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  1. Well stated Ben……………as it turned out he became my favorite Cowboy player mostly due to the unfavorable coverage he received during his many seasons…………have a strong suspicious that Jerry’s off season behavior will once again come back to bite the 2017 team……..we shall see…………just saw a clip form Marcus Spears on Romo….”with him back there, we went into EVERY game with a chance to win”…………high praise indeed

    • Curious about what you mean when you say Jerry’s off-season behavior will come back to bite the 2017 team?

      • Jerry promised Romo he would be released the minute FA started, then he totally backtracked on that commitment when he found out that the Texans would be very interested by trading away Ostweiler; i would not be surprised that he placed a call into CBS to become more aggressive in courting Romo, even offering some incentive to them (he serves on one of the most powerful committees of the NFL) ………..how could they do that to Phil Simms ( i was not even aware that he was expendable, did you?) after 14 years next to Nantz?

        Not sure if you ever caught this, but saw an interiew with Wade Phillips a few years back where he was asked about the drafting protocols during his tenure, he was about to criticize Jerry openly as to how they ran their drafts when he was the HC, then during
        the interview he stated that Jerry had lent him his plane in order to facilitate a family emergency (which escapes me at the moment, maybe his father’s passing?), and abruptly changed his mind during the very segment; even Parcells has been muted in his criticism of Jerry post his 4 years, and you know that was the reason he moved on due to the TO signing….he had found his franchise QB, had a solid core of stud defensive players and he walks away? He decided that if could NOT order the groceries 100%, he wanted no part of the Jerry show…and sure enough, landed a better paying gig in Miami with outs if Huizenga sold the team.

        While Stephen has been a huge plus in reigning in his father in FA, the fact they let go 4 key starters on the defensive backfield (even as mediocre as they all were) is going to hurt this team going forward, there is no guarantee that even if they draft 4 DBs any of them will become legitimate starters in 2017; the offensive line core group is overdue for a season-long injury (Tyron is already dinged by back/neck issues), if that line is traumatized by injury, Dak and Zeke’s year will suddenly become ordinary which will affect the poor personnel on the defensive side of the ball.

        There is plenty of concern at the Star right now……….even with the infusion of the 2016 drafting success………..or maybe not, but the injury factor is such a huge issue in the NFL.

        • You know what tho Shrek, I don’t think the delay was a big deal to Romo, he still praised Jones last week and retirement, as the NFL network’s Jen Slater said, was much more of an option and he was thinking about it since February. And I don’t care if Simms or anyone saw it coming, Simms is bad in the booth now and broadcasting isn’t a concern for me or the team anyway.

          Now the offseason has had some bumps but most teams are a serious injury away from being terrible…Oh, and Jones does hurt this franchise in many ways, hard to argue against that.

          • Ben … apologize if this is off the mark, however I feel obligated to point out this is one of those times we thoroughly disagree.

            ” Simms is bad” …

            NOOOOO Simms is beyond bad .. ROFL .. he is awesomely bad. Magnificently horrible. Fantastically fucked.

            At this time you can now return to your normal broadcasting tributes.

            ok ok .. perhaps we disagree a weeeee bit 🙂 Or perhaps .. not at all ??

          • Not buying that Romo was OK with that………have seen several pundits state (including Kurt Warner that was shocked that Tony did not finish “the unfinished Business” of his career) that had Romo been released as Jerry promised that first week, he would be getting ready to play for the Texans………..but just like the Chargers drafting Bosa last year, leading to the Zeke selection which worked out amazingly well for the FO, did the recent events might have saved #9 from a quality life threatening injury

  2. Ben, I’m very grateful for your true and full and fair story of the common, careless, know-nothing attitudes among fans regarding Tony Romo.
    Thank you so much! I needed this.

    • So true Lee. I got to the point when people started bad mouthing Tony that I just told them that they didn’t have enough football iq to rate having a discussion with me on the topic.

  3. Ben , true story. I got into a spat with Crayton on Twitter about his drops and the ill fated endzone route. He took exception with me. It was a strong discussion. I didn’t back down. I let him know Romo has had to carry the burden for his drops. My most hated Cowboy in franchise history.

    On the other hand. I think Jerry not releasing Romo is a BITC* move. Jerry knows Houston has a better d than Dallas. He knows Romo makes them instant contenders in the AFC. Houston is too close to Dallas and Jerry doesn’t like competition.

  4. The only way I see Tony playing is if Dak blows a knee in training camp. Even then, it would be a hard call for him and the team. No way he gets a call in the middle of the season and signs with anyone.

    • For his sake, i hope you are right……….his body would not be in any football shape at all, leading to a massive injury potential.

    • Taylor, I hope he never plays again, unless it’s with his kids or playing golf. I fear for his health, and couldn’t stand to see him hurt again.