8 Replies to “Cowboys NFL Draft 2017 Spotlight – DE Derek Rivers”

  1. Two observations: 1) I have no objection to kicking the tires on D. Ware if it is no more than 2 years and $10 with part signing bonus and part base salary 2) If the team soured on Morris they should have let him go rather than Jackson. What did they see that we did not?

      1. Cannot see doing this, Ware has missed at least 10 games over the last two seasons, and we have no one on the other side that teams need to double team on sure passing downs……does not fit the narrative of getting younger…….may sound harsh but nostalgia has no place in personnel decisions

        1. Sign him for one year for a million, and then use him only on third and long? And, the ’17 season is going to be the next season where Lawrence and Crawford break out.

          1. As i staed last year after they cut Hardy (who had his share of double-teams all year long), Lawrence is another of those players that the organization has fallen for without the stats to back it up……….did not see any evidence that either of the two are starting types in the NFL…..role players yes, but neither is a stud d-line player….hooe that i am wrong but Lawrence seems a little light and Crawford lacks the quickness to disrupt offenses.

          2. At least so far, Lawrence has not been gifted with a ridiculous potential star-in-the-making contract. Lawrence is better suited for LDE, Irving seems maybe, potentially, could be emerging, Crawford should be a June 1 casualty prospect. Rivers is a tweener, not a fit at RDE, unless he turns in some unreal times at the combine, and even then, a role player. I do not like spending a premium pick on a role player.

          3. Every other defensive end on the roster is 270+ and has all dealt with injuries and have no idea what “capturing the edge” even means. I need someone lighter who can run and bend to make a difference. Gregory like without off the field issues. Derek Rivers is just that. When you turn on his tape you see speed,power,bend that’s everything I need in a guy to rush the passer.

          4. He’s projected 3rd-4th round pick. Every scouting report I’ve read says he doesn’t have the strength to take on a lineman on running plays. He has the same problem these tall lanky guys have, if a tackle ever gets a hand on them, they’re done. As a spot player, he may be fine, but he’s not Von Miller.

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