2 Replies to “How Dak Prescott May Affect The Cowboys Wide Receiver Selections”

  1. I agree with pundits and fans who say the team has enough strongside DEs. My question: Who do you writers and fans think are the true EDGE WDEs in this draft?

  2. Dallas has made attempts at the small speedster/returner. It just hasn’t panned out much. Lucky is an example. Certainly they prefer the Irvin type of WR. They havent drafted that type high. Desean Jackson or obj weren’t around in the later rounds where Dallas looks for a returner/WR.

    They also liked the Walker type slot guy and hit on Beasley. I’d love a speedster that could get behind defenses. Not sure you get him as a 5,6th or udfa. When Dallas drafts a WR early they are 6’1″ and 200lbs or bigger.

    I’d like to see Zeke get more catches and operate in space. Now that the Dunbar experiment is over. Also tight end might be a bigger need than the speedy guy. At least in the immediate.

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