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    • Depends on where you read…there are reports that he has feeling again, but the nerves aren’t exactly ‘firing’ again. Yet. But they feel he’ll play with a brace, we’ll see later in the off-season.

  1. Look for the Cowboys to draft Obi Melifonwu, Justin Evans, or Josh Jones depending on their availability in Rounds 1-4.

    • More of a FS. But think Cowboys headed into more of an interchangeable duo. Draft will bring a Safety & Frazier seems like more of a thumper they like

      • SS and FS are no longer relevant in today’s game Ben. More like left safety and right safety. The fact Heath has led the Boys in interceptions speaks volumes about the defense. Very little pressure up front. Nothing dynamic at cb or safety. Just ok at lb overall.

        The one player I don’t want is Peppers. Great athlete but really not a great football player. He shies away from contact.

        • That’s what I’m saying, they like interchangeable pieces. More about matching up than Strong or Free Safety…I’m 50/50 on Peppers, plenty of ways to use him, plus they have his old coach on the staff who would know how to utilize him best.

          • I don’t trust our defensive regime at all. Of course better talent could cure a lot of ills. IMO Peppers isn’t one of those guys. Tweener like Roy Williams except he doesn’t hit as hard.

        • A stout pass rush would go a long way in improving the back end of the defense. We need to improve from the inside out.