1. BTW………..laptop just informed me that the Cowboys Nation certificate has expired as to security protocols……….thought you guys should know

  2. As i wrote last year when this subject came up, the fans are at the heart of this issue…..we want to give these guys passes on just about every instance until someone gets hurt, rhe incidenst are now mounting against him, three in less than three years…………Zeke has no self awareness/common sense at all, in an era where everyone is a reporter with a camera………and for those of you that want to keep giving him passes………if he does this in the public eye, what can you deduce and project about his behavior in private?

    • There is no evidence that Zeke attacked his so called gf. This was thoroughly investigated, not a homer look, and there was no evidence that the incident or multiple incidents occurred. Trying to project Zeke in private is as fruitful as trying to project McShrek based on posts here.

      • You and i are old enough to know that where there is smoke there is usually fire, thoroguhly investigated???…….20-21 year olds are “usually” not savvy enough at that age to make accussations without cause……….Not buying it all……..even the ESPN talking heads came down hard on Zeke for his latest idiocy

        • I agree with Shrek and Ben. Pulling down a woman’s top at a public parade is evidence enough that Elliot needs to grow up. I don’t need to know his innermost thoughts to know that his behavior is wrong, boorish, and has him headed towards a suspension.

          Young and stupid aren’t excuses anymore. Urban Meyer isn’t around to clean up after him anymore. He is paid an adult salary to play professional football. Time to act like it.

        • Yes, thoroughly investigated by an actual police department, not a campus police department. You’re convicting him when the professionals decided not to pursue the case. What he did was stupid, although the young woman didn’t object, but is in no way a correlation to Rice, Hardy, or the NY kicker.

          • “Not pursuing a case” is not any sign of an acquittal that anything did in fact take place, more of an indication that Zeke or his people bought her off….the authorities are not going to waste any time pursing a charge where the victim would not testify…..yes i believe he has a problem, either arrogance or possibly worse.

  3. I’m sick and tired of people judging a 21 year old kid and expecting them to be something other than a 21 year old kid. The incident is nothing that anyone that age has not done or thought of doing. Social media and the P C police blow this kind of stuff so out of proportion. If the NFL suspends him for this he should hire a lawyer and go after them. Roger Goddell continually oversteps his bounds on league discipline. Judge, jury, and executioner. No victim. No complaint. No problem!

  4. The domestic violence case has been dropped by everyone but the NFL czar. Go to one of these huge, largely drunken parades, and you will see young women pull their own shirts up. A non-issue. I’m 66, was in Portland and visited a pot shop, just to look. Neither I nor Zeke bought anything, so also a non-issue. He doesn’t beat people up, doesn’t shoplift, pays his bills, doesn’t sexually assault women, Zeke is far from the problem child you describe.

  5. What is the plan when Elliot does something stupid enough to draw a suspension? You do get the feeling a suspension will come at some point if this kind of thing continues. A solid rule of player evaluation is to never trust a player from Urban Meyer’s program.

    The Cowboys can always run him into the ground over the course of his rookie contract and then let him walk. They have that safeguard.