8 Replies to “Cowboys Better Prepared to Handle Success”

  1. Jerry, get a defence, look what happened to the Falcons and the coaching staff, it was embarrassing and shameful and one more thing Jerry get a quality receiver to complement Dez, so get with the program Jerry get some key players from the free agency.

  2. It may only be an option on Fantasy Island and I am not the first to mention it……….but a straight up swap of ROMO for WATT and contract swaps. Two players with recent injuries. Perhaps JJ has to throw in a 3rd rounder or something since Watt is younger but with Clowney’s play Houston could let Watt walk. It fixes out Pass rusher. Watt can and has taken snaps as a DE in 4 man front many snaps in fact. High motor player who can come here and transition to a situational pass rusher as he ages.

    Well I for one would love it. Dallas has to get a pass rusher who can impact the sacks we accrue in 2017 or theyll be at home watching the SB again.

  3. This is not only a better team than 2014 but a dramatically different team. Dak Prescott is a talented, mature young stud who will continue to improve and has a thick,athletic frame to help him stay healthy. Same for EE who is already the best RB in the game. These 2 players have transformed the entire team’s attitude. The defense is far better than the pitiful crew from 2014 and is only a stud pass rusher and shut down corner away from being good enough to get to a Super Bowl. Any other additions (a second pass rusher and/or stud secondary player) are icing on the cake. Can’t wait for next year.

    1. Agree with that all Hard. Now, getting that pass rusher & CB is the question. I’ll take 1 one the 2

    2. Only 4 teams pick later in the draft sequence than the Boys #28. Can’t expect known elite talent at any position to be available that late. Looks to me like we take a pass-rusher at 28, then maybe a CB at pick 60.

  4. We obviously need to add a pressure player on defense, a true 2 receiver, maybe a tackle, but Linehan-Garrett also need to keep in mind why we had great success. KISS, indeed.

    1. Think the #2 WR comes in the draft, probably sign a veteran guy in FA too. Unless T Willy doesn’t get free agency love

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