3 Replies to “Two Tight End Prospects That Fit the Cowboys Profile”

  1. Two Tight End Prospects That Fit The Football Mensa’s Profile

    Cheryl Tiegs
    Christie Brinkely

    Ok , I’ll show myself out now.

  2. Losing both Carr and Mo will affect the draft board. For value, Kittle as an UDFA, but we will have to look at defense first. If we want a slot TE, resign Escobar.

  3. I think Swaim is a question mark at this point. He had surgery for a break in his foot yesterday. Just one more in a long list of injuries for Swaim.

    Ordinarily, I would be in favor of taking a TE this year in the 1st or 2nd if the right guy was there, but the chickens have come home to roost after the offensive spending spree and now the Cowboys will be doing well to repair the secondary in time for the season.

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