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  1. Ben, do you see Irving as a DT or DE? If he could start at DT that solves one problem. However, this team does not need more SDEs. I look for the team to sign a FA ( not expensive( and then drafting one early ( 2nd or 3rd round) and one late. The team has drafted enough DE in the recent past, but drugs and injuries have let them down ( Lawrence, Gregory & Tapper).

    1. Great question Paul, I’m really not sure. Irving’s made plays from both spots & the team benefits from moving him around. If they find a true left defensive end, he might be better served for the team on the inside.

  2. Not to get too far ahead of myself but- on 2018 the team has 13 free agents list. 9 unrestricted and 4 restricted. As I see it, all are replaceable except 2- Zack Martin and David Irving(maybe). We need to get through this offseason in good shape and be in great shape for 2018. This offseason is KEY. 2019 looks even better.

  3. Stud pass rushers are as hard to find as QB’s. Cowboys need to draft at least two DE’s high in this draft. Plus a couple CB’s. Good draft to go ALL defense. Do it.

    1. Agree Hard, but they will definitely use a mid round pick (2nd-5th) on a WR, prob a RB somewhere too. But I’m on board with a heavy defensive draft

      1. WR I can understand but not RB. Gotta go DE in first round unless there’s a CB or FS that’s that much clearly better. Right now, Cowboys can barely staff the DE position and the later in the draft they wait the harder it will be to find one.

        1. No. I think Romo gets released to pursue a team of his choice. Designating him a post June 1 cut allows Dallas a little manipulation of the salary cap.

        2. I actually still believe they get a pick for Romo. Jerry needs to sell his butt off in Indy to get interest, think he pulls it off.

  4. Signing a Freeny or other older FA would have been prudent. We also didn’t know Gregory was a total year drug fail. Recall how Haley and others raved about him early on.

    Gm Jerry signing a Freeny also kind of says he should have kept Ware. So I did hear they were gonna kick the tires on Lomg and he went to NE and never left.

    The rookie from Nebraska and the DT play overall was good. We definitely need an edge rusher. Irving might improve again next year. DLaw might be healthy and get double digit sacks. Gregory won’t take a snap. Dallas should draft DE and sing an FA. Is Freeny available? Ware on the cheap as a last roundup?

    Jaylon Smith and Sean Lee will help any defense if both are healthy but neither is a pass rusher. I think other than DE, TE is the next most important. Aikman says it wasn’t Irvin’s injury but Novacek retiring that hurt his offense the worse. The old wise Witten is well Old and reliable but his replacement isn’t on the roster. Even if it is our first a two TE set could be lethal with Zeke.

    1. People forget how banged up Ware was with us his last couple of years (not too mention his frequent offsides in critical passing downs), and that trend has continued in Denver, would be shocked if they bring him back outside of retiring as a Cowboy…….best FO decision on FA since the new group took over from GM Jerry……youth is key as is healthy bodies…….need to draft DEs and corners…period, but need a speedy, WR as well in case both Butler and TWill depart (Gathers seems like a project, but i still believe Hanna has huge upside) and possibly a RB, since Dunbar is probably gone unless he signs a team friendly deal.

      1. He had a hell of a super bowl. And if Von miller didn’t play lights out MVP.

        He’s old but i like the idea of a vet working with the youth. Freeny did well in ATL.

        1. Freeney has never had multiple back issues, played in mostly 4-3 defenses as opposed to DWare….just saw a mock draft (total shots in the dark) where they had us picking 3 DEs, but none in the first round, corner from Washington was the pick, Sydney Jones, Lawson from Auburn in the 2nd (DE)……of course we all know that the combine will have some unknowns rise to the stratosphere (ala Byron Jones) while others will decline ……McClay did a great job in 2016 (some luck for sure by teh Chargrers selecting Rosa, who turned out to be a pretty darn good player), not sure he can duplicate it in 2017……..drafting 24 spots lower….

  5. Since the team will not go for a high dollar DE in FA ( according to BTB ) would JJ et al be interested in maybe trading for Tank Carradine who does not want to be a LB or add weight to be a 3-4 DE? He is misused in SD.

    1. I liked him in the draft a few years back. Could definitely see him as a fit with the Cowboys, but I wonder what new coach and system think about him? But a name I would like too Paul. Very good potential there.

      1. Since Saleh was hired as the defensive coordinator in SF, will they go back to a 4-3 since that is in his roots?

  6. Apart from JPP, all these guys are OLB types, which is not a great fit for us. See if we can trade TCraw, or release him post June 1, sign Lawrence commensurate with his production, then draft rushers. JPP is going to get a lot of money, out of our range.

    1. The cap cost of releasing Crawford way too high, he’s staying. I’m all for JPP, think it’s the right move…Ware and Perry would be just fine in the system, Rod will work them in. Actually, think Perry might be best/sensible option if team does decide to spend some money.

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