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  1. Carr Claiborne and Church. Played a lot of snaps last year. Listening to church in an interview they jelled knew their system and trusted each other. That came from playing together for 4 years. That is all gone. Jones Scandrick and brown will need new CB and S help. As poor as the Dallas rush was the secondary was pretty solid last season. This is a major concern.

    Of course a pass rusher would help this as well.

  2. I am not high on Jaylon Smith being a contributor in 2017.The SS, CB, DT 1 tech, and MLB are concerns that need to be addressed. Obi Melifonwu (can play SS, FS, and CB) and Kevin King CB should be strong considerations in the 1st round.

  3. One would think that they have more pieces on the d-line, Irving/Crawford being able to pay both tackle and DE…….corners are the immediate need due the losses via FA………but a Von Miller-type would be very nice…………IMO the o-line seems set with the signing of both Bell and Cooper, along with Cleary, Green and Looney…….no need to go there in the draft unless a huge BPA drops to them……….young RB, speedy WR, and possibly a QB might be targets………but 5/6 should address the defense.

  4. A stout DT would fit as well. A strong interior push would help the edge guys. We need playmakers (playbreakers?) on defense, I prefer them to be in the middle of the field rather than the perimeter, but we need those guys.

    • It would be hard for me to agree more. All the attention goes to the edge but quickness in the middle is the surest way to shutdown an offense. I like Caleb Brantley at 28 for exactly this reason. Though I think Steve is right and the Cowboys are ready to go forward with Crawford at the 3T.

      Playbreaker is a great coinage.

      • I just haven’t seen Crawford be the guy. Overpaid, under performing for the role he plays. I would be fine with Brantley, let Collins be the three, maybe somebody will have an injury in TC and we can move on from TCraw. Paea should be a rock against the run, but not much push, Thornton has been disappointing.

      • Doubt Crawford plays 3T anymore, he and Lawrence are at LDE with Mayowa, Tapper and a rookie at RDE. Thornton and Paea at 1T with Collins and Irving at 3T. That’s nine right there, so excluding injury, there’s only room for one more. I still say, that for this defense to get to the elite level, they must get an outside speed rusher that OC’s have to game plan for. If not in the draft, then a veteran FA next year after Romo’s money comes off the books.

        • I am of the opinion that you cannot have too many quality linemen on either side of the ball. I hope they draft one high and bring in the Sparq-iest FAs to compete.

          In general I think the distinction between weakside and strongside DEs is not as strong as it once was just as the distinction between right and left Tackles is not as strong as it once was. The way to win now is to have versatile defensive linemen that can move around to create matchup problems for various offensive linemen on passing downs. The speed rusher against the LT is an artifact of the past in many ways. If you are committed to 4 down linemen on the LOS, what you want on the edge are guys (like Irving) with length and long arms who can affect passing lanes and get their hands on Tackles. No surprise but I like Taco Charlton as a DE at 28.

          But what I really want is a stronger DT rotation. Everything flows outward from there.

          • That is the Parcells’ Manifesto………..control both lines and you win much more, than not; Jimmy was on board with that, that d-line rotation of the 90s was savage……..Maryland, Casillas, Hennings, Lett, Jones, Haley, Jeffcoat, Tolbert was all about pressure all the time; do any of the current guys earn a roster spot back on those teams?
            Collins maybe?

          • Jimmy was a 1 gap guy, Parcells was a two gap guy.
            Totally different players needed and totally different scheme although you are right, they both controlled the LOS but in different ways. Speed and quickness versus power and strength. It’s why I keep saying, they need a Haley type to make the rest of these guys into Maryland, Hennings, Lett, Jones Jeffcoat and Tolbert. Since 1960, they have only been able to draft three, George Andrie, Harvey Martin and D. Ware. Maybe they are due this year for the same kind of luck that got them Dak.

          • Drafting is a combination of art, skill and luck…………..where they really got lucky was with drafting Zeke, they were salivating at drafting Rosa, but then the Chargers spolied that, and they “settled” for Elliot…………agree they need the 2017 version of Haley so offenses have to double team someone and allowing the others to go one on one

          • Charlton is an Ohio kid, watched him play at Paul Brown stadium in HS, doubt he gets by Cincy at 9, he’s perfect in their 4-3. Plus he doesn’t play hard all the time, and the Bengals always think they can fix those guys. I think he’s also perfect for Detroit across from Ziggy. Will be long gone by 28. Harris, Watt or McKinley, one of those three or it’s a corner. I’m still pissed at R. Gregory for messing this up, he was the key piece to this puzzle and might have been a superstar going into his third year

          • Good point about the secondary. The Cowboys need to replace an absurd number of snaps in the secondary this season.

  5. If there is an edge rusher they have rated higher than Tapper was last year, take him at 28. If not , go with the CB that best fits their defense. Better to gamble with a 2nd or 3rd rounder on DE, have to have as sure as possible hit with the 1st rounder.