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  1. Much was made of Tapper being misused at Oklahoma as a 2-gapper. Just read on another site about Tank Carradine of SF being used as an OLB rather than DE. He will be 28 this season and was a 2nd rounder. Could this be a similar situation to Tapper. Is he talented enough to try to obtain?

  2. Cowboys are very thin at CB with starters Claiborne too injured and Carr too old and pondering retirement. Not sure either is worth bringing back. Maybe Cowboys move Byron Jones back to CB, give FS to Wilcox and Heath and resign Church backed up by Kavon Frazier. Then go draft two CB’s.

    • Hard, cannot see them moving Byron back. He still needs work at the position he’s at. Re-signing Carr & drafting a CB seems like the direction team will go.

    • Byron got toasted in 2015 playing corner, i was at the Dolphins game in Novenemer 2015 and he got schooled by 2nd stringers……..cannot play CB full time…….IMO they will sign either Claiborne or Carr to a team friendly deal…MC will be cheaper, but Carr may be the better bet…at least we have some solid pieces in Brown and Orlando

      • He did seem to have a problem with giving up the big play although they moved the poor guy around all over the field and he basically played 3 positions as a rookie. Unfortunately he has only been mediocre as a FS and they still move him around a bit (mostly to cover TE’s). I would still hope he could develop next season into a stud FS but if not he needs another try at CB if we’re shorthanded there.

        • I believe that the moving around has little to do with his ability to cover man2man, his best match-ups are against TEs which he can outquick and recover if beaten off a cut in the secondary……….his best position is definitely FS, but so far he is but an average DB, although he does have enough skills to cover some WRs in five WRs sets.

          • Bottom line is we still need playmakers. here’s hoping we can find a stud DE in round 1, a CB in round 2, and some nice surprises for the D thereafter.

          • Some of the early mocks have them taking a corner in the first round, at the end of the day, the BPA still rules to some degree

  3. I almost forgot about Tyrone Crawford.

    He should be a Cowboys salary cap casualty unless he takes a paycut for the league minimum.

  4. “-sign Barry Church, Brandon Carr and Terrell McClain”? I would offer them each one year league minimums. If not, kick rocks. DeMarcus Ware 3 years after he was released? I do not think so. Re-sign Jonathan Cooper? if he has shown them anything since they signed him try a 3 year league minimum. “Keeping Cooper means the team can plug him in at guard and move Collins to right tackle if Free is really done”. I like this, Collins should be an upgrade over Free. Cooper should be good enough to play G.

    Cool, nice article.

    • Not sure that Collins will be an upgrade over Free at this point in time, clearly Leary was much better than he was at the left guard position; hopefully Cooper can be a contributor next year.

      • I am not sure that Collins will be an upgrade over Free at this point in time either. But I heard that life’s a risk. Even if Collins’ play is not an upgrade over Free, his pay would be far more salary cap friendly, and you can throw money at other areas, and take your risk with Collins

        • Mensa where are thou? We need a bouy with your boy La’el, can he handle the tackle position at the next level? If Cooper can play this might be the way to go, but Tyron is going to miss Leary

  5. Don’t forget Cleary. He was serviceable at LT, might be in the mix at RT. Even ChazTheBandaid might finally show something. Cooper is intriguing, a high first rounder who has never settled in. Dallas might be the place.

  6. Don’t believe the coaching staff will go after DeSean Jackson (not RKOG), Pierre Garcon might be cheaper, and probably a much better blocker, finding a pass rusher should be priority #1, #2, #3; don’t you think that JJWilcox will be in the mix as well? His coverage skills improved dramatically this season……..agree on all the rest

    • I don’t think they will either, but man this offense would have it all if they went after DJax. I also believe Garcon is a viable option, all depends on price.