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What’s Next in Off-Season for Cowboys

With the major story-line of the off-season for the Dallas Cowboys over and done with, what can we look forward to now? After all, free agency has slowed to a crawl, and with Tony Romo now gone, there doesn’t seem to be much buzz.

That’s where the draft comes into the picture; we are in prime time draft season now and we won’t see much player movement (for any team, really) until after the draft. We are just 17 days away from early Christmas in the NFL; that’s the biggest thing to look forward to for football fans.

For the Cowboys, this draft is a big one. Of course, they are all big, but this one needs to bring help defensively. I wrote last week the cupboard isn’t exactly bare on defense, but this group needs more. More pass rush, more turnovers, and more star power. You might not think Dallas can get those things picking 28th, but this draft has the kind of depth we haven’t seen in years. It’s also especially deep where the Cowboys need the help: pass rush, cornerback and safety. Stars might just be around the corner.

Another thing to look forward to appears to be coming even sooner, the release of the NFL schedule. It is supposedly set to drop the week of April 17th and most football fans can’t wait to get a look at when and where their team will be playing. The annual obsession and review of the schedule from Cowboys fans is a rite of passage. As usual, I will be breaking that down for you here as well, even if it is an overrated fascination.

The Cowboys also begin their off-season training program on April 17th, their first Organized Team Activity is May 23, which runs periodically through June 7th, and their mandatory minicamp is June 13-15th. From then on, the Cowboys will be sweating out the rest of the off-season, hoping no one gets in trouble until training camp begins sometime in late July (dates not confirmed yet).

Maybe the biggest thing to look forward to before the 2017 season kicks off, though, is the extension coming for All-Pro guard Zack Martin. The Cowboys are going to wait until after Romo’s money comes off the books in early June and the deal is likely to be done around training camp. It’s a ritual the team has used with Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick before him, and expect Martin to be the highest paid guard in the league. Fans waiting for a big splash signing will get their wish when Zack Martin re-ups.

Those are the things Cowboys fans can look forward to now that ‘other’ headlines have passed. Unless, of course, something breaks between now and the regular season. A probability that always exists with the Dallas Cowboys, and Jerry Jones.

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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Ben Grimaldi

  • McShrek

    The fact that Romo is done will be a major drop in coverage and excitment for the upcoming season, after all media types all knew that Romo was golden as to online chatter and getting the fan base engaged…….one way or the other.

    • Football Mensa

      Jerry wouldn’t let Romo go to the Texans. It was a dynamic I was looking forward to. Petty move by Jerry.

      Right now I’m holding out hope for Derek Barnett in the first round. If we draft Jabrill Peppers I will be one disappointed Cowboys fan. Every first round a few bust or underachieving players and I think Peppers fits the bill.

      The Cowboys need to look at qb as well.

      • Ben Grimaldi

        Not sure why so many care about how Jerry played this. It’s a business and Jerry did what he had to do, oh well. And Romo didn’t seem to mind, so I think it’s a lot to do about nothing.

        • McShrek

          It just brings further evidence that Jerry has situational ethics at best, and his word starts and ends with whatever his personal point of view is at any moment in time

      • Michael

        Peppers is a man without an NFL position – you don’t take returners in round 1. I like Barnett but am hoping for Taco Charlton at 28.

        Though I would not be surprised in they go DB in round 1 and then again in round 2 or 3.

    • Ben Grimaldi

      Not sure there’s any dip in coverage for the Cowboys, ever. Dak is just as interesting a story and the Cowboys are always the lead.

      • McShrek

        Have you seen the reaction to the Romo Maverick game showcase?
        Nobody in modern Cowboy history gets the ink and reactions to anything Romo….it even made to The Five on FNC