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  1. Osweiler is out in Houston. Traded to the Browns along with a 2nd round pick. Things just got very interesting in the Romo sweepstakes. It looks like the Cowboys might be able to swing a trade after all. Rumor has it the Jags, Broncos, Texans, and 49ers are all in play.

    • How bad do you want to dump a bad player/contract? Good for us to have some competition for Tony.

      • Romo will likely veto any trade to Niners or even the Jags….Houston seems like the likely landing place, yet i heard an interview from a Houston writer that seems well connected with the team that they are looking to renegotiate Romo’s salary…………Romo and Jerry’s relationship now under huge stress……………

        • My guess is that Romo is released tomorrow. I think the Broncos and Texans will hold tight against trading for Romo and that, as you point out, Romo will not want to go elsewhere. Then again, maybe this is about salary negotiations.

          • No question that both Houston and Denver woud like to sign him to a team friendly deal with huge incentives……….but by Houston getting from under the Brock contract (still the steal of the decade IMO), they have left themselves much more vulnerable……Houston lost two key pieces to the defensive backfield today, that D will not be nearly as formidable as it was last year, unless JJ returns with complete abandon…hearing that Stephen and others are pushing for a Romo trade over Jerry’s promises to Tony….will see what the coming days bring….

      • Hard to say who got the worst end of that deal. The Texans are out from under a terrible contract for the price of an Escobar.

  2. If he can stay upright Romo should have success in either Denver or Houston. The big question for the Cowboys is whether to take the full hit on the salary cap now or split it over two seasons. If they are not going to play in free agency this year (and they have already lost their best free agents) then if at all possible I would like to see them squeeze it out this year and take the hit. Bring in the young guys and play them and set up the team and the cap for the Prescott/EE era.

    • They are following the pattern of the last few years, looking for “value” signings on the FA market…….IMO if they feel that they are close to competing for a ring, that may cost them……Haley put them over the top in the 90s, they need a presence on the Dline that merits double teams to contain him.

      • Agreed. It looks like they will have to do it via the draft because it appears as of today they barely have enough cap money to even sign their draft picks. Romo’s money will help but I’d still like to see them take his cap hit in full this year. Jack Crawford got $10.3 million for 3 years (unbelievable) so I don’t know what kind of player they could get cheaper than that. Hopefully they can pull a couple extra draft picks out of a Romo trade.

    • Indeed, still puzzling that a team would trade for Romo, knowing that at some point he will have to be released, especially if they sign McCown…………….Jerry’s bumbling of the careers of the three stars in the article should come with a further price for the franchise…………..still believe that the curse of Jerry will prevent the franchise from winning a ring, as long as he is actively connected with the team…………..will have to now watch all Texans/ Bronco games depending of where he lands.