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  1. I like the Browns and 49er scenarios but I don’t think the haul would be quite that rich. Also, who would they trade up for that the Cowboys wouldn’t also be interested in? Maybe one of the QBs or a RB but this is not a draft that is loaded with offensive talent. I could see 28 being an attractive pick for a team that wants a QB on a 5 year, rather than 4 year deal, in that scenario the low 1st is valuable.

    In any case, I am all for the trade down to stockpile picks. That has been the best draft strategy for many years years now and the Cowboys have the guy in McClay to make that strategy pay off. One thing that is hard to determine from outside a front office is just where the talent drops off and how much it drop off. For some years and in some positions there is little difference between the end of the 1st round and the 3rd round, but in other years the drop off is steep.

  2. No way the Browns get Trubisky at 12. If the Browns want him they have to take him at one or move up from 12. QB’s will be over drafted again in the first round. That’s the NFL. And you can thank Dak for that.

    Does anyone trust Jerry to make a competent trade ? NO !

    David Njuko in the first ? I can’t even…… I would draft Mahomes before Njuko then trade him for more picks if that is the desire of your heart. However I don’t think Mahomes will be there at 28.

    There will be a couple of surprise picks in the top 10 imo. QB to either the Browns or Jets.

    Ramczyk is a better player than Cam Robinson.

  3. Three picks to move up 4-6 spots? I doubt it. Who would be available at 28 who would be gone by 33? Would he be considered worth 3 picks? Just don’t see it.

    • It would HAVE to be a “franchise QB” caliber QB still hanging around and I think teams are considering all the 5 guys I talked about as just that. Fair trade would be a second a third and a late round pick according to the trade point chart (if I’m reading / doing the Math right) lol. Getting a team to overpay for a QB especially when the options are thinned out probably wouldn’t be hard. Look what teams gave up to move up for RG3, Goff, Wentz last year + how desperate CLE & SF are to find their guy…

      • But, the Packers, Steelers, Falcons and Saints have their franchise qb. It would be unlikely they would pick a qb in the first round. If Cleveland likes a qb enough (or these other teams), draft him first and keep your board together.

        • Sure. But that is only if CLE waits until the Cowboys are on the clock. im almost positive Houston is taking a QB, KC may take one, Jets could take one (also another team that could move to 28), Giants could grab one at the end of the first too. If Cleveland Starts worrying that the next QB left at 33 is Peterman they may take that chance to move up before the Draft or during the draft depending on what they do at 12 and where the QBs start to go and how fast

          • Twitter is on fire w/story I’ve been aware of for a few days. Cleveland is making noise they may go QB w/1st pick – NFL Draft noise or …. ??