1. The Patriots are a tough nut to crack. Big games require cold blood and from the field to the front office cold blood runs through the Pats organization. They were destroyed in the first half. I thought Brady might not make it through the game, and I was expecting to read eulogies for his career this morning.

    The Superbowl didn’t turn on Atlanta forgetting their identity, it turned on the sideline work of the Pats coaching staff and players as they stayed calm and methodically picked apart the Falcon’s game plan until they found advantages on both sides of the ball. If the Cowboys had a coaching staff as smart and adaptable as the Pats, they would have been playing last night.

  2. The Falcons lost situational awareness, at a much more critical juncture than did the Cowboys. The Falcons appeared to be trying to make a point, when they needed to be icing the game.

      • Ben…………where will Tony land? Think that the Texans would be the PERFECT place for him but Ostweiler’s contract is an issue ……….

        • I’m with you, Texans are best fit but not sure they are willing to pay 2 QB’s. Denver is great spot too, but they have 2 young guys there. When it’s all said & done, I hope its Houston. Watch for Bears tho, they have the money & no QB to turn to.

          • IMO, Denver is not in play due to Lynch and Seimian, Elway looking for this franchise QB longer term; don’t see Romo playing for a non-contender, even though the Bears might have found a RB in Howard, their o-line has a bunch of no-names……

    • The sack that Ryan took was inexcusable, reminds of Eli’s blunder against us in the 2015 opener……..