is Back Online


We are back up!

On Thursday, April 6th 2017 the GoDaddy hosted server decided to update it’s DNS settings. As you are probably aware, it didn’t go well.

We apologize for the downtime and are very happy to be back online talking Dallas Cowboys 24/7/365. Or in this case 364. We did miss a day.


3 thoughts on “ is Back Online”

  1. Am I glad to see that I can see CowboysNation again. I do most of my Internet in the wee hours, and was unable to find your server for 3 nights.
    I thought to myself, uh oh, Steven finally blocked me. I wondered for which comment I was excommunicated from my CN friends. 🙂

  2. According to my understandably fallible figures, there are 3 free agents from last season that have not been resigned yet- Leon McFadden, Justin Durant and Andrew Gatchkar. While McFadden and Durant still appear on the roster of, Gatchkar does not. Anybody know if these guys are resigned or not?

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