6 Replies to “Cowboys Need a Backup Plan, Again”

  1. With the youth and durability of Prescott now would be a good time to get off the “bring in a veteran QB” train every other year and draft a QB every now and then who fits your scheme so you have youth, present value, and potential future value. Like the Patriots do. It’s also cap friendly.

    1. BPA. Best Player Available who:
      1. Fits the schemes used by the team.
      2. Appears capable of upgrading a position or becoming a valuable backup.
      3. Can be trusted not to be a criminal (usually defenders), or a dope head (usually receivers), or a head case (usually receivers, think Parcells’ Antonio Bryant).
      4. Has a physical attitude of aggressiveness, fearless and fearful–think Randy White–the polar opposite of Mike Jenkins.

      1. I really want them to focus on DE and CB big time this draft. Maybe even FS if there’s a stud to be had and give BJones a try at CB again. Agree on a player who’s healthy and not a nut job.

        1. We can hope, but I’d rather take a higher rated KR/PR, or TE, or QB, than a lower rated defender. And you know I’ve been angry about Garrett’s chronic, shameful inability to find talent for his defense. A couple of my friends on CN blame Marinelli–amazing!
          But you have no control over who is still available when it’s your turn to pick. FIND THE STARTERS, instead of drafting for need.

          1. Normally I agree with the BPA theory (and still do) but the needs are great for defense on this Cowboys team. So to my mind if it’s even close between a defensive player and an offensive player Cowboys need to go defense. They are only a couple defenders away from the Super Bowl.

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