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  1. Martin and Collins both get time at RT audition.

    Draft a guy or two. Mangold on cheap at G and backup C maybe but our luck with over 30 lineman FA hasn’t been good.

    Dallas is now missing 40% of the starters of its most powerful and strongest position.

  2. It would be prudent for Cowboys to try Collins out at RT in camp and see if he can play there. I have zero confidence in Chaz The Injured. Plus Collins is going to want big money after this season due to his perceived first round value. He should have the talent to be a decent/good RT (played LT at LSU) and that would be the best solution because it seems unlikely Chaz will be that player. Hell, if nothing else see if Cleary can play RT.

  3. This is not good news, wonder if they had any inkling before allowing Leary to leave without an offer………..this affects the strength of the team, moving Collins might sound like an option but IMO they would prefer NOT to that and have to introduce two new members (even if one would be moving to right tackle) to the offensive line……this might affect the way the team addresses the upcoming draft……….while Free was a limited player, he was part of the core of team (Romo, Church, Mo, Wilcox, Crawford, McClain were all heavy contributors over the past years, possibly Carr) ……….this team’s 2017 roster will hardly be recognizable to the 2016 version………would also submit that signing Martin just took an even more elevated approach….FO has its work cut out for them.

  4. The team is not in cap hell! They MAY be in cap hell NEXT season when they must resign Martin, D. Lawrence and Collins. With money saved from Romo’s contract , they may be OK. I get the feeling the ‘Boys are ready to roll with the DEs they currently have (Damontre Moore is basically a flier to see what might happen). It doesn’t look like they will sign a free agent DE until late in free agency (if the price is right) or go with who they have and wait for the draft. I have a feeling they could go with Mayowa, Lawrence and Tapper at right end and pick up a DE or two in the draft. They are in no hurry. OH, did I mention that Irving will be a restricted FA after this season also?

  5. The best case scenario is Chaz Green gets/stays healthy and plays RT for the next few yrs. The next best option is Collins moves to RT and a LG is found. Leary really improved the OL when he became a starter last yr, the jury is still out on La’el. I really think this may prompt the Cowboys to trade down and try to get more picks. This created another huge hole smh.
    On a side note, if Romo is designated as post June 1st, they should use that money to extend Zach in a heavily FRONT LOADED deal with low base salary in the future. A couple deals like that will help get them out of cap hell…