinders and I think he plays a big part in making sure that the front office gives the coaching staff the players that they can use. Maybe an NFL Executive of the Year Award is due? Or do you only win those if you have a Super Bowl on your resume?

So Mote It Be!

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  1. Looks like the dreaded Packers will be coming to ATT next Sunday…………Eli’s WRs have had a bunch of costly drops, yet his accuracy has been spotty

      • Wont happen, the Boat crew will escape most of the criticism……………..Packers were favored after all!!!

        • I think it will haunt them for years. Especially the drops in the end zone. You don’t forget those so easily.

  2. Gm Jerry paid his coach in training coordinator like a HC while he let Wade run down a talented squad.

    He should reward McClay and Linehan like GM pay and HC pay to retain their services. GM Jerry has given more control to McClay Garret and Stephen. My guess is when they Win a SB Jerry can step aside and declare he did it all and name MClay GM and Stephen Owner.

    Linehan may have failed as HC but what he has done with Dak and read option is something everyone envys. If he is viewed as a qb whisperer someone’s will pay him.

  3. Will McClay… why leave when things are about to …

    a big paycheck and probably alot of headaches versus a nice good ride of winning football.

    Let’s see. Buffalo: GM didn’t know that HC was being fired. Yuck. Cleveland…yuck. Let Hue do a few more years of cleanup and then just to get back to a normal level of losing.

    San Fran. Hell no.

    Opportunities abound…but. Maybe a Superbowl looks better on the resume and maybe then go fishing.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. If McClay leaves, just where does he land? I don’t see any attractive openings for GMs at the moment. There is a rumor that Josh McDaniels might end up in SF, but I bet he wants a GM trained by Belichick, and a QB who knows his system. The way of the NFL at the moment seems to be having a GM, HC, and QB who all move in lockstep with one another.

    • At the end of the day everyone wants to run their own operation, McClay will leave sooner or later…surely working for Jerry has its frustrating moments…….